YEP Letters: December 28

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Leeds planners say that because there is a housing shortage they think we need 66,000 new homes in the next 15 years and that this is the reason that we have to now build on green fields which used to be part of green belt (such as Moseley Bottom in Cookridge).

In various parts of our city and its outskirts this building work is now being undertaken.

I always look forward to visiting the German Market at Christmas. Next year I will look forward to it even more as presumably there will be no homeless people in the city centre, them having been rehoused in these three to five bedroomed semi-detached houses that are being erected in Leeds by the caring developers.

Whilst on the subject of homeless people: to the man in the wheelchair at the German Market, when my partner gave you a hot drink and a hot dog with tomato sauce on, it would have been more gracious of you to have thanked us and then wiped off the tomato sauce when we had gone, rather than refuse it until my partner had carefully wiped it off for you!

Carol Lee, Cookridge

‘Lessons will be learned’... again

I am watching a ‘debate’ in the House Of Commons, introduced by Kenneth Clarke, about torture, intelligence services and so forth. Important stuff.

Another individual from the ‘Opposition’ is speaking now and has already used the phrase, “lessons will be learned” within five minutes. He has also talked about “all” members taking this issue seriously. There are about 30 MPs in the place, some holding private conversations with each other, some reading letters, some looking lifeless. Where are the rest of them? Why has an ‘independent’ organisation recommended these ‘hard working people’ get an 11% pay rise? He’s also used the phrase “lessons will be learned” again. Clarke has replied by saying that, indeed, lessons will be learned. That’s three uses of this meaningless phrase in five minutes. They’re paid for this?

T Maunder, by email

China doesn’t need our aid

I find it unbelievable that we have continued to hand over aid to China.

This superpower has just sent a rocket to the moon and yet we’re sending them aid. It’s our government that needs a rocket up it.

People here are struggling to make ends meet and yet we hand over £11.2bn in foreign aid to countries including £27.4m last year to China. This was supposed to have been axed but it appears from information from the Department of International Development that is not the case. China has £2 trillion reserves so they are hardly struggling.

Lynda Roughley, by email

Forgetful drivers should have automatic lights

We can buy a device to plug in and our lights come on at dusk.

Is there a light motorists can buy so it comes on at dark?

I ask because a percentage of motorists won’t put their lights on until it’s reached lighting up time, even if it’s dark earlier because of thick dark clouds.

Also, some forget to light up and automatic lights would solve this problem.

Just a suggestion from an observant cyclist.

A E Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds LS9

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