YEP Letters: August 26

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Don’t miss chance to have voice heard

John Sheen, Dewsbury

The EU referendum will be the most important vote you will make in your life and it will shape your family’s wellbeing for the future.

This valuable opportunity to make the voice of the British people heard across Europe should not be missed.

What started as a “good idea” for improving trade links 42 years ago, as the “Common Market” has become the most despised European nightmare of modern times.

Successive Governments have betrayed the British people by stealth, signing away our sovereignty and erasing our identity without batting an eyelid, without any consultation or discussion with the electorate about its enormous impact.

Don’t believe the lies and propaganda that the “big guns” will use, ‘jobs will be lost’ or ‘we will lose trade if we leave.’

Norway, Switzerland and, indeed China, already do more business with Europe than we do without having the £66 Million per day financial albatross around their necks.

Britain is the second largest contributor to the EU budget and that’s why many of the “member” states are enjoying this unprecedented new found wealth, much of it from the UK taxpayer.

Brussels, whilst hitting us with a multitude of EU Directives, continue to allow a “back door” immigration system where migrants run riot in Calais or Dunkirk disregarding the EU rule of claiming asylum in the first country they reach.

Were also seeing thousands of displaced “boat” people landed in Italy or Greece with unknown backgrounds.

Once given documentation they can travel anywhere in Europe, including the UK. This practice is not only undermining the “legal” application process but it is highly dangerous.

My greatest concern for our future, if our people decide to remain within the EU, is what the politicians don’t tell us, an ever expanding European Community. Turkey has already received over one million euros for pre accession planning. Other candidate countries being considered include Montenegro, Kosova, Albania, Bosnia and Serbia.

Our NHS is not only treating more patients than ever but some “member” states are openly abusing the system by having treatment in their own country then claiming the cost through our NHS EHIC card.

We want our sovereignty back. David Cameron and the current political elite will be swept away within a few years yet they want to “handcuff” the British people to a band of unelected parasites and restrict our “global” opportunities forever.

PM is ‘just a laughing stock’

Terry Watson, Adel

The Euro sceptics who hope to leave the EU after the promised referendum should realise that we have no chance as long as we have a quisling for Prime Minister.

A quisling is defined in the dictionary as one who collaborates with the enemy of occupation.

That sounds about right Dave. Andrew Lansley let slip in a speech that an artificial row with France would be stitched up to make it look as if the PM’s tough stance was putting European noses out of joint. It’s all fraud, a con and disgraceful deceit on the British public. His Brussels masters have taught him well and is now a devoted lackey.

To pretend he can change the EU is just another of Dave’s lies. He thinks that the British public are as naive as he is.

He needs to persuade 27 other countries to agree to the changes, but as over half of them pay nothing towards the budget, they are hardly likely to vote for change.

Dave has delusions of importance within the EU but he is really just a laughing stock.

While we obey slavishly every law and directive thrown at us from Brussels, other countries like France and Germany have flagrantly broken the rules on Government deficits without sanction fines or penalties.

These are for the smaller countries, said an arrogant French Government spokesman.

Lord Nigel Lawson, the former chancellor summed it up nicely when asked why, like so many other Brits, he had bought a home in France.

He said he bought it because he wanted to get away from the EU! ou and most of the population Lord Lawson.

Has cash helped ordinary folk?

Richard Wade, by email

We are told how many millions of pounds have come into Yorkshire due to the Tour de France/Tour of Yorkshire, etc, but how has all this money been used to make life better for ordinary Yorkshire folk?

I have not noticed lower prices in shops, better and cheaper transport, improved roads, except of course the roads where the events took place.

We are told that new businesses have been created, so they will be paying more tax, or will they?

But of course the chancellor would get that anyway, wouldn’t he, so please could someone tell me, as a result of all this, how many new businesses have started up, how many permanent, full and part time jobs have been created, how these calculations of the many millions were made in the first place?

I hope that it’s not the same group who are in charge of the northern powerhouse.

Drawing an angry response

Dee Horsley, Bridlington

Thank you YEP for publishing a letter from Jack Banner, of Meanwood, concerning declining standards at the BBC in the mispronunciation of certain words - especially “drawring or droring”.

Sadly it is not just BBC presenters who are guilty of this extremely annoying habit.

I have written to several newspapers (ignored), Points of View (ignored), telephoned my local radio station (little interest).

My husband says I am becoming obsessed because as soon as I hear someone say “drawRing” my blood pressure rises! I have even heard artists/painters say drawring. Unbelievable! Surely no one would say “It’s in the drawrer”?

Do they think it makes them sound “upper crust”? If so, they are sadly mistaken.

Would the YEP begin a campaign to re-educate and name and shame those who are bastardising the Queen’s English - please?