YEP Letters: August 6

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Call blocker device is fantastic

Mr S Darfield, Horsforth

May I offer a big thank you to the West Yorkshire Trading Standards, for supplying us with a device known as a call blocker.

I am sure the majority of people like ourselves were infuriated by the amount of time wasting and irrelevant phone calls at all times of the day from call centres and individuals of a very doubtful background.

My wife who is registered severely sight impaired,our anxiety to stop this practice was paramount as the volume of calls increased.

As an avid reader of your paper, the solution to our problem was addressed in your article on June 23 (How to stay one step ahead of scammers).

We made contact with the WYTS and we made an appointment to receive a visit and promptly two delightful young ladies arrived on the due date and time and briefly after a 10-minute question and answer session supplied us with a call blocker.

They were very polite and courteous and above all extremely patient,explaining how the device worked.
As a result our telephone is ringing less and we could not be more grateful,thank you to your paper for making us aware of this service and thank you to WYTS for tackling this modern day menace.

Skip plan is a nonsense

Steve Adams, Leeds

So A Hague’s solution to prevent illegal tipping (YEP Letters, August 3) is to ‘have a large skip for every row of houses’.

Please let us know A, where these are supposed to be located in the average street? You may want one at the end of your street but any sane resident certainly would not!

Who is going to pay for them? Who is going to empty them?

How on earth would it, as you put it, ’make our streets healthier’ when they would be full of rotting food that people have thrown in because the black bins are full, plus they would only be emptied once every blue moon.

Who fought for your rights?

K Maunder, Kirkstall

I GROW tired of people like Lindon Dove castigating the “politically correct” (YEP Letters, August 5).

Were it not for certain people fighting for their rights, we would still have attitudes in the work place where male harassment of female staff is acceptable; where people from ethnic minorities applying for jobs they can do simply do not get shortlisted because of their colour; a society in which comedians can tell jokes which reinforce racism and sexism without sanction; a society in which the physically disabled, mentally ill and people with learning difficulties are routinely mocked.

I admit it can get silly sometimes (CouncilSpeak and those adverts with token mixed race couples and gay couples for the sake of it, being some examples) but political correctness has largely been a force for good. As for immigrants destroying cultures, by far the largest ethnic group to do this historically has been white people, using concepts of racial superiority and imperialism to justify it and not the “swarm” Cameron has referred to (and yes, the term is racist).

The two countries he mentions are actually examples of this and it was a white man who created only 82 years ago the conditions of a Holocaust.

Perhaps he should check some actual facts and statistics about immigration and migration rather than believe virtually neo-Fascist sources that support this particularly nasty government with its sadism, smug self-satisfaction, mendacity and belief in its own right to bully us lesser mortals.Well done John Appleyard for your comments in Opinion today, by the way.

Complete lack of humanity

R Kimble, Horsforth

I APPLAUD John Appleyard’s letter today (YEP Letters, August 5). This bunch of Tories are particularly nasty, even by Thatcher’s standards.
 They displace and project their complete lack of humanity into their policies and they actually believe they are born to rule like some landowner from a medieval past.

They lack insight because they have never had to struggle and have never been poor (and most of their wealth is inherited). The comment you published yesterday or the day before by one of these people as a tweet when on a plane captures perfectly their utter idiocy.

Cameron’s body language suggests itself what a nasty piece of work he is; those hands outstretched like talons wanting to strangle his critics. Hunt is selling health care to companies that under perform and are criticised even by the previously toothless CQC.

The list of essentially cruel and remorseless (as in lacking remorse) activities just goes on.

CCTV showed the whole story

Peter Thorpe, Leeds 14

The recent disgraceful incident about the refuse collector who blatantly threw full bin bags on the floor in Seacroft instead of putting them in the lorry is possibly the ‘thin end of the wedge’.

I wonder how many times this has happened every collection day throughout the city, and perhaps the whole country by refuse collectors? 
They always seem to want to ‘whinge’ about their job. If they don’t like it, find another job.

Also, this individual has had his duties changed until an investigation has been carried out. Why does an investigation need to take place ?The film shows this blatant act of what I can only describe as ‘littering’ and he should be fined immediately and warned about his behaviour.

No need at all for any lengthy investigation.

Still helping to fight polio

Ted Hill, MBE, CEO of the British Polio Fellowship

As the CEO of national charity The British Polio Fellowship, I am delighted to announce that one of the biggest days in the charity’s year, PPS Day, is to be hosted by the National Assembly for Wales on October 22.

PPS Day aims to draw public attention and create awareness to the estimated 120,000 people living with the late effects of Polio and PPS in the UK. 
Our charity relies entirely on the support of the public and corporate sponsors.

If you are interested in getting involved at whatever level, please call our Freephone number 0800 043 1935.