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With opinions from old-school nurse training to new words, cycle safety to child abusers, here are a selection of our readers’ letters.

Carry on Nursing, Mr Hunt!

R Kimble, Hawksworth

Jeremy Hunt, the highly qualified Health Minister, has, according to one report I have read, come up with a “new” scheme for nurse training.

This involves student nurses working and training.

These new apprentice nurses will “earn and learn” on the job and complement those undertaking degrees in nursing. They will earn a salary whilst training.

This could also allow “Assistant Nurses” to achieve a nursing qualification. Strange that.

It’s almost the same system I trained under in the 1970s, except in those days an Assistant Nurse could automatically become an Enrolled Nurse after 7 years in employment with no Training and there were no degrees in Nursing, as such. Training was at either Certificate (Enrolled Nurse) or Diploma (Registered Nurse) level.

Such originality on his part and he wonders why he’s a laughing stock in the profession?

Youth activities vulerable to child abusers

Dr McParlin, co-founder of NAPC, Consultant child psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, survivor of abuse, Leeds

In relation to recent reporting of sexual abuse in youth football it is of course important that all sports training for youngsters are now rigorous in their checking for Disclosure and Barring Service, to prevent what has now been reported in football organisations.

However a sharp awareness of those who have contact with children and young people is also needed as the DBS cannot the only protective measure.

It is encouraging that the FA have now appointed legal council in Kate Gallafant to lead a review into historical abuse and it will be important not to make the mistakes of Justice Goddard as viewing victims’ voices as second rate in comparison to what she viewed as the superior skills of Barristers etc.

It is also of note that abusers have dedicated skills to get into any situation that gives access to potential victims.

They spend very significant time in planning and strategising to be successful in their pursuit of children and young adults and even older adults. What is a common fault here, is to underestimate the abusers dedication, when in fact for many abusers its possible to have made hundreds and hundreds of assaults. There is no reason not to suspect that the same issues that have now surfaced in youth football will also pervade other youth sports activities.

Seconds could save a life

A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Harehills, Leeds

AT the widest traffic lights crossing in Leeds, from York Street towards the New York Road flyover you only get four seconds to cross before the green lights on St Peter’s Street.

As a cyclist I have had to stop before across to avoid being mowed down by traffic. A fit young cyclist can manage it but a pensioner like me has little chance.

I have asked for two or three seconds more but to no avail.

Are we just being ignored?

Susan Powell, by email

It is obvious to most astute political observers that the political elite will ignore the result of the June 23 referendum and keep the UK in the EU. There are many factors that lead to this unfortunate conclusion.

First, the Government is clueless about its position in relation to leaving the EU, having no plan whatsoever, otherwise Article 50 would have been triggered.

Secondly, legal challenges are serving to confuse matters further. This is what the challenges were designed to achieve. To counter these challenges if they were upheld by the courts, the government should state that it will seek to repeal the 1972 Common Market Act of Accession. This, of itself, would mean the UK leaving the EU.

However, the government is shy of doing or even threatening this, as it knows the majority of the MP’s and Lords would vote to remain in the EU.

Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that the political elite will snub the referendum result and defy the will of the British people, as they believe, wrongly, that they know best. In this disgraceful exercise they will be supported by big business, who fear losing access to the single market and losing cheap compliant labour from EU east european states.

When this happens, the majority of British people opposed to EU membership, should get off their knees and fight for democracy to be upheld.

We should keep walk-in centres

Peter Lowery, Crofton

What is going on with the NHS in Wakefield, how can they close the walk-in centre ?

It’s madness. How can your own GP take over? They are over worked as it is, if you can not get an appointment then what’s left - A&E?

The doctors are only open five days a week if you are lucky. What happens on a weekend and bank holidays or for week end cover?

Closures must be fought

Joan Mary Macqueen, Lib Dem PPC Hemsworth

I READ about the closure of the walk-in centre with a growing sense of alarm.

1. King Street is so central and so convenient for very many people but from my own experience of using the out of hours services it has been so important - I feel that a link with Pinderfields Hospital should and could be found so that people can go to the drop-in centre rather than the hospital.

2. People who are in process of moving into the area and do not have a GP yet need some where to go.

3. With Urban House we need a facility which asylum seekers can have access to.

Joined up health services in a modern and accessible central location with other facilities, such as the retinal screening programme, in the same building is very important in my view.

I am diabetic and have used this facility quite often in the 11 years I have lived in Wakefield. It is an excellent facility and there could be a better link with Pinderfields where it could be staffed by some hospital doctors some of the time if that is the problem.

The local Liberal Democrats, of which I am a member, will fight very hard to protect this centre.

Look to home to cut bloated pay

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

Mrs May has complained about excessive pay in big business, why does she not look nearer to home? Each member of the House of Lords has £300 per day tax free, there’s the vanity project that is HS2 (that no one wants outside of London) with those in charge earning up to £750,000 per year, not to mention those running the NHS and local councils, these are the people whose pay she could rein in if she wanted to.

Reached point of no return

Ernest Lundy, by email

Our ears and eyes are constantly being assailed by new words attached to the subject of Brexit! Words such as Hard and Soft Brexit. The remainers are producing all kinds of arguments to deny the referendum result.

They use the tactics of prevarication, and that by so doing hope to see a democratic vote reversed by the old methods of delay, divide and conquer.

Over the years those of us who have been involved with meetings on various subjects, in which differing views have been put to a vote, a majority decision has always stood. What an indictment it would be if the intractability of those with opposite views were to achieve success by denying democracy. We would become the laughing stock of Europe, if we are not already!

The months are passing swiftly since the vote was taken and all we see and hear is talk!

We have reached the point of no return and there must be no going back!

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