YEP Letters: February 12

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WITH regard to the YEP headlines ‘The city must build its way to the future’ ... says who? Council and business leaders. 70,000 houses, I wonder how many more surprises they have up their sleeves?

There are, periodically ‘drop in sessions’ where people can have their say! Having been to a few I think people’s opinions are irrelevant and it seems more and more that theses schemes are a done deal. I was under the impression that HS2 was still under discussion but that seems to be regarded as a foregone conclusion when reading the comments by councillors.

The idea that building everywhere and swamping Leeds with houses is the desired vision? I would agree that tidying up the many so called brownfield areas is a good idea, but find Councillor Gruen’s words disingenuous, since they are pushing to dig up huge areas of farmland and the mention of some brownfield sites does not assuage me.

The general assertion seems to be that the creation of jobs which comes with large building developments and attracts money is the prime concern.

Previous generations who built these cities did not have the short term vision of today, and progress can be a byword for whatever you can get away with.

I believe the end result will be a huge sprawl for Leeds and do not welcome the prospect.

Vaun Turner, by email

End the call to keep cost down

IN reply to A Brooke (Yorkshire Evening Post, February 8) regarding the excessive charges made by British Telecom’s 118 500 directory enquiries service – when calling this number just ask for the telephone number you require, but do not let the operator put you through, this is where the higher charges are made.

Just replace your receiver and dial the number given by BT yourself. You will then be charged only for the original call to BT and normal charges for how long you have been connected to the called number.

M Meeson, Leeds

Charged £15 for no number

AFTER reading the letter from A Brooke about BT directory enquiries I would like to say that I also rang 118 for a Leeds number (I live in Leeds). They were unable to find the number and kept me on the phone while they tried to find it. So in the end I didn’t get the number and I was charged £15 for nothing.

Will never phone that number again so beware anyone thinking of doing so. It’s a disgrace.

Josie Fella, by email

Seeing red over Olympics?

I do hope Mr Nicholson, M, and his fellow Tories managed to watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics without being turned into Communists?

And yes, there were some historical inaccuracies in the images presented but try looking at any American history books of the 50s and see if they mention the role of the USSR in defeating Hitler?

T Maunder, socialist, by email

Queries over Council Tax rise

I write with wonder that no one has written a letter regarding the proposed increase of 2 per cent to the Council Tax in Leeds.

The council say that they have an extremely large deficit and that they have to find the money from some source or another. The payment of £50 per parking permit was thrown out, so now they are increasing the Council Tax.

What I want to know is {1} where are they getting the money for the so-called trolley bus scheme (if it goes ahead}; {2} they are now discussing plans to move the airport. Where is this money coming from?

This increase in council tax comes at the same time as the fuel bills are increased so I wonder where our money is coming from to pay the rising costs.

I have written two letters to Mr Wakefield, Leeds Council leader, asking the above questions but he has not replied, so I wonder if anyone else could answer them for me.

Name and address withheld

Trolleybus and care home axe

WHILST reading the Wharfe Valley Times (February 6), I noticed an article referring to the closure of a care home in Gipton.

The home is called Amberton Court and has been closed to ‘slash’ costs by £4m across council spending. Is it me, or do others think it’s odd that the amount they’re trying to slash from council costs is virtually the same spent by our council in an attempt to brain wash us into accepting the NGT folly ‘bus scheme? I rest my case.

C S Welsh, by email

Selling off assets to stay solvent

WE are told that the economy is on the up and everyone is sharing in the ‘recovery’.

The facts tell a different story. In the Tory-loving Daily Express it was reported that, “Wages and living standards are at their lowest for 50 years.” We are told that most people believe the Tories are more competent with the economy. The facts tell a different story. Despite the unprecedented advantage of millions of pounds of revenue from North Sea oil the Thatcher governments only kept solvent by selling off nearly all our national assets, yet we still had the Black Wednesday and Black Monday financial problems.

Now we have government borrowing the same as 2010, the selling off of Royal Mail and East Coast rail line and cutting benefits for those who most need them as the only way this inept bunch can stay solvent.

Those in power believe that unfettered capitalism is the way forward ignoring the damage it has done over the past five years.

A debt-driven economy is a doomed economy and the Help to Buy scheme is deliberately loading thousands of people with a lifetime of debt. The greatest restriction on the liberty of a person is a complete absence of money.

When we are dominated by a system based on money and greed, where public transport, electricity, gas, water and oil are all owned by fewer and fewer capitalists driven by the overwhelming power of money we, the common people, have no choice. Mark my words.

Money will be the need for health care before very long unless the electorate come to their senses. My passion is a paid for right, not a benefit.

R Pearson, Brignall Garth, Leeds

TV’s damaging message

WITH reference to the first new show of Top Gear, how can the directors of the BBC let the rubbish shown in this programme be allowed to go on the box at peak time?

It was bad enough using the three old cars to literally wreck, but to allow the so-called ‘funny part’ in the programme in the supermarket, that the idiot leader used to cause so much damage in the made up supermarket when there are people short of food. I don’t doubt that anything useable will have been given to food banks. There would be lots of teenagers watching this programme that often is so stupid it’s also damaging.

It might make us all envy the very expensive cars they show. What they should be doing is what the old ITV show used to do, show the good or the bad of the new standard priced sort of cars that most of us drive and bring out the faults that the manufacturers deny are in their cars. I appreciate that the BBC has problems with ‘advertising’ but it doesn’t appear to stop them advertising the very expensive ones.

D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge

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