YEP Letters: December 9

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In response to Jayne Dawson’s article (YEP, November 26) and various subsequent letters about Nigel Farage, I would like to make the following points.

Has Nigel Farage ever called himself the ‘Man of the People?’ The media like to portray him as such.

But even though, as Jayne says, he might not be one of us, he is certainly the only political leader who represents our views, namely getting us out of the corrupt self-serving gravy boat called the EU.

Nigel Farage, like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Margaret Hodge, Tony Benn, Harriet Harman, David Cameron, George Osborne and the crammed pseudo state school educated Ed Miliband, they cannot help where he was educated. I also doubt that Jayne had to share a textbook whilst at school!

Starting from the bottom and working his way up in the City gave him an appreciation of where money comes from – business – in order to generate wealth to finance the running of the country.

This is something that Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and the whole Labour front bench seem incapable of understanding, witness the catastrophe they created last time in office and in every term of office past!

So Nigel likes a pint and a cigarette, so do millions of other workers. Much more preferable to the lattes and cocktails preferred by those Labour ‘working class’ stalwarts, Blair, Mandelson and Campbell, from Islington!

If nothing else, Nigel Farage has forced the issue of immigration to the forefront of politics, raising the ordinary man in the street’s concerns and he is the only politician who would grant the British people a referendum on Europe.

If anybody believes any of the other parties would grant this, they are living in a dream world. Until we can control our borders we are going to continue sinking into even more debt, depriving all the British people of jobs, schools, hospitals, houses and benefits.

Bernard Duffy, North Yorkshire

Olga Twist admits that she does not understand politics but says that she does know about history (Your Views, December 4).

There is no comparison between what happened in Germany during the 1930s and what is happening here in the UK now.

We have had a steady influx of migrants coming to this country from the Commonwealth since the end of the Second World War, without any serious problems relating to the infrastructure of providing housing and school placements and the draining of NHS resources.

The reason for this is because immigration from the Commonwealth is and always has been strictly controlled. Ukip aren’t against controlled immigration, it’s the open door policy of the EU that allows any person from any member state of the EU to go and live in any other member state.

Under those conditions it is only natural that people living in the poorer member states will want to live in the more affluent member states, resulting in a severe strain being placed on the resources of those countries.

This is why some of the other member states now have a growing opposition to their country’s EU membership.

Don’t run away with the idea that it is only people in the UK who are waking up to this.

Ukip don’t object to foreign workers with particular skills coming and filling a skills shortage, it’s the all and sundry coming in unchecked without any particular skill or intention to make any contribution to our society that Ukip and its supporters object to.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Give credit to Gordon Brown

I wondered how long it would be before we got the usual biased comments from Mr Nicholson regarding the retirement of former Chancellor Gordon Brown. He blames him for everything following the worldwide banking collapse, the only thing he praises him for was keeping us out of the Euro, but forgot to mention the minimum wage winter fuel allowance, pension credits and free bus passes for the pensioners.

What have we got now under this coalition shower: welfare cuts, council cuts, disabled people working for Remploy thrown on the scrap heap, workers on zero hours contracts. Yet these politicians are awarding themselves a 10 per cent pay rise, no wonder Osborne walks about with that sickly grin on his face.

Kevin Jones, LS8

The Who gig was top class

I was at the Arena the other night for The Who. It was my third Who gig, the very first was at Charlton Athletic’s The Valley in 1976. Every one has been a gem and they are my all time favourite live band.

Everything about the Leeds gig was top class. The set list was superb and the support The Standard Lamps were outstanding. Keep rocking fellas, you’ve still got it big style.

Martin Burrows, Leeds

Memories of The Podger

Following the item by Simon Jenkins (YEP, December 4), I wish to correct the facts.

The Podger pub was built on the site of Moorhouses Farm, not the Archibald Johnson engineering works as stated.

The engineering firm was further down Ninelands Lane next to what was later the squash club.

I moved to Garforth in 1968 and remember The Podger being built. The first landlord and landlady were Gordon and Margaret.

I might add that we had many happy times there.

Sue Wright, Garforth

Leeds needs a reality check

I note that Sheffield is constructing a replacement Don Valley stadium for rugby league and athletics. Just like that and within 12 months of the demise of the other one!

No protracted planning enquiries, no uncertainties, no big sell. All paid for by investment from the private sector and a government grant.

Meanwhile, 30 miles away, the cultural, economic, shopping, sporting, entertainment and anything else you’ve got centre of the universe, tinkers, trifles and trundles along with a hopelessly out of date ground and a once potential athletics track at Temple Newsam, now irrecoverable. No cycle track, ice skating arena, boxing/wrestling venue (imagine doubling up these with classical music, bomber Beethoven versus Eddie the kid Elgar).

The council’s hype machine and fantasy factory at Civic Hall must stop. We need a reality check, an honest account of assets and liabilities.

A feasible but ambitious five-year housing and transport plan, an end to outside consultants, researchers and Monte Carlo or bust marketing spivs; community-based empowerment, a streamlined city management including the current 12-person executive board, the respective heads of departments, sector and volunteers.

A requirement that our local MPs make common political cause, to lobby, cajole and coerce the Westminster elite for funding and devolved powers, and to act in concert with other northern MPs for EU funding.

Lastly, that we tie up with not just European sister cities (Lille, Dortmund) but with British ones too.

Paul Kilroy, Cookridge

A rare cop

I noticed that ospreys have been spotted on York Minster, a very rare sight.

Well, I spotted something even more rare, a police officer walking down Bramley Town Street.

Dennis Barron, Bramley