YEP Letters: February 10

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This appetite for austerity is all Greek to me

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

YOU don’t have to be a Communist or Greek to regard cuts and austerity measures as needless, pointless and misdirected.

The latest £45m budget cut in Leeds is a minuscule part of the billions wasted on overseas aid, abortive IT schemes, bureaucracy, management, PC initiatives, financial spivery, corporate tax evasion, quangos, Parliamentary time and their bodies, research projects, consultations and expenses.

All of these can be curtailed without any loss or handicap to anybody or the country as a whole.

These essays in futility, vanity and stupidity will continue to blight our economic lives, regardless of local cuts.

So why should the population have necessary services reduced, recreational and pleasurable activities interfered with, and sources of consolation and emotional support removed?

The worst-placed people suffer disproportionate loss, bear unwarranted costs, and are denied the wherewithal of decent contented living.

Meanwhile the mean, the selfish, the arrogant, the foolish and the privileged continue on their rose-strewn paths.

As my cat is ineligible to stand as a candidate, he can at least make his paw mark in the box I draw on the ballot sheet.

Sign up to save the bus pass

Richard Worrall, Love the Bus Pass Campaign Co-ordinator, Walsall, West Midlands

I AM writing to invite YEP readers to support the ‘Love the Bus Pass’ petition, supported by tens of thousands of people, hundreds of local groups, and the National Pensioners’ Convention.

Strictly non-partisan, the campaign aims to get all parties to pledge before the General Election that, if elected to power on May 7, they will retain the England concessionary bus pass for older and disabled people.

We were able to deliver 152,347 pen-on-paper signatures to No 10 Downing Street last September, testament to the widespread fear among older and disabled people that the pass will be under real threat after the General Election.

With your readers’ help, we’ll take this total past 200,000 by March 11, when we travel from the Midlands by bus to hand in our final instalment to No 10.

To date, while we’ve had some encouraging noises, no party has yet made a clear, detailed, unequivocal pledge to retaining the bus pass in its present form.

We simply must ensure all politicians understand that they attack the bus pass at their electoral peril!

Readers may request petition forms and information either by e-mail (, by phone (01922 448331 or 641084), or by post (46, Winn House, Walsall, WS2 8NW).

Church Fenton has air space

Mel Smart, Farsley

I SHARE the concerns of Aidan Nelson (Your Feedback, February 6) and others regarding Leeds-Bradford Airport.

It is in the wrong place. It is too high up and is always affected by adverse weather because the runway faces north/south and the prevailing winds are from the south west.

There is a perfectly viable alternative at Church Fenton which can be developed over the next five years into an international airport for the whole of the North of England.

It is in private hands, it is not in a built-up area and there is room to expand the existing runway to accommodate jets of any size.

It is also within easy reach of existing rail and road infrastructure.

All it needs is Government backing so come on Mr Cameron, if you want the North of England to prosper get your finger out and do something about it.

Hello to aunt’s old workmates

R Bates, Shadwell

MAUREEN Fordley recalls working at Woolworths in 1958 (Your Feedback, January 31). This would be about when my dear, sweet ex-WAAF nurse Aunt Helen was there on the stationery counter.

So let me now take the opportunity to thank Maureen and her then workmates for the happy times that my Mills and Boon devotee spinster aunt often spoke about.

Sadly, Miss Helen Smiles passed away in 2004, but I well remember my beloved aunt’s famous-in-the-family reply to customers who asked if a particular kind of pen was a “good writer”.

She would reply: “Certainly it’s a good writer – and also a very good speller”.

United fans all stand together

Nick Quin, Kirkstall

I’ve grown up supporting Leeds United Football Club. Despite the trials and tribulations of the last decade (and more), there remains a sense of togetherness.

That is why I was so disappointed to see Leeds United describe itself in the singular this week.

“Leeds United is” should never be uttered or written. Leeds United will always be more than a company, more than one man, more than the club from the wrong side of the hill who have so completely embraced commercialism.

What’s next? The official Mexican Potato chip partner of Leeds United? No thank you. United we stand.

Counting cost of councillors

Linda McCarthy, Leeds

With regards to the council cuts, why on earth do we need 99 councillors? It is ridiculous. We have more councillors per area than America!

I wonder what their totals are for the year with expenses.
I dread to think.

If we are all in this together, why can’t they reduce the number of councillors that us rate payers are paying for? They would save a fortune. We have all had to make cutbacks.

Snow joke for bus commuters!

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

A GOVERNMENT warning on the radio suggests anyone travelling in icy conditions should take a shovel, hat, blankets, a supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, a torch and spare batteries, a petrol can, first-aid kit and jump leads.

I felt a right fool on the bus.