YEP Letters: August 24

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Let’s make sure our heroes did not die in vain

Tony Clayton, By email

last weekend I watched the VJ Day commemoration ceremony in London on TV.

I wondered what David Cameron was thinking when he saw these old heroes who suffered so much to give us a free country, something I feel he is now giving away with his complete lack of response to tackling the country’s problems.

Is he actually going to stop these illegal immigrants coming into the country and tell them to fight for their own country, like these brave and proud veterans did, and sadly, lost their brothers who 
fought beside them, and not take the easy way out coming over here?

Also the NHS is virtually in meltdown letting these health tourists cost it millions of pounds a year, when we should be using the funds to ensure comfort and care for these heroes in their final years.

I know some people have come from foreign countries to live here and work hard and integrate with us but there is a certain element who have come here, have been given a home and safety, who thank us by preaching anti-British slogans, supporting IS and other terrorist organisations and no one in the Government has got the guts to throw them out.

They just let Brussels and the ridiculous, totally abused Human Rights Act dictate to them.

David Cameron promised to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights, stop the flow of illegal immigrants into Britain and renegotiate our terms with the EU to stop their ridiculous interference and dictating.

What has he done since he has been in power? In my view, NOTHING.

I just wonder what these war veterans think of this country today. What did they fight for?

My late father was in the regiment that first went into Belsen prison camp and my late father-in-law was a Japanese prisoner of war.

I would strongly suggest that the British electorate sit down and think what sort of country they would really like to live in and make their future votes count.

Please let us fight together

Elizabeth Barclay, Ripon

I would like to encourage everyone to seriously research the effects of shale gas extraction from beneath our beautiful North Yorkshire.

According to the Guardian newspaper on August 13, this current Government intends to fast track slow moving fracking applications by allowing the Climate Change Secretary, Amber Rudd, and the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark, to ‘Call in shale gas applications if councils seem to be taking longer than the 16 week statutory period required to make a decision’.

But the news raised fears among local authorities that the government is seeking to accelerate fracking at the expense of an evidence-based approach to planning’.

What has happened to democracy in this country? This government has decided that it can ride roughshod over the fears of the local populations, regardless of the very real threat shale extraction can have on our health, property and expectation of a peaceful life.

The effects of drilling for shale gas is noisy and the chemicals used are polluting; and the process unstable to say the least.

It will have a long term effect on our environment; however Amber Rudd and Greg Clark will push through planning applications to positive outcome for the applicants regardless of local objections.

We need to do our research and band together against the shale gas industry and support our local and county councillors to come to a democratic decision to refuse these applications.

In the Harrogate district please join up with HADAAF, Harrogate and District Alliance Against Fracking, and together we might defeat this threat to our environment.

In Ryedale, the current community under threat, contact Frack Free Ryedale and join the campaign.

Check on social media the effects shale gas extraction has had in America.

Check the North Yorkshire County Council planning application for waste and minerals to raise the issue as early as possible. Please let us fight together to ensure it doesn’t happen here.

Get involved in film contest

Elinor Crawley, Diabetes UK Supporter

I would like to make readers aware of a new film competition that has been launched for children and young people to help raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes in school.

The Diabetes in School short film competition is open to all students aged 11 to 17.

They are invited to submit a film, of no more than three minutes long, sharing their experiences of living with diabetes at school.

The competition is a great way for any local young budding Steven Spielbergs or Danny Boyles to develop and hone their skills, as well as promote a very important health message in schools.

Getting involved is really easy. Participants just need to get permission from their school to take part.

Having lived with Type 1 diabetes for over 10 years, I’m very excited to be on the judging panel for the competition.

To apply to take part in 
the Diabetes in School short film competition and get 
more tips go to: http://www.diabetes.org.uk/short-film-competition

It surely is the perfect storm

P Hill, Lancaster

Forget about the Labour leadership election, the party’s present problems started with the election of Ed Miliband, I believe the party was just about electable if his brother David had been elected.

The party is now in a whole new ball game, it couldn’t be in a worse place if it had tried.

The election of Ed, followed by constant demonisation of the Labour leadership in the press, then the catastrophic loss of seats in Scotland which I believe are gone for good, and now the Electoral Boundary changes to be adopted by the Tories favouring even more seats for them.

All the political chatter about the present leadership race is of no consequence, it’s all about statistics and I 
believe that Labour would have to gain 106 seats for a majority of one.

A majority of one is not enough to govern with, they would require one hell of a lot of Tory voters to vote Labour, this isn’t going to happen.

The Perfect Storm, it sure is.