YEP Letters: December 4

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Register your views on airport road links

G Fleming, Horsforth

I write in agreement with recent correspondents concerning the proposed road links to Leeds Bradford Airport.

It is a myth to suggest that congestion around the airport is hindering its development and that a link road slicing through a swathe of green space is the answer to an erroneously perceived problem.

Having recently attended one of Leeds City Council’s ‘glossy’ consultation exercises where a road solution seemed to be presented as a ‘fait accompli’ I failed to meet anyone, and nor have I since, who was in favour. Most comments revolved around ‘why not a rail link’ since the presentation map displayed this as perhaps the most obvious solution, if indeed a solution is needed.

A road attracts ribbon development along its route. A road building plan only encourages more vehicular use. Where’s LCC’s encouragement of public transport use?

A road increases pollution, both air and noise, along with loss of valuable green space impacts on the quality of life.

In the same week that LCC stated in the YEP that other options (rail tunnel) were prohibitively expensive, this paper announced profits of £100m for Jet2. Have I missed a trick here or are local people being asked to fund a road they don’t want in order that big business can continue to make even bigger profits?

I would urge everyone to register their views via the council’s website or by post. Perhaps we will then see whether the consultation process is just a nod to local democracy or whether LCC regards big business a priority over the wishes of the people who elected them.


We will pay their price

David Speight, Tingley

This morning I got out of bed and the RAF had started its bombing of Syria.

I was disappointed with our Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns she had voted for the bombing of Syria. This is an MP who is anti hunting and does not eat meat, it seems strange that she does not like animals being killed however she is okay with spilling human blood.

One has also to take into account they have ignored senior British officers who have stated the bombing missions will not beat ISIS, bombing has never been a success without putting boots on the ground. I feel sad for those innocent people in Syria who will be killed and wounded. Shame on Cameron and shame on all those who voted to bomb Syria, I am sure they will live to regret their action and as always we will pay their price.

This government have given us years of cuts to public spending where has the money come from to carry out bombing missions? One Paveway bomb cost $21,896 or £14,529. Cost of bombing Syria ‘would be in low tens of millions’ – George Osborne. One bombing mission will cost this country £508,000. I do not like the Labour leader Corbyn however on this occasion he is right.

Rich get richer under Tories

M Norris, by email

Re the letter from Mr Crawford denying the Tories attacking the poor. You only need to look at the fatality figures of vulnerable people who have seen their welfare cut, the disabled being attacked (Care Reform Act removing protection from charges a disabled person can practically afford to pay), the sanctions policies, the removal of employment rights for two years.

The Tories are funded by some of the most wealthy in the country, including some payday loan company shareholders who benefit from keeping people poor.

Some of the well known high street retailers owners, who outsourced all their manufacturing offshore, putting tens of thousands out of work here, have been shown to be avoiding billions in tax, yet are Tory funders who have become Lords/Peers.

The richest have become more so under ‘every’ Tory government, one bank alone has over 400 executives receiving over £1 million in pay, yet in the whole of Japan there’s only 300 or so executives.

I suggest Mr Crawford reads Owen Jones’, ‘The Establishment, and how they get away with it’, for a insight to how the richest one per cent control the 99 per cent.

Now’s the time to help the bees

Denise Marsden, Cookridge

How apposite, the article about encouraging bees, for now’s the time to plan which flowering plants we need, to encourage these busy little helpers – and of course all the other insects.

Garden centres and shops all sell seeds throughout the whole year in Britain. You can sow seeds indoors in most months, even if you only have a window ledge, and get an early start on the next growing season. Packets all have clear instructions, so come on you beginners, show us what you can do.

My garden was somewhat overfull of flowering plants this year, compared to 2014, because I was trying to do my bit. This brought with it the benefits of not having to weed so much, when I noticed that the smaller flowers that weeds have were full of tiny insects. This meant that I could spend more time just enjoying the results, leaving the weeding to do when the flowers had all died down.

And a word to those who think that because they live in a built-up area, that they couldn’t have any impact on the bees’ world, you should know that they do have quite an extensive flying range, you never know you might be helping after all, and anyway think of the pleasure you’ll get from just looking at the flowers you’ve grown.

Maybe Leeds Council might now give more thought to using more of the open spaces at the sides of roads etc, as wild-flower “meadows”, instead of just grass which has to be mown every couple of weeks. Once sown, the ground can be left to its own devices, only needing to be mown after the flowers have dropped the seeds for next year.

This must save taxpayers money in the long run. Here in Cookridge the large area alongside the fire station, next to the radio mast, is a case in point. At present it’s just grass, and needs constant mowing, but as it is a very uneven piece of land, we’re often left with brown stripes of old rotting grass. Surely wild flowers would be preferable.

I apologise to the excellent team at Red Hall, who provide us with such beautiful colour all through the region, for volunteering them for extra work, but divert the money spent on mowing, and I’m sure they would rise to the occasion!