YEP Letters: August 25

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Disgusted at cash for new cycle track

P Spence, Stanningley

Most people in the Stanningley Road ,Stanningley Town Street and Stanningley Bottom area of Leeds are disgusted at the amount of money being spent on the new Leeds to Bradford cycle track under construction causing havoc.

The road is being reduced into a two way single file highway leaving no room for parking or picking up etc without causing that side of the road to be blocked, has any thought been put into this?

Will they put yellow lines to stop people parking and stopping the flow of the traffic?

With the general opinion that it is a waste of money and the fact that we have been waiting years for the area to be redeveloped, this track is the last thing we want, and with all the cut backs the council have imposed you can understand why.

I travel around the area and made a point of counting the cycles and only counted two at any one time and the track is costing millions.

Leeds City Council should be ashamed at the waste of money that could be put to more needed things .

Leadership battle ‘hooha’

Mel Smart, Farsley

I WRITE regarding the Labour leadership.

It seem to me that there is too much hoo ha regarding who shall be elected from this insipid bunch.

The favourite, Jeremy Corbyn will be elected, but it will be to no avail because he will be vilified by the right wing Tory press from his first day until the election in 2020.

It does not matter who leads the Labour Party because of the in-built Tory majority in England, making it a one- party state.

No amount of party politics can alter that even if inroads were made in the one-party state in Scotland.

The one person in the Labour Party who would have stood a chance is Alan 
Johnson, who is capable, 
well liked and sensible but he rightly did not stand because who in their right mind would wish to have five years of negativity thrown at them from the Press.

The only ray of sunshine will be when David Cameron hands over the reins to the inept George Osborne creating a similarity as between Blair and Brown.

It will be 2025 before there will be a chance for the electorate, by which time most of us will be either long gone or past caring.

Waiting for developments

D Angood, by email

Once again we see a report in your paper of proposed development to the East and yet another report upon the future of the NGT.

In both reports it seems everyone is waiting for somebody else to make a decision. Coun Gruen says he is “absolutely staggered” at the lack of progress in the East and the WYCA calmly states that all projects the size of NGT have to undergo a public enquiry.

Considering the history regarding the lack of development and construction outside the central area of the city, it is a bit “astounding” that someone involved in this dearth is staggered by the absence of activity. Coun Gruen is saying to Mr Osborne “show us the colour of your money” and then saying that plans are not in place.

He then goes on to say that the city must show the leadership that will bring people together.

The first act must be to create a cohesive council that will forget party politics and work together for the good of the city.

That is a must if plans are to be brought to fruition, not forgetting of course, a positive intent to provide a viable transport infrastructure.

Talking of transport, the majority of people who attended the public enquiry into the NGT were against its construction.

The evidence put forward by both sides must lead conclusively to the demise of NGT. Mr Whitehead, at some expense, has finally submitted his findings to the DfT but until “Sir Humphrey” has put his stamp on it and said “Yes Minister” it remains in limbo.

Mr Long states what the majority of citizens have intimated about NGT. It will not in their eyes be of benefit to the city and will only impact on any future plans for an integrated transport system. A system, which of course, will be considerably more expensive but provide much greater benefit.

Coun Blake, the council leader says the ELOR is the key as does Coun Gruen, that, one hopes, is a start..two councillors agreeing! So move forward and rope in the rest of the council and get the plans agreed, use compulsory purchase, let some of the minorities lose out to the majority for the good of the whole.

Get these in place, then get the developers on board and in agreement then go to Mr Osborne with something concrete and don’t come away empty handed.

Put a director, chairman, governor or whatever you want to call them in charge to expedite the whole thing.

You don’t need a so called “expert or name” to oversee it just one or two local people who have what is known in Yorkshire as “nous”.

Let them bring together the planners,surveyors, 
civil engineers, rail and road transport and sort them out.

That old Yorkshire saying that comes into play when people are procrastinating is so apt, just geronwi’it.

Crisis looming in care homes

Roy Tomlinson, Royal College of Nursing

A CRISIS is looming in our care homes, our community nursing services and our hospitals.

Nurses recruited from outside the European Economic Area since 2011, who provide vital care to our region’s patients, face being removed from the country if they are not earning at least £35,000 after six years. The government’s changes to immigration rules make no sense in a profession such as nursing where few can hope to achieve such a wage.

These nurses, recruited at a cost of thousands of pounds to the NHS, are filling gaps in our workforce we cannot fill ourselves due to cuts to nurse training. Without their help, our services would grind to a halt with potentially catastrophic consequences. Across Yorkshire hundreds of nursing staff could be affected.

The Royal College of Nursing is calling for the government to ensure nurses are among the professions exempt from this rule and also increase training places so we are less reliant on other counties. These nurses have come to our region to care for us. We must act now to protect them and the services they provide.