YEP Letters: December 30

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Your story that West Yorkshire Police still do not have a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) four years after a report suggested them makes depressing news (YEP, December 15).

Just about every other force in the country has got one now. Manchester claim to have had one since 1986.

On the NHS Choices website you can find out where these SARCs are located. Truro in Cornwall with a population of 16,000 has one, West Yorkshire (population 2.2 million) does not. What’s going wrong here?

There are rumours of people who have been subjected to sexual assaults in West Yorkshire having to be taken to York or Manchester to have the services of a SARC. Are they true?

When Assistant Chief Constable Dodd tells us “our current arrangements provide a good quality of care” – can he tell us what they are?

Terry Thomas, Headingley

You’re not an atheist, Oliver

Your columnist Oliver Cross often refers to his atheism, but I believe he is actually an agnostic.

There are theists, who believe in a god or multiple gods, agnostics who neither believe nor disbelieve, and atheists who believe that none of the thousands of gods conceived since human evolution developed sufficient language have any reality.

Evolution created a fear of death because those who had no such fear would not survive.

Some individuals gained kudos by suggesting that there was an afterlife ruled by gods with whom they had contact.

Hence the early priesthoods developed and those religions with the greater appeal flourished.

Brian Perkins, Gledhow

Duo on song

Two of the finest programmes on TV over Christmas were of the musical careers of two of this country’s most successful lyricists – Don Black and Tim Rice.

Don Black penned such themes as To Sir With Love, Born Free and the James Bond film Thunderball.

Tim Rice collaborated with Elton John on The Lion King, Bjorn and Benny from Abba on Chess and Andrew Lloyd Webber on Jesus Christ Superstar.

The star of the Don Black show for me was Katie Melua, who sang accompanied by her acoustic guitar the beautiful Diamonds Are Forever.

John Appleyard, Liversedge

Bag a bargain

I think you owe Waterstones an apology for the letter complaining about them charging 10p for a carrier bag (Your Views, December 26). I have always been offered a bag but never asked to pay for one.

Henry Grogan, Leeds