YEP Letters: December 23

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THE BBC’s scant treatment of the Tour de France in its Sports Personality of the Year programme and its patronising of Yorkshire (YEP, December 16) reflects its role as a government agent and a servant of populism and political correctness.

Notice it never refers to ‘rainy Manchester’. Nor to Glasgow gangs, or its tribal sectarianism.

Edinburgh and Glasgow always figure together in the weather forecast.

Yet Leeds never shares double billing with Manchester, despite being the same distance apart and having slightly different climates.

The indulgent publicity and money afforded the Scottish twosome is egregious, only comparable to London.

The only cuts made in Glasgow are in Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night.

In case we’re disposed to dismiss this as inconsequential, remember this reflects Westminster’s thinking from which policies arise and funding flows.

We have an opportunity before next year’s election to secure guarantees for Leeds on devolved budgets, HS2 and pound-for-pound parity with other cities.

If not, we might have another wasting of the North by William the Conqueror’s descendents in Westminster.

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

Photo was of children’s party

The headline on the Times Past photograph (YEP, December 20) read “Staff at the Barnbow Factory, Cross Gates, let their hair down.”

In fact the photograph shows the Children’s Christmas Party at Barnbow in 1953. Both my dad and my uncle worked at Barnbow, so somewhere in that photo are probably myself, my sister and my cousins.

Brenda Nichols, Armley

Waiting a while

Regarding Councillor Peter Gruen’s letter (Your Views, December 19) on congestion in Crossgates, work isn’t due to begin on the East Leeds link road for three years and won’t be completed until 2021. So, like the tram, trolleybus, that Leeds City Council keep telling us is coming, don’t hold your breath.

Martin Collinson, Crossgates

TV soaps don’t change much

Christmas 2013 and in Emmerdale there’s the 
Alicia and David wedding storyline. Fast forward to Christmas 2014 and it’s the Andy and Kate wedding storyline.

These “serial dramas” don’t even bother attempting to have an original story at Christmas, do they?

The same principle applies to Coronation Street and East Enders: the same themes over and over again.

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall