YEP Letters: February 11

Date: 30th June 2016. Picture James Hardisty.'Official opening of the CityConnect Cycle Superhighway connecting Leeds and Bradford. Pictured Cyclist using the lane near Thornbury Gyratory, Bradford.
Date: 30th June 2016. Picture James Hardisty.'Official opening of the CityConnect Cycle Superhighway connecting Leeds and Bradford. Pictured Cyclist using the lane near Thornbury Gyratory, Bradford.
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Cycleway extension will be disruptive

Ivan Kovacks, by email

I read about the councillors making a decision about how and where to expand the Leeds cycle superhighway.

I am not complaining about the cost of this, as it looks like it will not come out of local funding so that’s good.

I will complain in advance about the unwarranted and disproportionate amount of disruption there will be during the overlong time it takes to build, if the previous constructions are anything to go by. I also note that several areas of the current route still support faulty and inaccurate signage that has been reported several months ago but not yet corrected.

My main complaint about the cycle highway is that it has encouraged even more cyclists to ride illegally on pavements. This anti-social, criminal and boorish behaviour is prevalent in the city centre and many high streets around the city. Often they say in support of their riding on pavements is “I’ve just come off the cycle lane so should be able to continue on the pavement” or “I’ve ridden past several policemen and they have never stopped me so this must be legal”.

What simple measures I would like to see done on the current and future cycle lanes is at any place where they come across a pavement there should be plenty of clear signage indicating that cycles are not permitted in the pavements.

Also in the city centre, local high streets and shopping areas signs should be displayed indicating that cycling in this location is illegal and could be subject of an instant fine.

I’m more than happy that the council makes cycling safer, more acceptable and encourages more exercise, by putting signs up to say where one can cycle but they should take equal care to protect pedestrians. Remember many foot users could be elderly, less agile, disabled or visually impaired which puts them at high risk from cyclists on pavements and these pedestrians also deserve consideration by the council.

At the moment pedestrians always come at the bottom of any council planning, come on Leeds City Council get working for all the people who pay your council tax.

Readers have been reacting on Facebook to news that multi-million pound proposals to extend Leeds’s cycle superhighway were given the nod by councillors.

Alex Mike

I’m sorry but £29 million spent on cycle lanes when our NHS is on its knees and old people (who have paid in to the system all their lives) stuck in hospital because there’s no money for social care, beggars belief!

What is wrong with our society, even cyclists would agree the NHS and our elderly are more important than cycle lanes! It’s funny how we get the same old story “we have no money” but suddenly we can find £6.5 million to extend the cycle lanes.

There are more important priorities Leeds, yes, you will be able to cycle on the new shiny cycle lane but God help you if you need the NHS!

Matt Wiggins

Cool, us thousands of motorists around the city really welcome plans that will cause immense disruption to make the roads far narrower in order to cater for the four or five cyclists a week that use them. Obviously we don’t mind potholes – who needs suspension anyway.

David Watson

Vote them OUT. Get rid of Labour the first chance we get people.

They aren’t representing the people who voted them in, and are misusing the money we pay in council tax.

Time for a change in Leeds!

Jacob Boyes

LABOUR put £6,500,000 more into a bike lane no one uses and for a few people in spandex who disobey every known road law in the UK?

All whilst claiming they don’t have any funds to put into social care? Disgraceful Labour, when will Leeds wake up and get rid of them?

Bradley David

I think I’ve seen two or three people use the lane in and around the Pudsey area since it’s been completed. Waste of money really.

Rich R Lloyd

I’m a cyclist but I couldn’t agree more.

I estimate only a handful of cyclists will actually use this lane. Sort out the potholes first before wasting money on non urgent matters.

Mary Day

yet to see more than a couple of cyclists use it, what a waste.

Dean Bednarek

Let’s get a march
 together. Oh forgot, nobody would bother as it directly affects us in Leeds, it’s a disgrace .

You would have thought they would be embarrassed to even mention a cycle path in Leeds.

David Clarke

How about spending the money on getting rid of all the potholes, and having roads which are fit for purpose?

Mark Ingham

If you actually speak to commuting cyclists I’m sure they’ll tell you it’s 
more of a hinderance than a help. Then if you speak to motorists I’m sure you’ll find they think it’s terrible due to how narrow the lanes have now become in order to accommodate it. It’s the biggest waste of money known. A wise man once told me “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.

Claire Gray

Sort the disgraceful roads out first.

I pay car tax to have my car journey like a funfair ride with all the potholes and bumps in the road!

John Dolan

End of the day yes I agree it’s a waste of time, but you people voted these in so sit back and enjoy.

Brenda Weare

Put the money to better use - NHS, repairing roads etc , This is why our council tax is going up , vote them out.

Barney Bones

When the people of Leeds will march against a foreign president but not against these proposals, but that’s none of my business.

Janet Mulroy

Common sense out the window, not seen one cyclist use it yet.

Adam Newsome

This is good news!

Russell Chandler

absolutely unbelievable, sack the lot of ‘em.

Shows how out of touch these people are to the real needs of our for the elderly, overcrowded hospitals,homeless, etc.

Edward Battye

massive waste of money on a route that isn’t that popular with cyclists. Should have improved many junctions and roundabouts that are dangerous.

This scheme does not result in more people using it, just a few people trying it as it’s there.

But the Bradford sections are shameful and not used by cyclists as it’s safer and quicker to stay in the road.

Colin Render

More people cycling means less cars on the road.

Should actually be better for motorists. The roads are for everyone not just cars.

Stephen Clayforth, via website

Wouldn’t the money that is going to be spent on this absolute waste of space be a lot better spent on services that the council are hell bent on closing like care 
homes, libraries, youth centres etc?

The Labour run council has, yet once again, got its priorities completely WRONG!

And just remember there is a local election coming up in May and we can get rid of all these councillors that would rather waste your council taxes than put them to good and proper use!