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England team talked a good game

Martin J Phillips, Leeds 16

As with previous England teams of differing sports, the England Ladies football team talked a good game in the build-up to their Euro semi-final but when it came down to actually playing a good game, they failed pitifully.

In fact they couldn’t even string two passes together. The media enhanced this kidology that England only had to turn up to progress to the final.

Perhaps as impressionists of Hughie Green would say “If you can’t spell it, just put ‘rubbish’ and we’ll know what you mean”.

Concern over cuts to road policing

S Kavanagh, by email

A report referring to cuts in road policing due to the reduction in traffic officers causes serious concerns.

Since 2012 the number in West Yorkshire Police has apparently reduced by 39 per cent, undoubtedly caused by financial cuts. That said, there must be a move to rectify the situation as some motorists are simply taking advantage of the situation by flaunting the law.

I recently spoke to the West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable on Radio Leeds re: policing on the 50mph section of the M621 motorway which passes the Leeds Utd stadium. The section in question is nothing less than a race track, irrespective of time of day, but there is little or no police activity.

The explanations for lack of policing were not impressive. Furthermore, I broached the same subject with the chief constable’s office over a year ago suggesting if officers are thin on the ground some covert activity or speed cameras (not being a lover but this section needs something) could be introduced but nothing materialised and is no different today.

Cameras might control speed but the explanation expressed for not having them, when other areas have cameras without having traffic incidents, wasn’t convincing.

Excessive speeding continues with inconsiderate drivers displaying their stupidity on a very regular basis in relation to late manoeuvres, overtaking, undertaking, tailgating and all to simply get ahead.

Motorists are continually bled by varying charges but idiotic activity by motorists seems to go under the radar so why not let some of the financial gains be put toward additional officers, unmarked cars, cameras etc. Then motoring dangers might reduce and the idiot element be punished.

The high cost of Brexit

Alan Slomson, by email

John Cole (YEP Letters, August 3) is spot on when he draws attention to the high cost of Brexit, even before we leave the EU.

We import around £500 billion worth of goods from other countries each year.

The fall in the exchange rate of the pound which John mentioned, means that the cost of the goods we import has risen by more than £1 billion each week.

This is vastly more than the UK’s contribution to the funds of the EU. It amounts to about £15 a week for every woman, man and child.

No wonder that when it came the referendum there was a majority for Remain in Leeds. But it is a great shame that the cost of living is going up for us because so many people elsewhere (and some in Leeds) were conned by Mr Gove and others.

NHS needs better administration

Alan Chapman, Bingley

“BRUTAL” NHS cuts that threaten public outcry, say doctors .

Socialist doctors bleating yet again for more funds. Cuts would not be contemplated if significant waste in the NHS was reduced! I am a supporter of the NHS, and want to relate my experiences.

Medically the service had been brilliant for me, but quite disappointing when it comes to administration. Being admitted to hospital for a third urology operation went well, the outcome successful. Departing the ward, I was given special supplies to last a week, before returning for catheter removal.

Within three days back home, a large box arrived full of extra medical equipment I did not require, so I returned it to the same urology ward.They were not allowed to take it back, it was unopened just as it had arrived. They suggested asking the district nursing team to use it.

Next a large black poly bag turned up, repeating the contents of the previous box.

I contacted the local district nursing team, but rules forbid them accepting unopened returns. I pointed out the considerable waste, the staff agreed saying it drove them mad and hoped I would report the waste to a higher authority that might see sense. The NHS does not need more public funds to waste, but better administration.

Rugby left out by developers

From: Bill Rees, Wakefield.

Regarding cultural developments in Wakefield, the city no doubt has much to be proud of.

But what it can’t be proud of is turning its back on what, in cultural and sporting terms, has been the jewel in its crown since 1873, and that is Wakefield Trinity Rugby League club.

The inability of the local authority to make any progress on developing a much-needed new stadium is a disgrace that should make council leader Peter Box hang his head in shame. The club, which has had its best season for many years, now seems to be in real danger of leaving the city of Wakefield for greener pastures elsewhere and the local politicians seem content to let it happen. What on earth is the matter with them?

Keeping peace

MK O’Sullivan, Allerton Bywater

RE events to mark the centenary of Passchendaele.

If the commemorations ensured one certainty it is Remainers repeating their mantra that closer and closer integration must come.

Remainers have told us that being in the EU or EEC kept the peace in Europe for decades, and here was I thinking it was the US nuclear umbrella keeping the Russians at bay.

Lack of roads investment

DS Boyes, Leeds 13

AS the worst black spots for air pollution in Leeds are stated, it seems obvious to me that much of the poor air quality is not caused by Leeds residents, but people from other areas passing through en route for destinations beyond Leeds.

Roads mentioned are: A58, A58M, A61, M621, A643, all of which I am familiar with, being a driver in Leeds since before either the M62 or M1 and Inner Ring Road were built. In 1960 traffic from the northwWest region came in via the A62 Gelderd Road and the A58 Whitehall Road which merged by the old cattle market, then on Wellington Road over Wellington Bridge, up Westgate and down the Headrow / Eastgate before Regent Street, then the Roseville and Roundhay Roads or York Road depending on whether they wanted the A1 north at Wetherby, or the A1 south at Bramham Cross roads.

The main problem being that Leeds was and is still a crossroads town, i.e. one which traffic from other local authority areas e.g. Wakefield, Calderdale, Kirklees, Greater Manchester and Merseyside all have to pass through for certain destinations inspite of past advances in motorway provision e.g. the M62 etc. Flawed projects like Armley Gyratory or the Woodpecker Lights didn’t help.

This means that a large proportion of pollution is caused by these out of town vehicles, not by local Leeds people! If in future charges are introduced on any of such routes, why should Leeds drivers pay for what others are doing?

The problem today is lack of foresight and investment in a proper road network round Leeds by both Leeds City Council and the government.