YEP Letters: December 11

President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
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No reason to block Trump’s visit

Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

WHY on earth should we not invite Donald Trump for a state visit here?

After all, we are at loggerheads with most of Europe and have disagreements with the leaders of Scotland and Ireland closer to 
home. There is no question of any of these leaders being barred.

Substantial opposition to school plan

Iain Dalton, Leeds 8

As a letter on November 10 and your article on November 25 showed, substantial local opposition exists to plans to build a new free school academy on the King George V playing fields (or Fearnville Fields).

This has now been added to by the results of the council’s own consultation, which showed 69 per cent response rate in opposition to the proposals. Added to this is the opposition of local MP, Richard Burgon, who has received a 300 strong petition from local residents as well as an almost 1,500 strong online petition.

Yet disgracefully, the document drawn up following the consultation suggests the council should press on regardless of this opposition, despite suggesting a number of alternative and more suitable sites.

Whilst it is disappointing that the council leadership seem likely choose to ignore local opposition at the executive meeting this coming Wednesday December 13, the council will still need to seek permission from Fields in Trust who are trustees of the fields.

The council will need to demonstrate local support for the plans as well as show the plans will lead to an overall playing field space according to Fields in Trust’s aims - local residents believe they cannot demonstrate this.

Devil in detail on clean air charge

DS Boyes, Leeds 13

GOOD news from Leeds City Council that air pollution largely caused by obsolete design buses, HGVs and taxis, both Hackney and private hire is to be tackled by the imposition of a toxic entry charge to be set at £100 per visit per day.

But as ever, although the principle is sound, the devil is in the detail.

The boundary for this charge is said to be the Outer Ring Road, yet Leeds does not have a complete outer ring road, only a few segments, with large tracts of road bordering other local authorities with no obvious boundary. Also, many districts of Leeds brought in under the 1974 local government reorganisation lie outside the Outer Ring Road in north, south, east and west Leeds postcode areas.

Also, the ring road at Rodley is six miles out, hardly central Leeds. Could someone travelling in from Calverley or Pudsey have to pay £100 just to deliver or collect in Stanningley bottom, Rodley village or on Farsley Town Street 400 metres inside the limit? Plus, what standard of emissions control determines liability for the new charge? Euro 6, 5 or 4 or less? Although those 20 year old buses you see, even though well maintained, might never be capable of meeting the new standard. Private cars, vans and light commercials not mentioned, yet some of those light trucks or vans collecting scrap metal or for roof repairs etc look wrecks.Certainly food for thought, but this may be damaging to business, with the unexpected on-cost involved.

Frustration over sentences

Mark Norris, Leeds 12

Re ‘Gone in 10 seconds’ (YEP December 8) I read this story and almost spat my coffee over my keyboard. So the full power of the law comes down on a bunch of prolific thieves, by being sentenced to a sharp telling off and not be naughty anymore.

Meanwhile the owners of the stolen bikes are left probably paying finance, seeing increased insurance premiums, can’t get to work etc..

I park near where the CCTV footage taken and have seen these types hovering around and even had one cheeky one tell me ‘you need a bigger lock mate.’

No wonder crime’s on the up with these sentences, the police officers must be so frustrated.

Money won’t make difference

CJ Rawlinson, Outwood

I read about a £2m facelift of Westgate in Wakefield to improve the look.

Some of the comments are just unbelievable, talking about economic growth and what people see when they enter Wakefield.

Take a look at Wood Street, Kirkgate, Northgate and the Bull Ring - don’t they need a facelift? Are they not roads into Wakefield? Do they really think £2million will make a difference? Knowing the council’s record on improvement, it will cost £2 million on scaffolding.

Motivation time on Brexit

Tarquin Holman, Farsley

ON Brexit, is it not time for some “motivation” instead of wasteful talking which has achieved nothing?

It would be far better if our politicians addressed the major problems in the NHS, housing, crime and our once near-perfect “welfare state”.

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