YEP Letters: August 27

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With all the mayhem going on in the world right now, I would like to tell you of a pleasant experience I had last Saturday when I went to see the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley.

There were five of us – my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, my wife and myself. Four following Cas and me following Leeds.

We went by train, all seated both there and back.

At Wembley there were 77,000 people there, all mixed in together and with good-natured banter from both sides.

I saw six policemen all day, four on foot and two on horseback, all very friendly.

Leeds won and that was that. Everyone went back home, all mixed together and there was no trouble.

What an example to sport.

Mel Smart, Farsley

Healthy turnout for NHS march

I was pleased to see so many people taking part in the People’s March for the NHS as it passed through Leeds.

The march is making its way from Jarrow to London, drawing attention to the need to stand up for the NHS.

I was able to talk to a number of those taking part and was impressed by how well people had researched the consequences of fragmenting health services.

This would allow an increasing proportion of the English health care budget to be spent on contracts with private providers.

These are expensive to arrange, difficult to measure and frequently not available for scrutiny because they are ‘commercial in confidence’.

The walkers have given us a great example of studying the issues and then taking action to draw attention to their findings.

Can we follow in their footsteps and combine finding out about the impact of recent changes to the NHS, a real national treasure, with actions to protect the health of the community?

Martin Schweiger, Leeds

We already build trains in England

While I agree with Mel Smart (YEP, August 25) that we need and deserve new trains here in the North, I must point out that he is wrong in claiming that we no longer build trains in this country.

Bombardier Transportation builds trains in Derby at the former British Rail factory, and have indeed recently won the contract to manufacture trains for Crossrail.

Hitachi also has a train assembly plant in County Durham, although technically not an actual manufacturing plant. Wouldn’t it be great if this Government would spread transport resources more evenly across the country so that some new UK-manufactured trains could be provided for Northern Rail and Transpennine Express to replace the museum specimens we are currently forced to travel in?

Alan Radford, Horsforth

Do we need the luxury homes?

Everywhere I go, property companies seem to be building four, five-bedroom mansions and luxury flats.

Do we really need all these luxury homes when there are so many people who would be happy moving into an ordinary house? And what about homeless people? It must really upset them to see these building sites when they would love to live in a small flat.

Judith Harris, Moortown

Only short wait to see doctor

I write in response to Carol Gannon’s letter (YEP, August 21) in which she bemoans the appointment waiting time at her local GP’s.

Maybe she should move nearer to the practice where I am registered.

Several times this year I have walked into Highfield Surgery with the same medical complaint and the extremely helpful ladies on reception have urged me to ‘take a seat while I see what I can do’.

Always a short wait and always a consultation. A true National Health Service.

Geoffrey Ternent, Adel

Stray dog story is a lovely tale

What a lovely story about the stray dog from Cyprus that found a loving home in England (YEP, August 22).

Who could resist those appealing puppy dog eyes she has? She certainly fell on her paws, unlike the other doomed stray dogs in Cyprus. But I am sure this particular ‘Lady’ will live happily ever after.

Jennifer Bookbinder, Cottingley

Benefits from wider rail plan

How refreshing to read a letter (YEP, August 23) that extols the virtues of a transport system that encompasses the whole area and not just a solitary route, as is the case with NGT.

Chris Sheard hits the nail on the head regarding past local and national governments not having the courage or foresight necessary to inaugurate even the act of planning such a system.

It would seem that the MPs of the region are finally appearing to conceive that 
the idea of a county-wide transport system would be the most beneficial to the people, the infrastructure and industry. Greg Mulholland has grasped the importance of the role that a rail connection to Leeds-Bradford Airport would play and has instigated a parliamentary debate on the subject.

Mary Creagh, as Shadow Secretary for Transport, has also spoken on the importance of the transport infrastructure of the county. As Chris Sheard suggests, it would be a good idea to ringfence the money from the NGT fiasco to identify and evaluate possible schemes.

There have been many ideas put forward, the most popular, and probably the one that requires the most investment, is the overground-underground system. Whatever scheme is adopted, there will be a period where the benefits materialise, as history itself has proved.

Bramley Station and the development of the surrounding area is just one example. The growth will come and a viable, accessible and attractive system will both nurture and sustain the area, its populace and its environs.

Dennis Angood, Stanningley

Wilson ‘a pygmy amongst giants’

Regarding Don Burslam’s championing of Harold Wilson and his inclusion in the series of stamps commemorating former Prime Ministers (YEP, August 21), the most fitting phrase I can think of is ‘a pygmy amongst giants’.

John Wainwright, Tingley

Armistice trip places available

BETWEEN SATURDAY, November 8 and Thursday, November 13, I will be leading a group from the North of England to the Cenotaph ceremony in Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday.

We will then travel on to tour the First World War battlefields in Flanders and the Somme, and to attend the Armistice Day ceremonies at the Menin Gate in Ieper on Tuesday, November 11.

The tour will include the Retreat from Mons and Le Cateau to the Marne, the 1914 Christmas Truce, the later battles in Flanders and the Somme.

We still have a few places left and I will be happy to supply details to your readers if they contact me at 2 Eden Gate, Warcop, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6PL.

I can also be contacted by telephone on 017683 41060 or 07710 270640, or by email at

David Raw, Cumbria

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