YEP Letters: December 17

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Where is the proof in B Duffy’s letter to the YEP (December 7) that David Cameron and his ilk are hard working?

Mr Cameron has got where he is through privilege and people who have been prepared to pull strings for him. In other words it’s not what he knows, but who he knows that’s got him where he is today. The Royal Family is a good example of this.

MPs are over four times more likely to have gone to private school. There was a time when Labour MPs came from the factories and mines, but these industries were destroyed by the Thatcher government. Parliament is not reflective of the people of this country. Where are the call centre workers, cleaners and office clerks?

Every year The Times newspaper prints its top 100 rich list of people of this country. The majority of these wealthy people did not create their wealth, they inherited it, which probably explains why they are so opposed to inheritance tax.

In last week’s bad weather the postman delivered my letter, my local shops were open, my bus ran on time and my copy of the YEP was on sale as normal.

These people are part of a team of grafters that keep this country going.

When David Cameron and his contingent of 130 hangers on visited China recently, hardly anyone cared or noticed.

John Appleyard, Liversedge

Sinking in ocean of litter

JOHN APPLEYARD (YEP December 4) brings to notice eating and drinking on the buses against the rules, by which highlights another blight – litter.

Britain is sinking in an ocean of litter. On our streets we wade through a tide of last night’s takeaways and binge swill, topped by the day shift’s sea of cans, bottles and plastic by the ton. Britain wasn’t littered in one afternoon, as Rome wasn’t built in a day, because anti-social trends have slow beginnings.Archaeologists deduce history from civilisation’s detritus, and so can we with today’s rubbish. This kaleidoscope of litter changes daily, as the old is blown away for someone else to clear up, then replaced by even more. What can we learn?

First, does it not show that our streets have become another meal table and dustbin? Why have so many taken to scoffing their disgusting food on the hoof and swigging out of bottlenecks in such an anti-social manner? Is it lax family upbringing, plus this herd instinct for takeaway junk food mania in a throw away culture?

Our countryside – even railway cuttings and grass verges have become our national dump. Britons now drop litter unconsciously, as snails leave a trail of slime, and so plough through litter because they are accustomed to it.

Tides of litter display a nasty symbol of a society in decline. Falling standards in dress and manners compounded by this couldn’t care a damn in public, is summed up by the adage – private affluence and public squalor.

Brian Johnston, Leeds 9

Looking after themselves?

HOW generous Mr Cameron’s been with our £500m towards the Syrian refugee crisis. When you see the pictures of those children one’s heart bleeds.

But where is Africa looking after Africa? Where are the Zimbabweans looking after Zimbabwe, the Saudi Arabians looking after Saudi Arabia, the South Africans looking after South Africa. Do these people ever think that they should take some responsibility to look after themselves?

There are many parts of the UK where £500m would transform schools, hospitals, need I say more.

Brian Fleming, Rothbury Gardens, Adel

Balls still hitting the wrong note

Watching Prime Minister’s Questions, my attention was once again drawn to Ed Balls –who continues to remind me of those nodding dogs people put in their cars.

Here we have a man who has become so overwhelmed by hubris that he has hastened his own pending destruction. All he seems to do is to repeat himself ad nauseam, even when events have already proved him wrong.

The truth is having made a disaster of being in government, Ed Balls has now made a disaster of being in opposition.

Mr Balls never admits he’s wrong. Should he fail his grade 3 piano exam, will he tell his examiner that, like Eric Morecambe, he played all the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order?

Time for the curtain to fall on his inglorious political career.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Profiting from messing up

I am informed this morning that the BBC has “learned lessons” (groan) that it should not have paid such large amounts of money to people who were sacked for incompetence or resigned for the same reason. It beggars belief.

They had to learn a lesson to realise this? Who are these people? What planet are they from? What qualifications do they have to do these jobs? I seem to be surrounded by idiocy and incompetence these days in almost every sector of life. Example: after a lifetime of employment in an allegedly socially important job/career, I will retire on a laughable State pension, the amount decided for me by successive governments who screw up the economy, screw up people’s lives with poorly thought-out decisions while many of them will languish in their retirement on inherited wealth and an MP’s pension for essentially making a complete mess of everything they do and say.

They call it democracy. It seems the BBC consistently mishandles the money of the people who fund them. Almost all socially-oriented organisation these days seem to function on ineptitude and all they do every time some horrible death occurs is say “lessons will be learned” to the extent I just want to hit them.

And who do we have to lead us? What choices do we have at the next election? Cameron, Miliband, Clegg or that bloke from UKIP who is apparently in the running. Happy 2014, folks.

T Maunder, Miserable Git

Old, not selfish, and paying tax

Nick Keer tells us that he does not attack the ‘old’ or the disabled then proceeds to attack them both (again) (YEP, December 14).

He appears obsessed by these two groups of people especially when mixed with ‘public’ transport. That’s the public transport we all contribute to and have over the years contributed to. Can I ask him when he says the disabled should catch the next bus if they cannot get on, how many times and buses are they supposed to repeat this? Does this apply only to the ‘old’ or will younger ex-soliders injured serving their country be expected to comply too?

When I travel on public transport I have never seen the old playing an iPod at excessive noise levels, nor taking two seats, shouting and swearing, putting their feet up on the seats nor not being aware of people more deserving of a seat. I have however seen a mother with five children, all looking under six,taking up eight seats when the bus was full. No wonder they grow up selfish, spoilt, ignorant and cruel.

Before I get the ‘old faithful’ you should pay etc, etc, many of us still pay tax, myself at 40 per cent so I do pay, unlike the children just mentioned. And if a bus is unused then they will be withdrawn these days including for the people who do pay. We know that one day Nick will certainly join one of his nemesis groups, let’s hope he does not join them both.

Derek Goodman, by email

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