YEP Letters: Do you know what happens to missing pets?

Missing cat Lottie.
Missing cat Lottie.
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Do you know what happens to missing pets?

Jenny Kay, Beeston

Do pet owners know that when their beloved animal goes missing – be it dog, cat, bird, rabbit or anything else – if it is picked up dead by Leeds City Council, it is incinerated without even an attempt at scanning for a microchip?

They are at pains to assure you on the telephone that they scan, but they do not.

If an animal is still alive, it is scanned by a vet; a dog in the pound is scanned by the council.


But dead animals are as nothing to Leeds City Council, their environmental officers ‘do not have the facilities to scan’.

You might be spending hundreds of pounds on publicity and hundreds of hours pounding the streets searching, leafleting houses and businesses, visiting vets, placing adverts in newspapers and trawling the internet – this could go on forever and yet your loved pet could be long gone, with only the briefest epitaph on the council’s ‘Dead Cats and Dogs Register’, like: ginger cat, kerbside of Somewhere Street, or black dog, opposite post box, Nowhere Road.

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