YEP Letters: August 28

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If you have children, imagine one of them being doused in petrol and being threatened with being burned alive.

Imagine a daughter being gang raped. Imagine living in a society in which political correctness prevents professionals naming mostly Asian men for perpetrating these acts against mainly white girls.

I am convinced that the shocking abuse committed in Rotherham would not have been allowed to continue if it was the other way round and white men had been abusing Asian girls.

The Establishment will do its best to protect people. Professional types who will retire with large lump sums and pensions will not be called to account.

As I listen to Shaun Wright’s comments, I wonder if this man realises how angry people are and whether he actually knows what ‘accountability’ means.

Meanwhile, David Cameron is more worried about Ukip than he is these girls and their abusers.

What’s the best the Prime Minister can come out with? ‘Lessons will be learned.’

What a specious, meaningless, cliched phrase to use.

Of course, I’m forgetting, none of these proletarian girls will be voting Tory at the next election so they don’t matter.

Clegg is silent, as is Miliband. The relevant Government minister has said nothing, only a former shadow minister has commented.

They all make me sick, I will never again vote for the major political parties at a general election.

None of them can be trusted with our lives. Contempt doesn’t come close to what I feel towards these people.

Apologies are not enough. It’s just the same old story of the Establishment protecting itself.

Terry Maunder, Leeds

Modernise transport

In response to Mel Smart (YEP, August 25) and Northern Rail’s services out of Leeds, I’m well aware of the limitations and shortage of carriages. My complaint is around how these facilities are managed by Northern Rail.

The service to and from Huddersfield under discussion was the subject of complaints over a year ago and Northern Rail resolved it by putting extra carriages on – up to four or five during the rush hour.

For some reason these carriages have now been taken off. Why?

I completely agree with Mr Smart’s call for investment in local services before wasting millions on HS2 and HS3.

Only the very rich, business people and MPs with their expense accounts will use these.

Let’s have a modern, integrated transport system first that the rest of us can afford and use.

Kevin Wilson, Cottingley

God punishes lawless society

Having followed with interest the correspondence generated by the question ‘Where was God in 1914-18?’, I would like to point out a matter which seems to have been overlooked.

God has in times past intervened in the affairs of humans when they have chosen to ignore His laws and filled the earth with violence, immorality and general corruption.

Sounds a lot like the world we know today.

As those wicked societies were swept away in the past, so He has promised, in His own good time, to do it again.

The apostle Paul expresses this promise in Acts Ch. 17: ‘God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness by that man (Jesus Christ) whom He has appointed...’

In response to Derek Barker’s letter (YEP, , please note that christening babies who have no understanding may be a centuries’ old tradition, but from the time of Christ adults with understanding expressed their belief by being baptised into Christ by full immersion in water.

Open your Bible and read it.

Stephen Knight, Leeds

Waiting in pain for treatment

Although I am most sympathetic about all the wrongs that are taking place in the world, my main concern is nearer home.

I am bothered that my older brother will be dead before he gets relief from the constant pain which for weeks was diagnosed as muscular in his stomach.

As the pain did not go away, a few weeks later a second opinion by a different doctor sent him for a scan which revealed a hernia.

My brother is now waiting in pain, who knows how long for treatment? I appreciate that waiting lists are long and that the NHS have heavy workloads.

But surely there should be a system that can give preference to someone who has paid his dues all his working life over those who have not.

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

Better the Red Devil you know

I can’t help thinking there will be a lot of Manchester United supporters now regretting the haste with which they sought the departure of David Moyes.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

Tories to blame for austerity

Brian Johnston (YEP, August 26) is peddling the same nonsense as other right wing correspondents in the newspaper.

Labour did not cause the near collapse of the global banking system in 2008.

The austerity forced on millions of working people in this country is due to Tory ideology.

Labour is winning elections and last week opinion polls suggested Labour is set to be the next Government with a 24-seat majority.

There is nothing lacklustre about the Labour Party, which has far more activists in its ranks than the rapidly diminishing membership of the Conservative Party.

John Appleyard, Liversedge

Cyclists should pay road tax

further to the letter from C Cole (YEP, August 26), I am a cyclist myself and totally agree with what she is saying.

A lot of the lads (and lasses) that go out on bikes just haven’t got the road sense and need to be more careful.

They are giving the genuine cyclists a really bad name.

If there is a lot of traffic I get off my bike and find an alternative route.

I would be quite willing to pay a small amount for tax and insurance and don’t think it is unreasonable to expect cyclists to pay for road use.

Chris Garside, Leeds

Reopen our railway lines

GREG MULHOLLAND (YEP, August 21) must be congratulated on his campaign to create a rail link to Leeds-Bradford Airport.

However, there are cheaper schemes which would relieve road congestion within his own constituency. For example, stations at Horsforth Woodside and Arthington, along with the re-opening of the railway line from Menston to Otley would be a start.

Any scheme which relieves road congestion for commuters should take precedence over holiday travel.

Greg appears to be the only politician from the area who is willing to pursue schemes which benefit local people.

Why are the politicians from Ripon and Wetherby not adding their voices and support to schemes such as the re-opening of the Ripon and Wetherby lines respectively?

C Barton, Burley in Wharfedale

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