YEP Letters: August 9

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Following the letter from Max Nottingham (YEP Aug 6) and the brilliant and eye-opening feature by Juliette Bains (YEP Aug 7), regarding the homeless and beggars, may I make the following comment.

Could I politely suggest that should anyone be tempted to give spare change etc to people begging, they should consider purchasing a copy of the Big Issue from the various vendors around our towns and cities.

The men and women selling the Big Issue have a strict code of conduct to follow and are registered to sell the magazines. Every vendor I have bought from has always been polite, courteous and grateful for the sale.

The vendor who sells his copies at the entrance to the Merrion Centre in Leeds can always be seen helping old people with their bags of shopping down the steps, or giving young mothers a helping hand with their buggy or pushchairs.

Many of the homeless admit they have made mistakes in the past, or have reached their present situation through mental health issues.

LeedsMind does tremendous work in trying to help people regain self-esteem and self-respect, while the Help For Heroes charity is there for the many ex-service personnel who, through no fault of their own, now find themselves on the street.

Other charities for the homeless, would all be grateful for donations which would help them continue with their ever-increasing workloads.

So before handing cash over to street beggars, please give a thought to the bigger picture and help people who are trying to help themselves with the help of dedicated charity workers.

Paul Abraham, Leeds

Market’s in the wrong site

THE BELEAGUERED stall holders in Leeds Market must wonder when their nightmare will end. What with first their businesses under threat from lack of foresight by Leeds City Council over the car park closure; now the unforeseen problem with ‘drains’ which will seriously disrupt if not destroy trading prospects for several months while deep excavations and repairs take place during which period the 20 per cent rent reduction will probably make little or no difference.

But is it time for Leeds City Council, like other local authorities have had to do, to consider the position of Leeds Markets? In these days of luxury shopping centres like the adjacent Victoria Quarter and Trinity Centre, with a new Eastgate one under development, the dilapidated market building and open section to the rear makes Leeds look very downmarket, unfortunately.

I dread to think how much taxpayers’ money has been wasted on continuously ‘patching up’ this Victorian anachronism, which compared to iconic buildings such as the town and civic halls, university or Corn Exchange etc is like that wart on Oliver Cromwell’s face, i.e. not very attractive!

The days have gone since livestock were driven from Marsh Lane railway goods depot down New York Street to the abattoir behind the market, like the trams of those old times – why not the market as well? Such a valuable site if sold for re-development – even after buying out the remaining leases – might raise enough cash to build lots of badly needed council houses.

DS Boyes, Rodley

Discovery aids Big Bang theory

READERS MAY be interested to know that in March this year, scientists at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory announced that they had discovered fascinating markings in the sky.

Described as “stretch marks”, the discovery they say, is the first direct proof that the Universe underwent a staggeringly rapid expansion immediately following the big bang. Many other scientists say that though the findings don’t prove the big bang theory, they lend lots of credibility to it.

The truth is the discovery reinforces the Bible’s teaching about how the creating came about. When one studies the biblical amounts, the most common description is of the heavens being “stretched” out. Scripture refers to the Universe in this way a total of 11 times by the pen of five different writers – Job, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah.

Based on observable evidence, scientists believe that there was an initial rapid stretching out of cosmic material and there has bene an ongoing expansion ever since. The Bible seems to corroborate that view. In fact astrophysicist Hugh Ross claims that until the 20th century, no other book, whether of science, theology or philosophy even hinted at an expanding universe.

When they are correctly understood, it seems there is no disagreement between accurate science and true religion.

AI Stubbs, Bridlington

Footing bill for breast op mum

JOSIE CUNNINGHAM who had breast enlargements on the NHS is too frightened to travel on the bus because people hate her so the taxpayers of Leeds have now got to pay £5,700 per year to get her and her children to school by private taxi.

She has brought this on herself. Why should the taxpayers subsidise her?

The National Health Service have already provided breast enlargement despite the fact that this was for cosmetic purposes.

This is ridiculous. She should be made to either get on the bus or walk her children to school.

Why should we pay?

Roger Watkinson, Halton, Leeds

OAPs don’t get ‘paltry’ amount

WHILE agreeing with most of the letter sent by Ernest Lundy about the way pensioners are treated I can’t agree that we are paid a paltry amount. If you claim pensions credit it’s around £150 per week and if savings are £16,000 or less you don’t pay any rent or council tax.

I can live on £80 a week most of the time. Granted I don’t smoke and hardly drink alcohol, and find charity shops are good enough for clothing but I eat well.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds LS9

Lib Dems must ditch Clegg

It’s time the Liberal Democrats got real. The world in crisis. Where is Nick Clegg? On reality TV downing tequila and baking cakes. He is just one wet blanket.

They will never ever win anything while he is their leader. Time to get rid of him. Time for the Liberal Democrats to get a new leader who is strong enough to lead them to win an election.

Roger Watkinson, 
Oak Road, Leeds LS15

Jail the bankers

I TOTALLY agree with all Dave MacFadyen said in his letter (YEP, July 29).

I hope the sensible ones who presumably have experienced hardship over these past three years will remember it when they place their vote.

I am sick and tired of this so-called government blaming everything on “the last government” when we all know who is totally responsible, the bankers, who are still at it. The bankers need to be sent to prison which they certainly deserve.

I was born in Leeds and came to the East Riding with my family because my husband couldn’t find suitable work.

Keep up the good work the Yorkshire Evening Post. What a super paper and such good value for money.

Ms JS Rusby, Beverley

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