YEP Letters: August 21

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Remembering all of our city’s VC heroes

Bob Lawrence, President of East Leeds History and Archaeology Society

With reference to your article in the Evening Post (August 19) regarding the proposal by Councillor Catherine Dobson to erect a monument to the Leeds VC holder John Pearson from Seacroft.

Your readers might like to know that there is a permanent memorial to all the Leeds VC holders in the Heritage Room of Cross Gates library. This was provided by the East Leeds History and Archaeology Society, and features photographs of all the men with a cabinet containing all the citations for their awards.

Following on from all the research we did for this display and articles we published in the Leeds History Journal, which our society produces, we are conducting further reseach and putting together a powerpoint presentation about the Leeds VC’s which we will be presenting in January 2016 at Cross Gates Methodist Church Hall.

If any of your readers have information about the Leeds VC holders which they would be willing to share with us we would be most grateful.

We can be contacted by email on

Warning over GP numbers

Dr Richard Vautrey, Leeds GP and BMA GP Committee Deputy Chair.

THE Government’s plans to recruit thousands of extra GPs and introduce seven-day opening are undeliverable as new figures reveal that one in five GP trainee posts in England remain vacant (The Yorkshire Post, August 18).

Yorkshire and Humber is one of the worst-affected areas in the country with a third of vacancies unfilled. This is at a time when local GPs are already unable to cope with the current pressure, and patients are understandably frustrated at the lack of appointments and delays.

The issue is that while demand has been continuing to rise, the Government has failed completely to provide the support that local GP practices need, to offer their patients the time and care they deserve. That has had a damaging effect on GP morale and well-being, with many doctors getting close to burn-out; young doctors are no longer choosing general practice as a career; training places are going unfilled and senior GPs are choosing to leave the profession.

The failure to recruit new GPs is happening at the same time that a third of existing GPs are intending to retire in the next five years. This combination represents a threat to the delivery of effective care to patients, as there will be too few GPs to meet their needs.

The Government must stop burying its head in the sand and address the real issues facing the GP workforce. Ministers need to undertake a sustained, long term programme of investment in general practice that gives GP services the ability to cope with rising patient demand and makes it an attractive career option for all medical graduates.

Proud of my Blue and Amber

Alan Freeman, by email

Barbara Blakeney asks why the colour change in Leeds Rhinos matchday kit (Your Feedback, August 19).

To the best of my knowledge Blue and Old Gold was Leeds United’s colours. However, having supported the rugby club as Leeds RLFC since 1959 I can state that it was always Blue and Amber. There is no recent colour change involved.

I shall be proudly bedecked in my Blue and Amber along with thousands of others at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 29 August.

Up the Rhinos!!

More physics in schools please

Alison Carr, Director of Policy, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

This year’s GCSE results show a welcome increase in students studying ICT and computing but there has been a worrying decline in the number of young people opting for physics and design and technology.

We need to have more young people studying all of the engineering gateway subjects to ensure that they are not shutting the door on an exciting, creative career in engineering.

There is huge demand for engineers so it is important that young people have the opportunity to continue their studies.

The country needs more people studying science and engineering subjects and taking up apprenticeships.

We are at risk of stifling economic growth if we do not encourage more students to study STEM subjects which are crucial to ensuring a healthy and balanced economy.

Fracking OK for us up North

P Hill, Lancaster

If you compare the distribution of Tory seats in the South with Labour in the North you will find that both have large majorities.

However if you then compare the sites planned for future fracking it’s a completely different story, the sites in the North easily outnumber those in the South.

Is this the so called “Northern Powerhouse?” Here we go again- the Tories being pretentious about something that doesn’t exist. Sounds wonderful the “Northern Powerhouse” but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

No the distribution is all about seats the Right Honourable Members who represent seats in the South don’t want problems with their constituents. It’s far easier to sweep the problems up North where it really doesn’t matter, let those horrible Labour people deal with it.

You can’t possibly frack in the South because the Pretty People live there in the pretty countryside, you can frack in the North though because it doesn’t really matter about the countryside or the people. It’s the same old Tory story, frack up North and send the money South.

Reasoning is ridiculous

Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds

PAULA Sherriff, Labour MP for Dewsbury, was asked on Radio Leeds who she would be supporting for the Labour leadership.

She thought Yvette Cooper because a woman leader would be “one in the eye for David Cameron”.

With such puerile reasoning, how can the general public take this contest seriously?