YEP Letters: December 27

Have your say

IT has been reported that more than 1,600 people have sent letters of objection to the proposals for a trolleybus along the A660.

While the Secretary of State considers whether or not to hold a public inquiry it seems a sensible time to summarise and re-state the opposition to the scheme.

The proponents of the trolleybus have entirely failed to persuade people living along the route that their lives will be improved by this system. All along the proposed route public opinion is overwhelmingly opposed. Additionally, the Federation of Small Businesses has also written to object because of the adverse impact it will have on local businesses. To summarise the main objections:

The cost to the city. This is currently £75 million. The Council’s net debt as at March 2013 was £1.4 billion. If the trolleybus goes ahead it is likely that there will be less money for public transport improvement work in other parts of the city.

Metro and the council have failed to take account of many kinds of emerging electric bus technology that is being adopted now by other, more far-sighted local authorities both in the UK and abroad.

The trolleybus won’t reduce congestion. NGT have admitted this in writing.

Most of the reduction in journey times will be achieved by Oyster card type ticketing which we could have on the existing buses or future electric buses.

It will cause huge environmental damage in terms of tree loss, destruction of green space and harm to the streetscape in what is a conservation area.

Leeds City Council should cancel this project now.

Chris Foren, chairman, A660 Joint Council

Jobs are lost to outsourcing

So, once again, Malcolm Nicholson (December 12), is ranting about the feckless unemployed.

Of course, the unemployed live wonderful fulfilling lives on their £74pw, having expensive holidays, restaurant meals, theatre visits, putting their heating on full in the cold weather, stocking up on beer and fags, whilst coming home to sit in front of their 50 inch plasma TV. That money certainly goes along way.

Or, the vast majority forced out of work through redundancy, ill health, age discrimination (yes it does happen), are bending over backwards to find work.I’ve been a single parent for 24 years, and have worked almost 40 years, but was forced out of work as my last company was outsourcing offshore, and there is the reason for the welfare time bomb. Millions of liveable, wealth creating jobs have been outsourced offshore so a minority can stuff their tax havens, whilst the welfare bill explodes.

Mark Norris, by email