YEP Letters: August 24

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Reading the latest headlines it seems Cameron and Clegg have come up with a new idea by upping the age limit for jury service from 70 to 75, explaining that the justice system must move with the times as many older people remain astute and savvy.

What a load of tosh.

We all know why they have come up with this new policy which is purely and simply to save money and do it on the cheap, as usual.

Having been on jury service twice during my working life I know that you are reimbursed travelling expenses, petrol money or bus fares, plus you don’t lose out on wages as your employers have to make your wages up – sometimes for weeks on end.

So, my suspicious mind tells me that pensioners can use their bus passes and employers don’t have to pay anything back.

Kevin Jones, 
Hetton Road, LS8

TV relegating women’s sport

QUITE rightly racism has been challenged in sport. Not so sexism it seems.

The women’s football Euros was relegated to BBC 3.

Little coverage of the Women’s Open golf in comparison to the men’s.

I didn’t even know there was a women’s Ashes until I heard it on the BBC News channel for about two seconds of the sport report.

I can’t find any significant coverage of this on television.

R Kimble, by email

The right to different views

WITH reference to freedom of speech.

Correspondent T Maunder (YEP, August), in reply to an earlier one of mine, says I can’t have it both ways!

Of course I can, and so can he!

Those who criticised MP Geoffrey Bloom’s comments on foreign aid were also exercising that right, as was I in disagreeing with them; in turn followed by himself in disagreeing with mine.

However, he doesn’t seem to know the difference between expressed views, and others disagreeing with them due to the content; although he has done exactly the same.

He might also believe, with his reference to lefties and the USSR, that I hold political views, when I assure him I have none. As to his comment which implies that any who disagree with him, including me, is a hypocrite, I’m afraid he goes too far.

Finally I would refer him to words written by famous author Mark Twain, who said: “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your and my own right to say so!”

Ernest Lundy, by email

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