YEP letters: December 22

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When Alistair Browlee came second in the voting in the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, the YEP Facebook community had plenty of praise for the whole family, especialy the Brownlee Brothers’ dad Keith, a Leeds doctor.

Lindsey McLean, via Facebook

The Brownlee brothers come from an inspirational family. Their father helped us bring our daughter, who has cystic fibrosis, into the world. He has shown us how to care for her and discovered many medical treatments to help her live longer. Dr Keith Brownlee deserves more gold medals than his amazing his sons can ever win. Betsie Rose McLean and her family owe him more than words or money could ever give.

After Alistair Brownlee was nomindated (and voted second) for BBC Sports Personality of 
the Year, our readers were quick to pay tribute to another member of the family – his and Jonny’s father Keith, a Leeds doctor.

Joanna Ruane

He looked after me so well, words cannot describe how great this man is. Without him I wouldn’t have been here today. Best cystic fibrosis consultant ever!

Debbie Hammill

I worked with Keith when he was a junior doctor and again when he was a consultant. He was a great doctor to work with and he often proudly spoke about his sons.

Mike Anthony

I always remember Mr Brownlee and always will. My daughter Kayleigh was cared for by him throughout her early to teen years. It was always a pleasure going to see him. I wish all medical related people were as caring and considerate as he is.

Lindsay McLeod

This lovely doctor looked after my son for nine years, I have a lot of respect for him.

Julie Broadbent

He was a great doctor; he looked after Milly Rose and Leah Megan. A wonderful man and his sons are a credit to him.

Helen Maris

Dr Brownlee helps look after my daughter in the CF unit at Leeds as her lung specialist, great doctor and lovely boys.

Lindsay Crowther

He is so missed at the unit now! He made me feel safe. He saved my son’s life and I will be forever grateful to him.

Iris Innes

I couldn’t agree more; he is an amazing man.

My son Kieran was cared for by him.

We live in Scotland and it was worth all the travelling for the best treatment in Britain.

Lesley Jane Hirst

Their mum is a lovely lady too – who is also a doctor in Bramley.

David Robertson

Keith has looked after my daughter for most of her 
life...we were so lucky having him, the first doctor we saw after her diagnosis (she is now 12).

Quite simply the most wonderful of men.

Joanne Fletcher

My friend told me only a few weeks ago how this gentleman saved her baby boy’s life!

What an amazing man 
he is.

Sara Horsman

Completely agree. A wonderful man who listened to his patients and their parents. Who never dismissed their concerns. Irreplaceable.

Anne Hall

Fantastic man, he had the rare gift to treat the patient and not the illness. The care and compassion he gave not only to the children but the rest of the family was second to none. Very inspiration man with a passion for treating and helping all in the cystic fibrosis community. This man should have a knighthood never mind a gold medal.

Paris Alicia Stothard

His wife Dr Hernshaw is just as amazing too, saved my life as a baby and has being my doctor ever since.

Sarah Ellis

He’s helped look after my daughter along with Dr Lee. He’s a lovely man and always ready to listen. Unsung heroes the staff at the CF Unit

Jackie Reid

We just love Dr Keith Brownlee. He was a doctor on Ward 12 back in 1991 when my son was diagnosed with CF. Keith was part of the team which cared for him until he transferred to the adult unit when he was 16-17. We missed Keith so much after leaving paediatrics behind. He is an amazing doctor, an amazing man. He deserves hundreds of gold medals.

Bob Wilson

My son who has servere asthma was treated wonderfully by Mr Brownlee at St James’s Hospital. There were times when things were really bad. We will always be in debt to Dr Brownlee and his team.

Raj Sagoo

I remember Dr Keith 
Brownlee very well – he looked after me when I was a young girl.

He was a caring and compassionate man who listened and kept patients and their parents involved in discussions every step of the way whilst maintaining a little humour as well.

He was part of a good team and always made me smile.