YEP Letters: December 2

Sam and Thomas Burgess.'England v Tonga, Semi-Final, Rugby League World Cup 2017. RLWC2017. Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland New Zealand. Saturday 25 November 2017 � Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga / MANDATORY CREDIT/BYLINE : Andrew Cornaga/
Sam and Thomas Burgess.'England v Tonga, Semi-Final, Rugby League World Cup 2017. RLWC2017. Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland New Zealand. Saturday 25 November 2017 � Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga / MANDATORY CREDIT/BYLINE : Andrew Cornaga/
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Our pride in world class rugby stars

Coun Darren O’Donovan, by email

On behalf of Dewsbury councillors and its MP I think it apt to acknowledge the achievements of Sam Burgess, Tom Burgess and Alex Walmsley as part of the England Rugby League team that have reached the rugby league World Cup final in Australia.

These lads represent everything that is great about Dewsbury and represent a sport that has a proud history and strong future in the town.

If our local schools and local rugby league teams, namely, Dewsbury Celtic and Dewsbury Moor can produce these international renowned elite athletes then we surely can produce the best of anything. Producing players like this says a lot for the quality of the volunteer coaches at clubs like this that devote their time to make players the best they can be to help get the best opportunities in sport and in life.

I’ve worked with Alex over a number of years at Dewsbury Celtic and saw him grow from great junior player to stand out professional. These three Dewsbury lads are the world’s best at what they do and that makes many people very proud. So Alex, Tom and Sam, Dewsbury wishes you the best of luck for the final today, the town is behind you.

HS2 ‘essential’ to city centre plan: your views

Delivering HS2 is “essential” to the success of plans to double the size of Leeds city centre and provide 35000 jobs the development director of the regeneration scheme has said. Jon Kenny - development director at Commercial Estates Group which is leading the £350m Leeds South Bank Scheme - made the comments as HS2 bosses published a new report which suggests the high-speed rail project will provide a major economic boost for the city. The HS2 report says the promise of high-speed rail services starting in the city by 2033 has acted as a “catalyst” for the Leeds South Bank scheme which is due to be one of Europe’s largest city centre regeneration projects over the next 30 years. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Harry Bendon

It is a discussion about nothing.

HS2 will reach Birmingham and then stop due to escalating costs. Leeds and many other northern cities will be fobbed off with an upgraded, existing infrastructure.

As for the rebuilt Leeds City station, have they thought about access for people who cannot climb the “stairway to heaven” as projected in the artist’s impression? It looks as though the architect has copied Leeds Town Hall steps built in the 19th century.

How about a state of the art moving walkway or does the budget not run to that? Incidentally, that guru of transport strategy, Chris Grayling has now come up with a new master plan – let’s reopen railway lines closed by Dr Beeching. No prizes for guessing the location of those lines –London and the Home Counties.

Supertram, trolley bus, underground system, Northern Powerhouse -just talk to keep the natives happy while London forges ahead with its plan to become the first city state since ancient Rome. Eventually we northerners will need a visa to visit Londinium.

John Grogan

In 35 years? The Victorians would be mortified, as I will be by the time this is built!

Money is so cheap and inflation relatively low, now is the time to do this. Between now and then there could be several governments, a world war, and Crossrail 3 to contend with.

Rail may not even be the favoured mode of transport, it may finally be recognised the car is the most cost effective and flexible solution for 

We are not London or Europe where a high proprotion of people are resident in the city.

It is primarily seen as an extention of London transport and for business people.

HS3 has to be a more relevent priority of how the north functions.

Mike Walsh

No mention of the destruction it will cause in the surrounding villages.

Ben Riley

Doubling the size of the city centre yet right now it takes 45 minutes on a night to get from Eastgate to the end of Wellington Street. They need to sort traffic issues.

Jayne Sutcliffe

So long as Leeds is okay then everything is fine. No consideration for the rest of the areas that have to suffer! We don’t need HS2.

Adam Green

Well it’s Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham and the east midlands so it’s servicing the biggest cities in the country not just Leeds. If anything the people on the existing lines will benefit due to less people using them.

Simon Lee Fawcett

Those currently living in Wakefield can now board trains to go north and south but with the development of HS2 people will only be able to board at Leeds creating far more pollution than now by everyone having to commute to Leeds once completed. A stop at Wakefield should have been factored in.

It’s going to be out of date by 15 years compared to other countries by the time its built and it will definately be conpleted above the current financial budget.Complete waste of money.

Raj Panesar

As much as I like the idea of HS2 it’s 15 years too late already, it will be out of date when finished, although not sure what the alternative is in terms of upgrading this infrastructure.

Dadimal Craig Mulholland

To be honest I tend to agree that this is a waste, by the time it’s ready it’ll be out of date, with other nations starting to invest in hyperloop.

Richard Lodge

I think HS3 would deliver just as much economic benefit if not more to the region.

Rick Butterfield

HS2 is a total waste of money. £56 billion to get to London 15 minuets quicker. I think the money could be spent on much more deserving projects.

Sharron Walker

Utter waste of money. All that money to get to London 15 mins quicker, and the length of time it is going to take to implement and the number of house owners who will lose their houses, or will have the value depreciate, definitely not worth it.

John Amys

Thousands of people are going to lose a lot of money from the impact on house prices. And we have infrastructure in place that dragged us out of the “dark ages” which needs improvements.

The greedy government messed that up by privatisation for profit.

But as long as sales reps can get to London quicker to make more commission then it’s all good eh?