YEP Letters: August 3

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EU is ‘worst trading block in the world’

Terry Watson, Adel

Nigel Farage and Peter Hitchin were both quite correct in their accusations that the EU negotiations are nothing more than a PR exercise.

David Cameron said time and again he did not want their to be an in/out referendum on EU membership. It was only when Ukip started their crusade demanding withdrawal from the EU that Dave changed his mind, and half heartedly promised us one.

He still insists that if he can get a better deal for us, that we are better in than out.He should heed the words of Russian dissident Vladimir Burovski regarding the European Union:”I have lived your future ,and it doesn’t work”.

How much more proof does he need that it isn’t working? It is the worst trading block in the world .

We do far more trade with countries outside the EU and could do far more if we came out, and just had a trading agreement which is what we voted for 40 years ago.

Britain’s trade is in surplus with every state in the world except the EU so locking us into this bankrupt , inefficient, corrupt and undemocratic system makes no sense at all.The only people who would lose would be the politicians for whom the British stage is too small.

British politicians have supported the EU, lied and deceived the British voters and signed away rights and freedoms and they have claimed that they wanted Britain to have influence in Europe.

This is absolute nonsense. Britain has far less influence in Europe than we had 30 years ago.

We are just regarded as a soft touch and a very generous contributor paying 14 per cent of the total EU budget for no benefits .

Dave should heed the words of Margaret Thatcher: “I must be absolutely clear about this, I cannot play sister bountiful to the community while my own electorate are being asked to forego improvements in the fields of education, health welfare and the rest.”

Blair is haunting Labour Party

John Roberts, Wakefield

Will someone in the nicest way possible please tell Tony Blair to butt out as he is rapidly becoming an embarrassment.

Tony Blair is like a ghost that keeps returning to haunt the Labour Party body politic with its unwanted presence.

Jeremy Corbyn was far more polite than Mr Blair deserved after the rude ‘transplant’ remark. Mr Corbyn said: “I would have thought he could have managed something more serious.” Accurate, of course, but many would have used stronger words after Mr Blair’s crass intervention.

He has no respect for the Labour membership and does not lead a Labour lifestyle, to say the least.

As Lord Prescott said on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, politics is about the head and heart.

With Mr Blair the heart doesn’t come into it.

Whatever Tony Blair’s achievements might have been (the Northern Ireland agreement, Kosovo and the living wage), his legacy seems forever tainted and besmirched by his ill-advised intervention in Iraq against the wishes and wisest counsels of thousands of people protesting on the streets of London. But he knew best. Unfortunately he didn’t.

By our standards, perhaps Saddam Hussain was not a good president but he held his nation together and was the lesser of many evils which have since been unleashed.

I would not call Tony Blair a Labour person in the true sense. He would be better employed turning his attention to what he does best, that is the Blair project of personal family enrichment. Clearly though, his money is not doing him any good.

No mention of Middleton line

Terry Allinson, Bardsey

DAN Snow in his history of railways, Locomotion, did not mention the Stockton to Darlington line or the even earlier Middleton to Leeds one.

Historian? Ha!

Solution to illegal tipping?

A Hague, Leeds 9

After reading the survey on illegal tipping of rubbish which has increased by 24 per cent since 2012/13 and costing local authorities £45m a year, why don’t we have a large skip for every row of houses?

It would make our streets healthier as too many residents in Leeds dump anything from tins of paint, which children find and splash all over anything including waste bins, to poisonous substances and broken glass.

It may also cost less to carry out.

Permits were waste of time

T Valentine, Leeds

It’s about three years since the residents in the sheltered bungalows were issued with parking permits.

The reasons were that Bellevue Road and Bellevue Avenue were becoming very congested. Both these streets are in the Scholes area.

On several occasions I have seen the emergency services come down the street, ambulances and the fire brigade, and they could not get down for cars that were double parked.

We are now back to square one, motorists who don’t have parking permits parking all over the place and the people that live in the area who have permits cannot get in.

In the three years since the permits were issued I have not seen any signs of a warden but if you travel to Crossgates, three quaters of a mile away, you can not get out of your 
car without falling over a warden.

What a complete waste of time and money issuing permits for the Scholes area.

Black Prince buses ‘delight’

Coun Noel Bullock, Morley

It was a delight to see the Black Prince buses ‘returning home’ to Morley on Sunday July 26.

They were making an appearance for one day only to mark 10 years since our favourite red, yellow and maroon buses dominated Morley with which they were made famous.

I had the pleasure of attending a barbecue hosted by Dave and Julie Crowther later that evening, with former employees and dedicated followers of Brian Crowther’s bus empire, talking all night about the good times.