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Sir Bruce Forsyth.
Sir Bruce Forsyth.

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We’ll miss great entertainer Sir Bruce

Peter Keighley, by email

On Friday it really was the end of an era and generation with the very sad passing of Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Though I was too young to remember Sunday Night at the London Palladium, which was Sir Bruce’s major break into showbusiness, I am old enough to remember the 70s version of The Generation Game which was must see telly back in the day, followed by Play Your Cards Right, The Price is Right, the reinvented version in the 90s of The Generation Game, his appearance in the noughties on Have I Got News for You and his swansong, Strictly Come Dancing. A true all round entertainer, he could sing, tap dance, was a very efficient piano player, told gags, and loved dealing with the public. He was one of a kind who will be very sadly missed.

Here’s an idea that maybe the producer of Strictly may think about as a lasting tribute – why not rename the glitterball trophy after Sir Bruce?

Growing food crisis in city : your views

Local MPs have backed the Yorkshire Evening Post’s ‘Feed A Family’ campaign and called upon the Government to look at what is a growing crisis.Two of the foodbanks that we visited as part of our campaign to help hungry children and families are situated in the constituencies of Rachel Reeves who represents Leeds West and Hilary Benn for Leeds Central. Ms Reeves said she knew of people in her constituency who had used food banks on one or more occasions and that increasing food prices and lower wages were a factor. It is thought that more than 4500 children across the city are in danger of going hungry over the school holidays as parents – who rely on free school meals – can’t afford to feed them. Mr Benn said that the government needs to be addressing the causes and wider issued behind the foodbank crisis. We asked YEP readers for their views on the subject and here’s what some of them said on social media..

King Michael Lofthouse

Being unable to afford food is a choice that people make.

Liz Benn

I volunteer at a foodbank. They’re for people in crisis.

People can’t turn up every week and only get three meals a day for three days all donated. Most people are extremely grateful and most I have seen have been working all their lives and been made redundant etc. They’re not scroungers and are extremely grateful.

They can only come three times in six months and many only have to come once. Anyone can fall on hard times. It’s not a choice.

Kat Williams

I have friends who have nearly lost their life and are now disabled and can never work again and their partner has had to give up work to care for them, so imagine losing two near enough full-time workers’ wages.

That was not a choice they made. It could happen to anyone of us and benefits take a while to sort out.

Mark Batty

Go short of food but make sure you don’t go short of social media, satellite TV, cigs and alcohol.

In the days before foodbanks, people had to prioritise between eating or luxuries.

If there was a choice between putting food on the table or 30 cigarettes a day , what did people do?

Linda Garczynski

There were no food banks when we had a young family, we often didn’t have any money or food by Wednesday.

My husband worked too, you just had a few spuds left and ate those. It is not a new thing to be on low wages and struggling to live. We didn’t have holidays or go out boozing or have the latest gadgets just an ancient telly. It’s how most low paid workers have lived all their early lives.

Samantha Thompson

I don’t smoke or have Sky TV. I’m a single mum that started my own business, unfortunately the business failed, I had a breakdown and did not have a penny to feed myself or my children.

The only help I had was from food banks and now I’m back on my feet I can’t thank the kindness of people enough that donate. Millions of people are in situations that are desperate and through no fault of there own. Most people who use food banks are really desperate.

Lee Richards

They should increase wages to match inflation, that would help some.

Then they should stop punishing the poor and creating more social divide between us all. Helping the rich get rich and the poor stay poor isn’t a way to strengthen the country. Hence our reliance on others.

Ray Milner

One of the most generous benefit systems in the world and people can’t afford food.

I think it’s time people stopped putting booze, cigarettes and Sky TV subscription before the food they should place on the table for their children.

Gareth Goldthorpe

In the old days families used to eat together as it went further.

Each family would take it in turns to cook. The really poor ones just went hungry I’m afraid.

Gwen Kelly

It is so sad people have to use these.

But with wages being low, the cost of living rising and houses prices and rents, it is understandable but so wrong how people doing their best and working hard have to use these to feed their children. Something needs to be done to stop unrealistic house prices and rents or make employers pay people sufficiently.

Tracey Payne

It’s a shame supermarkets don’t get involved.

In a similar way to free school meals, you take your voucher to a regular supermarket and buy your shopping like everyone else. Nobody but the cashier needs to know how you’re paying.

Elizabeth Medley

Stop increases on utility bills and rents then people might be able to feed themselves.

Companies give pay rises and at the same time everything else increases so people are no better off. And supermarkets are the worst places to go shopping on a tight budget because you end up buying things you don’t need. Shop around small local shops it can work out cheaper than supermarkets. I tried this and saved about £15 on my shopping.

Problems with ticket barriers

Mike Walker, by email

Northern Rail have still not sorted the problems with failing barriers at Leeds City Station and not enough staff to let people through.

I have season ticket which costs thousands of pounds. Barriers reject new valid tickets. I can only put it down to lack of maintenance. Other stations’ barriers work. Surely they can learn from these stations and implement a solution? Leeds is a major station with a lot of traffic.

One or two members of staff manning these gates if you are lucky. “New” machines have been installed and have now failed a few months later, obviously not fit for purpose.

Trying to get hold of customer service is a nightmare, still have not found them. Had to contact Network Rail which runs Leeds Station to be told Northern Rail operates the ticket barriers. Arriva Rail North Ltd owns Northern Rail and has franchise for another nine years. These are owned by Deutsche Bahn (German State Railways) Does this mean we have to suffer another nine years of hell? If barriers fail they should be blocked off to prevent queues forming.

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