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Back to the past in the future

Phillip Bell, Bramley, Leeds

Please, please, please Leeds United can you revert to the regular Football Calendar for 2017 showing the players of our Mighty Whites resplendent in their footie kits following the current years failed ‘experiment’.

No doubt the powers that be will declare that the calendar won an award, a point put to me when I respectfully made my feelings known down at Elland Road when I pointed to the hundreds, if not thousands, of unsold club publications, and that was in May!

I usually buy six calendars for friends and family but didn’t buy any this year, showing a lost revenue of £54 to the club.

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No room for the imagination – or even a logo!

A Shipman, Swinnow, Leeds

SWIMWEAR manufacturer Speedo is dropping its sponsorship of the disgraced US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was economical with the truth about being robbed at gunpoint, in Rio.

The way some of these Speedos seem to get skimpier, it’s surprising that there is room on them for the manufacturer’s logo!

It’s tired me out thinking about it

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

I AM absolutely exhausted after watching much of the recent exciting sport on television.

It made me ponder the relevant virtue of competition versus cooperation. Just devoting ones life to beating each other sounds a little bit too Tory for me.

That said, I have taken decades to arrive at the following conclusion – life is always slippy-slide, only death is neat and tidy.

It is being philosophical that keeps me going.

Why can’t they put it in the bin?

Jennifer Bookbinder, Leeds

FURTHER to your article by Grant Woodward (Yorkshire Evening Post, August 18) on litter louts. My grouse is the amount of raw rubbish left on the streets for binmen to collect.

Most of it could easily be put in a bin liner or black bag or a wheely bin. But, of course, that’s too much trouble for them. Much easier to dump in the street. Inevitably the refuge collectors leave it and it becomes another blight on the landscape.

Such language is not needed

A Hague, Leeds

READING Life on Tapp (Yorkshire Evening Post, August 15) about a judge who returned swear words to a foul-mouthed person on trial reminded me of back in the 60s at my local club I asked a member to stop swearing in front of my wife. He told me it was not my business and he would swear when he wanted to.

My theory was swearing was used to emphasise your speech making others take notice, but I rated it is a weakness of your character and still do today.

Who decides if you’re worth it?

J Mills, Leeds

I wonder what makes S Benson (Yorkshire Evening Post, August 19) think she so richly deserves her free bus pass. It’s a bit like those advertisements advertising some expensive product which state “because you’re worth it”.

How does one decide if they deserve something or if they are worth it? I have often wondered.

Not idle for going one stop

P Jones, by email

This is a response to the letter from K and D Ingle, Gildersome (Yorkshire 
Evening Post, August 25).

I have a bus pass, and I’d like to say some of us are not idle and cannot walk too far with shopping. So, I do go one stop on the bus.

What would they want me to do, die on my way home carrying my goods and out of breath?

Please give this a rest now and think logically about why and what people do and what for.

Tenants should not have pets

Lennon, Heathcroft Estate

IT is about time Leeds City Council clamped down on their tenants keeping dogs.

Ninety per cent of their tenants that have got two to three dogs at their properties can’t look after them. So it is about time that all dogs are put on a register and chipped.

I walked around the Heathcroft Estate on Sunday and all you could hear was dogs barking and there was dog fouling all over.

Any person on benefits should not be allowed to keep pets as the tax payer is footing the bill to feed the owners and the pets.

France is safe for refugees

DS Boyes, Leeds

MOST people used to believe that Yvette Cooper aka Mrs Balls, was the MP for Pontefract, but looking at recent events, some are not now too sure who or what she represents.

It may be news to her (as she’s running around after Syrian refugees) and others, but refugees whether unaccompanied children or whatever, are the sole responsibility of the French government, because that’s where they are. If any need asylum the last I heard that was that France was a safe, welcoming country, not a war zone.

People are confused over just what Labour stands for today, with the only true Socialist leader for many years, Jeremy Corbyn, chosen by the democratic majority of party members, being stabbed in the back from day one by those like Ms Cooper.

The Blair confidence trick has been seen through by many voters, and unless Labour MPs in general start acting like they are on the side of the workers, not some vague London-based Metropolitan elite who may despise us in the North, except for the safe seats they greedily occupy under false pretences. Victory in the next or other future elections will never happen.

Is it the pupils or teachers?
Alex Gillies, by email

I read the Yorkshire Evening Post six days a week and find it a useful guide to local events, national news items and gossip via the readers page.

Take Thursday August 25, ‘Senior manager resigns from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, having been sacked in a similar role in Australia for a critical report on bungled cancer results’.

Excuse me but this applicant should not even reach the interview stage, who’s responsible for checking the credentials of applicants and give them the choice of resigning or just get their P45?

Figures for GCSE are expected to mirror last year’s results with girls outperforming boys by 73 per cent to 65 per cent, maybe it’s not the pupils fault but sub-standard teachers and education system with more and more teaching assistants? Who vets the teaching assistants and what is the criteria needed to gain such a responsible vocation?

Successive Governments have failed children’s education by a country mile, for having cabinet ministers that lack the criteria for those positions. Grades are being changed yet again from A* to C to nine to one, don’t any pupils score 10 out of 10 any more? or is that another PC not to embarrass the dreamers at the foot of the class.

I was one of those, dreaming to play for Scotland, I’m available, Gordon.

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