YEP Letters: August 26

Leeds has been battered by storms  - Picture Gary Longbottom
Leeds has been battered by storms - Picture Gary Longbottom

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Council should get its priorities right

Roger Watkinson, Leeds 15

Leeds roads on Wednesday were an utter disgrace and Leeds City Council need to get their priorities right and start cleaning the gulley drains out across Leeds .

York Road and Selby Road amongst others were backing up and the water spouting back up into the roads as the gulley drains were blocked and unable to take the torrential downpour we had. Surely the taxpayers’ money should be better spent on this type of work instead of the vast sums spent on the cycle lane which has been poorly used in my opinion.

Having altered the road near Killingbeck Drive partly for the cycle lane, we now see they have undone the road and are creating a new estate. What a waste of public money.

Standard of education is not good enough

Terry Watson, Adel

Why are UK schools so low down in the international league table for education?

Could part of the problem be that not enough time is given to teach multiplication tables which is a vital skill needed for maths at all levels?

Those who do not know them are much slower at completing all exam questions. The Education Secretary Nicky Morgan announced earlier this year that every pupils will be expected to know their times tables up to 12x12 by the time they reach the end of primary school. We haven’t improved in the last 70 years then.

Children at junior schools in the war years were taught tables “parrot fashion”and by the time we were eight years old could all do up to 12 x12.

I attended Bentley Lane school and then Osmondthorpe juniors and the children all knew their tables.

Too many changes have been made in teaching methods and have not improved standards at all.

Some employers are having to send newly employed school leavers for further education because their standard of education is just not good enough.

For the fifth richest country in the world, that is an absolute disgrace.

Don’t let grades define you

Jaimes Moran, Seacroft

to all those stressing about exam grades, don’t allow these to define you.

History is full of innovators who’ve had bad and good grades. What matters is what you do with the abilities you have.

And if that fails, there’s always more chances to learn and improve (speaking from my autistic experiences).

Culture bid isn’t all inclusive

Martin J Phillips, Leeds 16

The two stories that have been dominating the local news can hardly be more conflicting: promoting the bid for Leeds City of Culture and problems associated with prostitution.

The former won’t happen while the latter exists. Everything that is wrong with the Leeds City of Culture bid was exemplified in an article in the YEP: the picture attached to the article was of the Northern Ballet.

We never get a picture of Leeds Morris Men or rock ‘n’ rollers at Moortown associated with articles for the City of Culture bid.

Ninety-nine per cent of Leeds residents have never been to the ballet.

The City of Culture bid seems to be totally the preserve of the elitist 0.1 per cent yet the rest of us will have to fund it through our taxes.

The council try to convince us that the bid is all inclusive but it isn’t and never will be.

Car insurance ‘expensive joke’

Ernest Lundy, by email

Much has been said in the recent past about mis-sold PPIs (payment protection insurance) and thousands of house buyers, encouraged by numerous law firms, have obtained repayment from banks and building societies.

But what about the car insurance industry where drivers are advised to pay ‘no claims protection’ sums on their policies?

In effect it’s paying insurance to cover insurance, which makes one wonder how this unregulated industry gets away with it as to all intents and purposes it runs in parallel with the now outlawed PPIs. Of course another rip-off is the excess amount listed on the any policy, offered ‘catch as catch can’ to reduce the overall cost of a premium.

In most cases it does little to reduce the cost, but is often large enough to leave those with minor bumps and grazes paying for repairs out of their own pockets. In effect therefore the whole car insurance business is an expensive joke. In fact one only needs to look down the clauses on a policy to confirm it. As vehicle insurance is obligatory it’s time the government looked into it.

Missing the point on statues

Tony Winstanley, Castleford

In the YEP (Letters August 24) Judy Goodwin appears to suggest that the pulling down of statues, which celebrate confederate leaders who supported slavery, should also be applied to the Egyptian pyramids, Asian rail tracks and Roman roads, as these were also created with some slave labour.

The pyramids, Burma railway and Roman roads were certainly built with the use of slave labour but there is one significant difference. They were built at a particicular time for a particular use, albeit by use of barbaric methods.

However, they were not built years after those times in order to celebrate the vile practices of white (or any other) supremacists. To try to suggest that those objecting to the glorification of white supremacy are somehow wrong is perverse in the extreme. Just like Donald Trump, Judy Goodwin appears to completely miss the point. And finally may I say the Roman roads were covered with tarmac years ago.

Rookie motorists believe driving tests cause just as much anxiety as academic exams. New research by youth insurer and car provider Marmalade landed as pupils across the country waited for their A-level and GCSE results. The firm surveyed 1800 young motorists and found 50 per cent of respondents are equally or more anxious about facing their driving test when compared to their academic exams. By comparison 39 per cent feel more anxious about their exams and just 11 per cent feel no anxiety about either event. We asked YEP readers for their views on the subject and here’s what some of them said on social media..

James Matthew Ramsden

Still not hard enough, should have to do at least one night session, rainy session and a session on a skid pan. Driving standards are shocking!

Bill Palfreman

Usually poor driving standards are road quality related – on well designed uncongested roads people drive quite well.

Simon Aspinall

It’s almost as if being in control of a tonne and a half of metal that’s driven in close proximity to others at speed and pollutes should be scrutinised.

Cleo Cat

Exams any day over driving test! Eek.

Russell Crosswell

It needs to be stressful. You’re driving a potentially dangerous machine.

Sandra Russell

If they are stressed then maybe they aren’t ready. Driving should be a relaxed, alert but enjoyable experience.

Pat Lees

Oh the youngsters today, from having children - a natural thing to do - to now driving tests they are stressed out.

I blame the psychologists making everything a stressful thing keeps them in a job.

Gail Parkes

Get over it! Either drive or don’t. If you can’t hack the test you’re not ready for the chaos that’s out there.