YEP Letters: December 14

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In reply to Robin Paterson’s comments about trolleybus, does he really think that the “little” people of Headingley and Middleton, the “few” trees and the “hotch-potch” of buildings, the multitude of small businesses are unimportant in the eyes of the world?

I wish he’d been at a meeting I was at on Monday when “little” people from Middleton were asking for help to stop this folly. Will he be alongside the “little” people who lose their gardens, the “little”people who lose their day centres as Leeds City Council struggles to pay for this folly, the “little” business owners struggling to make a go of things.

He needs to understand that we are not Barcelona, Paris or Basle -all cities who have wide avenues for their trams.

He needs to understand that a little bit of organisation would make a world of difference to our journey times - better ticketing for a start so that we don’t get buses stacking up.

Margaret Thompson, Leeds

Not comparing like for like, Rev

In his letter praising the East Manchester Metrolink (YEP, December 11) the Rev. Robin Paterson questions the knowledge of opponents of the NGT trolleybus scheme.

We have sought and listened to the opinions of recognised experts. Has the Rev. Paterson? He praises the Paris tram. Does he know that it is the subject of much controversy, causing congestion and destroying local bus services? Does he know that the trolleybus in Salzburg benefits from cheap hydro-electricity?

He is not comparing like with like. As in Manchester, Basle, Bieleld, and Barcelona have several tram lines, something experts tell us is needed for anything approaching an integrated system.

The Birmingham tram runs mainly on an old railway route, as does much of the Manchester system. The line to Ashton-Under-Lyne goes through modern regenerated areas of Greater Manchester, with wide roads.

There’s a whiff of iconoclasm here.

Because, apparently, we have not shed enough tears for the horrors of what was done when motorways were built, we are somehow seen as sinful for wanting to preserve some beauty and heritage in existent conservation areas, which are an essential part of the character of this city.

Christopher Todd

Raking it in with tax band shift

LEEDS City Council are writing off millions in unpaid Council Tax (and rent) and have found a way to get their money back from people like myself and others who are in council tax Band B.

They are going round properties and re-categorising them as Band C. This is to people that pay regularly and in many cases their properties have been rated as Band B for as long as 17 or 20 years. It is an easy way for Leeds City Council to make their money up. We do not have a say in this.

What a way for Leeds City Council to make a quick buck regardless of the hardship that will be caused.

It is time that we got people at LCC that can operate fairly to the benefit of all.

Come on councillors, take a cut in your expenses. In fact, I would go as far to say don’t claim expenses for a year and see how you get on.


Straight reply on EU change

M. Shedlow, (10/12/13) quite validly asks where the sense is in opening our borders to unskilled, unemployed and homeless Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants next month. One thing is certain; you won’t get an answer from Cameron, Clegg or Miliband.

G. Waite, Leeds 11.

Beeb’s biased eco coverage

BBC coverage of the new Drax power station was typical of the sinister big government and big business alliances. Billions of pounds in subsidies for Drax shareholders, soaring electricity costs for families and pensioners, the most expensive in the “free” world.

Unchallenged assumptions on global warming (there is none!) and the ludicrous implication that CO2 is a pollutant not a life giving-natural gas.

We must break the link between public service broadcasting, big business and government before they destroy the country.

Godfrey Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire

Disabled should get another bus

In reply to Liz Goodwill (YEP 10 December), I am not attacking anyone be they old, wheelchair bound or not. If the buggy/wheelchair bay is occupied then it’s simply good manners to wait for the next bus. No-one should have the right to move another passenger. If that’s the case what’s to stop me from asking someone already on a crowded bus to stand or get off so I can get on? I’d be told to take a long walk off a very short plank and rightly so!

If we didn’t have all these low-floor buses none of this would be an issue. The Disability Discrimination Act is a real thorn-in-the-flesh of progress!

Nick Keer, Leeds.

Sinking in an ocean of litter

JOHN APPLEYARD (YEP December 4) brings to notice eating and drinking on the buses against the rules, by which he highlights another blight - litter.

Britain is sinking in an ocean of litter. On our streets we wade through a tide of last night’s take-aways and binge swill, topped by the day shifts sea of cans, bottles and plastic by the ton. Britain wasn’t littered in one afternoon, as Rome wasn’t built in a day, because anti-social trends have slow beginnings.

Our countryside - even railway cuttings and grass verges have become our national dump. Britons now drop litter unconsciously, as snails leave a trail of slime, and so plough through litter because they are accustomed to it.

Tides of litter display a nasty symbol of a society in decline. Falling standards in dress and manners compounded by this couldn’t care a damn in public, is summed up by the adage - private affluence and public squalor.


Prove it that PM’s a grafter

WHERE is the proof in B Duffy’s letter to the YEP (7.12.13) that David Cameron and his ilk are hard working?

Mr Cameron has got where he is through privilege and people who have been prepared to pull strings for him. In other words it’s not what he knows, but who he knows that’s got him where he is today. The Royal family is a good example of this.

MPs are over four times more likely to have gone to private school. There was a time when Labour MPs came from the factories and mines, but these industries were destroyed by the Thatcher government. Parliament is not reflective of the people of this country. Where are the call centre workers, cleaners and office clerks?

Every year the Times newspaper prints its top 100 rich list of people of this country. The majority of these wealthy people did not create their wealth, they inherited it, which probably explains why they are so opposed to inheritance tax.

In last week’s bad weather the postman delivered my letter, my local shops were open, my bus ran on time and my copy of the YEP was on sale as normal.

These people are part of a team of grafters that keep this country going.

When David Cameron and his contingent of 130 hangers on visited China recently, hardly anyone cared or noticed.