YEP Letters: August 20

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I couldn’t help but notice that another unfortunate has been caught, judged, hung, drawn and quartered without redress, by our city fathers for straying into a bus lane.

Roy Watson of Hull (YEP, August 18) is just one of the many hundreds, if not thousands, who have fallen victim to the infernal bus lane traps of Leeds.

He offered the excuse of not being accustomed to the city, and in his confusion happened to err – as did I when venturing through the city centre and missing the loop after leaving hospital last year.

This after 70 years on the road without problems, driving all types of vehicle, from cars to tank transporters, petrol tankers and towing caravans, at home and abroad, over thousands of miles.

I wonder if those who devised these obstacles, supposedly to help the free flow of traffic, can boast similar records?

Although they will argue differently, how can the blocking off of one third or half the road help the flow of traffic?

Doesn’t the car driver have as much right to to use his or her car to get to work on time without the delays and restrictions caused by blocking off one lane for the sake of buses?

Of course the other attraction is the money gathered from the many kinds of restriction they have imposed. Drivers have to pay more than enough just to be on the road and deserve much better.

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

In reply to the letter from Roy Watson, has he not thought of leaving the car at home and using the train to get to places like Leeds?

First Transpennine Express run a regular service every hour from Hull to Leeds, and on to Manchester, and it takes a little under an hour with usually two stops on the way.

I doubt that could be matched in the car on the M62 without getting a speeding ticket.

Then there’s the cost. An off-peak day return from Hull to Leeds is just over £20.

If parking in Leeds is around £5 for the day that leaves £15 for fuel to beat the train fare.

I strongly suspect an average car will use more than £15 worth of fuel for this journey.

Nick Keer, Cottingley

I completely agree with Roy Watson. My own family have had eight of these stupid bus lane fines in the last three weeks. What on earth is going on?

I have now arranged to meet my local councillor to register my protest.

It would appear that Leeds City Council have solved the problem regarding vehicle emmisions as it seems visitors won’t be coming here to be caught by 24/7 bus lane cameras.

Sue Wright, Garforth

Time to review death penalty

NO DOUBT the latest TV documentary on capital punishment, ITV’s Executed, will start yet another debate on the subject.

Of the miscarriages of justice covered, I recall vividly as a child the Derek Bentley case being discussed by my late parents and grandparents in hushed tones.

Soon after came the ‘love triangle’ murder of a young woman in Quarry Hill Flats by an Eastern European man with a knife ironically bought from a shop in nearby Marsh Lane which was right next to the then police station.

His later execution at Armley jail seemed logical in those times.

One controversial case not mentioned was the A6 murder by James Hanratty. As although his innocence was proclaimed for years after by his family, when DNA testing came into being, exhumation of his remains proved guilt beyond any doubt.

Maybe the death penalty needs to be reintroduced.

Perhaps the best people to answer this question are the murder victims’ families.

DS Boyes, Rodley

Running the UK via Blackberry

So our Prime Minister comes home from his holiday in Portugal, then enjoys the privilege of a further holiday in Cornwall amid an international crisis in Iraq.

Don’t despair though, he is in control and only a few feet from his Blackberry which he can use to take charge of the country. He did the same in 2011 when he made Britain wait for days while he completed his Italian holiday, leaving the country rioting.

Carith Archer, Hunslet

Blair should earn his money

Despite being reliably informed that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the two leaders of the so-called ‘special relationship’ invaded Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein.

In the years that followed thousands of people, civilian and military, were killed. This war overflowed into Afghanistan where there was further loss of life.

Though most of the troops have moved out, there will always be an uneasy peace.

Now Iraq is faced with a more extreme Islamic threat, which seems even worse than the Taliban.

Non-Islamic people, notably Yazidis and Christians, are being persecuted and killed, even by people from the UK.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t one of our ex-leaders, who since leaving office has made millions, become peace envoy to the Middle East?

If this is the case, he is very noticeable by his lack of utterances on the situation.

Isn’t it time Tony Blair stepped up to the mark and started earning his money?

Fred Ward, Oakwood

No regard for passengers

ON SUNDAY, August 3 I arrived at a bus stop in Horsforth to find vomit on the floor and bench in the bus shelter.

I immediately telephoned Metro to report the problem and was informed it would be treated as an urgent matter.

The following Thursday I arrived at the same bus shelter to find the vomit still there. I again telephoned Metro to complain.

Today I arrived at the bus shelter to find the vomit still there. Clearly Metro have no concern for their customers.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

My gratitude at cleared path

I SEND my grateful thanks to the firm employed by the council who at last cut back the overgrown hedges and trees that were a problem from the Windmill roundabout up to the Old Red Lion and also to the YEP.

My regular request to have them cut back always fell on deaf ears, so in desperation I wrote to the YEP and at last someone has taken notice.

So from myself and all who use that path thank you.

Olga Twist, Whinmoor

Clown jibe is just laughable

John Prescott has stated that Boris Johnson would become ‘a full-time clown at our expense’ if he returns to Parliament.

I find this statement incredible coming from a total buffoon who squandered taxpayers’ money on ill thought out schemes which invariably never materialised.

His selection as Deputy Prime Minister served to demonstrate Tony Blair’s lack of sound judgement and was only conceived in the hope that Prescott’s position in government would convince voters that not all politicians were ex-public school toffs.

Mind you, Prescott’s many cringeworthy escapades served to prove this point.

Brian Nickson, Wakefield

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