YEP Letters: December 23

Have your say

I’m baffled by R Greenley’s letter. Who are ‘the people who seem to complain about any major project’? What other ‘major project’ does he have in mind?

Does he understand the issue of ‘bus traffic priorities’? NGT involves the absolute priority of the trolleybus at all points on its route, all the time, which entails stacking of other traffic at key junctions. It is precisely its inflexibility that makes it inefficient. Not even Metro claim that it will ease congestion on its route, which anyone might think was the major issue. There are more flexible alternatives, which might by all means include the prioritisation of free-running buses at peak periods, and, especially where the A660 is concerned, for 36 weeks a year, when the universities are in session. What ‘document’ does he refer to that calls for ‘severe restriction of general traffic [in Headingley]?’ If he’d told us, I might be able to respond more helpfully.

Tony Green, Grosvenor Mount, Leeds

Not the answer

IT is interesting to see in the same issue (YEP, December 16) a well-argued letter on why money on transport would be best spent on improving a link to the airport, as well as a letter supporting the, to my mind, ill-informed comments made by the Rev Robin Pearson (December 11), attacking those who question the validity of the trolleybus scheme.

If trolleybus supporters took the trouble to inform themselves as much as we have, they would realise that the trolleybus is not the answer to congestion problems on the A660 and that there are far cheaper, less damaging alternatives.

Christopher Todd, Cumberland, Leeds

Mental health

SO at last people who are detained by police on mental health grounds will be given an immediate on-street assessment in a new pilot scheme launched in Leeds (December 3). The trial for a year is designed to stop them being sent to police cells. Someone deemed to be a potential risk can be detained.

This should leave many cells vacant for persons without mental health problems, but it’s a pity this idea was not put into practice years ago as many have suffered in prison instead of getting proper treatment.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, LS9

Delivery bonus

I WOULD like to thank the army of boys and girls who deliver our YEP newspaper every day through wind, rain and snow, and I would ask that all customers who receive their favourite paper in this manner reward the services of their local deliverer with a Christmas bonus that these kids deserve for providing this essential service all year round.

Richard Tallant