YEP Letters: December 8

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As detailed maps and plans now become available for the exact location of the HS2 line in Leeds, I have serious concerns about the environmental damage and impact it will have on our green spaces.

Is there anything more we can do to stop this destruction?

I hope other people reading this will take up the cause to raise this issue with local councillors when they attend other local groups.

HS2 will affect a lot of people and a lot of green space. It’s ‘monstrous’, there’s no other way to describe it.

It’s a shoddy megalomanic project designed to help London and its London politicians. All in the name of 38 minutes less commuting time for those who can afford to travel on it.

I’m against HS2 and I will be fighting the campaign against it.

I look forward to our councillors and MPs working for us all, to tell the London-centric politicians that they can spend the £50bn proposed for HS2 in our area on other things.

Improved hospital facilities and walk-in centres, a secure future for the Children’s Heart Surgery Unit, more school places, new council housing and a lot more besides that needs doing first.

I am in favour of HS3, as it will build on existing railways and has sustainability at its core, not destruction.

Also, in a bid not to be a nimbyist, this HS2 project will have major implications on green spaces and lives up and down our country, costing billions for little benefit.

Such a wasteful idea by mindless people drawing lines on maps in the name of ‘progress’.

David Rudge, Leeds

Creating choppy waters at United

I have been a Leeds United supporter for more than 50 years, through all the ups and downs, player misdemeanours and accusations thrown at us by the Football League.

The latest joke is around Mr Cellino and his yacht. I don’t care how many yachts he has or hasn’t paid tax on, he has done nothing to upset Britain’s economy. The present government are doing that quite well on their own.

My Christmas message to the Football League is go and buy a Where’s Wally? book, it may improve your minds and occupy your concentration on other matters than your ongoing vendetta against our great club.

To Mr Cellino, I wish him the very best as he cares about football, as all Leeds supporters do at Elland Road.

Geoff Robinson, Leeds

Ugly face of marriage

I have been reading about the Saudi man who divorced his wife on their wedding night.

He married her but it was only as the couple posed for photographs that the groom saw her face for the first times.

He divorced her there and then. The poor girl cried all the way home.

And that’s the end of this week’s news from Saudi Arabia, where the time is just coming up to the 13th century.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Rule of Catholics in modern times

FURTHER to C Watson’s deeply dismissive reply (Your Views, November 29) to Paul Kilroy’s earlier letter about Guy Fawkes and how England would be “happier, superior, and more hopeful” under a Roman Catholic monarch; let us not dwell on long ago events putting the church of Rome in a somewhat unflattering light.

Instead let us consider some 20th century Catholics holding positions of power such as General Galtieri, Al Capone, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, President Marcos of the Philippines, Batista of Cuba, Diem of South Vietnam, Ceausescu of Romania, Milosovic of Serbia; and not forgetting Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic – to say nothing of a certain Anthony Charles Lynton Blair!

Roger Bates, Shadwell

Evidence backs global warming

IN REPLY to Phillip Marsden (Your Views, November 27), I do not present ideas as facts without sufficient evidence.

There is now overwhelming evidence of global warming and climate change. The polar ice caps and all glaciers worldwide are shrinking. Sea levels are rising.

While one weather incident cannot be proved to be caused by climate change, the unprecedented level of catastrophic storms, floods and droughts of recent years are exactly what were predicted and have caused thousands of deaths and made millions homeless without food.

I see in the paper that we’ve had the third warmest November for 100 years. There is now far more CO2 in the atmosphere than at any time in mankind’s history or prehistory.

We can study the atmosphere for thousands of years from ice cores of ancient snowfalls.

Log burning produces CO2 but the trees which replace the logs are absorbing CO2 as they grow.

We should be funding development of carbon capture for fossil fuelled power stations instead of trying to find more oil or fracking for gas.

The greed of the power companies is short sighted.What use will money be if we destroy life on earth to obtain it? There will be no escape, even for the rich.

To compensate for wind variations we need to develop wave and tide power, as well as solar power.

If you want a safe supply of green electricity, choose Ecotricity. I have been with Ecotricity for years with no problems. Their electricity is produced from renewable resources.

Have you not seen David Attenborough’s appeal to all of us? I suggest you watch it.

The longer we delay the more difficult and expensive the solutions will be. The damage may become irreversible.

P Lloyd, Farsley

Payout surgeon cleared by GMC

I READ that a West Yorkshire NHS Trust has paid £25,000 in compensation after a botched operation and faces further claims for negligence against one of its surgeons.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust refused to release any information of patient claims against Manjit Bhamra, an orthopaedic surgeon whose bungled operations in another NHS trust in Rotherham have so far led to compensation payouts totalling nearly £3m, with another 10 claims outstanding.

It took a complaint to get this information after the Trust manager at Mid Yorkshire, which runs hospitals in Wakefield, Dewsbury, said that it had no concerns about Mr Bhamra. In all, 37 claims against the Trust after operations carried out by Mr Bhamra have been settled, with liability admitted in 26 of them.

Despite the scale of all of this Mr Bhamra was cleared of any wrongdoing by the General Medical Council and keeps his full medical licence. You couldn’t make it up.

A Hague, Harehills

The truth about depression

I feel very grateful to Terry Maunder for pointing out (Your Views, November 28) just how physically debilitating depression can be at its catatonic extreme when patients are unable even to feed themselves.

Many still believe this illness to be just the type of normal low mood and sadness most of us experience from time to time – there are many ways of being told to snap out of it! Such a guilt-inducing attitude adds much to the suffering of those with depression, especially when it loads an extra layer of effort to try to hide how they feel to avoid disapproval.

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