YEP Letters: February 13

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The reason for Leeds being disadvantaged in terms of facilities and prestige projects is the inability or impossibility of our MPs to secure funding.

In other cities MPs combine and liaise among themselves and with other interested parties to represent their city’s needs to Westminster. Our MPs, however, restrict their efforts as individual petitioners on behalf of their constituencies.


If toilet repairs are not being done in Holbeck, it is the council’s business not Westminster’s, and benefits will accrue to Holbeck if the city benefits.

The constituency MP is an obsolete electoral arrangement. Three MPs would be sufficient to represent the ‘greater Leeds’ area in Parliament.

So the lesson is: combine, liaise (lobby) and widen your brief.

Those who vote for you because you seem honest, decent, prefer your party and assume you’ll be working for Leeds not Crossgates.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

Bagging funds for scout group

ON behalf of the 43rd North Leeds Scout Group, may I thank all of the management and staff of the Horsforth branch of Morrisons for once again allowing us to spend a day bag packing for their customers on Saturday February 8.

Thanks to the generosity of their customers, we raised over £600 – a magnificent total that will enable us to buy replacement camping equipment for our scout camp in Holland later this year.

Richard Frank, Wynford Avenue, Leeds LS16

Savings and the tax rise

AFTER three years of council tax frozen in Leeds, a 1.9% increase does not seem too bad, although has Leeds City Council made all the savings it could have because the Department of Communities made 50 recommendations on this, including car mileage paid at only 45p a mile.

Taxpayer funded councillors’ pensions scrapped etc, although no means testing of councillors over 65 as should be done with many having both a state pension and occupational or personal pension, yet still greedily claiming full allowances.

D S Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds LS13

Lost contact with Rachel

I’m hopeful that one of your readers may be able to help me. I’m trying a find a friend of mine, who I lost contact with in 1999, in Hampshire.

Her name is Rachel Morgan, she originated from Leeds. She lived with her mother and sister Sue and Laura Stewart in Wains Road, York. I believe that she may have had a son (Harrison?).

I’ve become a mother myself and would love to find her, we had some good times, hopefully your newspaper will be able to recontact us.

Nicky Jewell, contact details supplied

Mystery over Warpaint

I KNOW you won’t print this on your letters page, as it is a criticism, but here goes anyway...

You had a two page spread by “music writer” Jon Cronshaw. It was about the female band Warpaint, who were due to play the O2 Academy. Quite right of course, to feature any band visiting our city, but guess what? I hadn’t heard of them before. Nonetheless, my curiosity was aroused, and I was genuinely considering going to see them.

So – I read his article in its entirety. Twice in fact. But I was still none the wiser! I would ask you to read it yourself. Where does it give even an inkling of what kind of music they play? Are they pop? Are they rock? If so, what style (in pop and rock there are a HUGE number of genres). It didn’t even refer to their style by likening them to someone else. Read it and you’ll see I’m right!

I certainly wasn’t going to pay good money to see a band who could be “anything”, so they lost a potential ticket there. I came to the conclusion that the article was not meant for such as I, but existing fans (in which case, nearly all that content would be things they knew already, I’d wager).

It just seemed a totally useless report under the circumstances. The band remains a mystery to me. No doubt you and Mr Cronshaw will disagree, but hey ho.

Max Webster, Armley

Road danger of phone users

AS I stood today outside Leeds railway station at the main traffic lights over to Park Row a woman went through the green light whilst looking downward at her mobile phone on which she was texting (the lights were green for cars).

Imagine the carnage if a crash occurred with all those cars and pedestrians concentrated in one small area.

The licence plate began with LS10 or SL10.

Further up Burley Road a car went through a red traffic light outside the primary school; on the other side of the road a cyclist was travelling down the middle of the road whilst talking on his mobile phone.

These are the sort of people that cause deaths but never get hurt themselves, aren’t they? Scum.

Dr Richard Kimble, by email

Hunting isn’t acceptable

AS a member of WWF I was very annoyed that in an interview on BBC Breakfast this morning (February 9) Glyn Davies attempted to rationalise the hypocritical hunting habits of the Royal Family by saying hunting wild boar, for example, is separate from hunting endangered species (like the King Of Spain does).

It’s not good enough to adopt such an obsequious attitude, particularly in the light of the WWF video message from Princes Charles and William. Hunting any animals with guns is no longer acceptable: get it?

I have copied this to WWF, by the way.

Terry Maunder, by email

Old ways of green living

I read a quote from a young person saying that we oldies did not care enough years ago to save our environment for future generations.

We didn’t know about the green planet because there was no publicity about it, but without knowing it we were saving it i.e. recycling, saving landfill and also energy costs.

Back then we returned all glass bottles to the shops where they would go back to suppliers washed sterilized and refilled.

Our groceries were in paper bags not prepacked in plastic. Kids walked to school or took the bus and were not put into gas-guzzling cars to go half a mile or so.

Terry towel nappies were washed and reused for years.

We didn’t use three kW washer driers, we washed by hand and used solar power for drying sun and wind on our clothes lines across the streets.

We cut the grass pushing hand grass cutters.

We exercised by working, no health clubs using electric treadmills.

We drank water from the tap, not from throwaway plastic bottles.

So all I can say is when you think about planet saving look in your wheelie bins and think of all the plastic.

H Ibbetson, Broom Nook, Leeds LS10

Overhead cables in 1913

I was watching a programme called Great Continental Rail Journeys on Friday February 7. It was about Dresden in Germany.

They showed a photograph of the town centre showing a single decker tram running on overhead electric cables dated 1913.

We’ve come a long way since then haven’t we?

Mr J Foster, St Matthias Court, Burley

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