YEP Letters: December 24

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Your correspondent R Greenley describes the trolleybus as ‘something worthwhile’ and then fails to give us a single reason why it’s worthwhile (December 16). This is similar to the way Metro promote the trolleybus.

If trolleybuses are ‘something worthwhile’ then why have scores of trolleybus systems all over the world been scrapped? The reason Leeds gave in 1928 was that trolleybuses were too costly to run and inflexible. Trolleybuses can only compete with other buses where the operator has a route monopoly and where fares on competing bus services are kept artificially high. Why else would Metro be intending to give a route monopoly to whichever private operator is chosen to run the trolleybus route?

It is an overpriced bus system that nobody wants. Even the city’s councillors don’t want it. Why else would the leader of the council have imposed a three line whip when there were votes on the trolleybus on the July 1 and the November 13 2013?

Metro admit that most of the people who would use the trolleybuses would come from existing bus services. They have also said that once the system is operational, it’s likely that the number 1 and number 6 bus services would be halved. This would lead to increasing isolation for all those people in Tinshill and Cookridge who would have a long walk to catch the trolleybus.

K Cowell, Ring Road, Farnley

Fearing return to 70s horror

IF Labour wins the next general election this country will be finished. I recall with horror the Labour government of the 1970s, which led to power cuts and the three day week.

The post-war government of Clement Attlee – which nationalised everything it could get its hands on – spent billions from the American Marshall Aid plan on false teeth and spectacles while German, French and Japanese governments invested the majority of theirs in rebuilding key industries such as car plants, while British unions and management argued themselves into oblivion. That grim period seems to be over for now, so it is deeply worrying that the unions have such a grip on Ed Miliband’s Labour Party. Given the chance they will wreck Britain again.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

In need of good Grammar

IN response to your article ’Driving up standards,’ the solution is blindingly obvious.

We need to get back to the world renowned and respected system that was so successful before the 1960s, namely the three R’s, and Grammar Schools.

B Duffy, address supplied

Read newspapers and books to be in the know

REGARDING a remark made by Mrs M Whitehead (December 2) that it is people who write to newspapers that are in the know, I would like to say that it is people who read newspapers (and books) who are actually in the know, as it is the best way of learning what is going on.

Of course, we also learn from experience as life goes on but what a boring life it must have been for people born before newspapers were produced.

It is a pity our schools cannot teach the three ‘R’s’ as they used to but these days mobile phones rule!

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds.

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