YEP Letters: August 2

Theresa May PIC: PA
Theresa May PIC: PA
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‘I nominate PM for the Magic Circle’

Harry Brooke, Meanwood

I nominate Theresa May for membership of the Magic Circle. With my own eyes, I saw the finest political trick pulled off in front of and to the amazement of millions of leave fans. Chanting her famous ‘Brexit means Brexit’ mantra, with a wave of her hand she made two ministers disappear and plucked a three-quarter version of Remain out of thin air.

Beware of bogus SSAFA collectors

Terry Grayshon, Branch Chairman, SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity, Carlton Barracks, Leeds

Recently we have been contacted by a number of residents in West Yorkshire who have told us that people purporting to be acting on behalf of SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity have been going from door to door collecting money on our behalf.

Please can I remind your readers that SSAFA does not have any fundraising activities which involve door-to-door collections and anyone operating in such a manner is not a bona fide representative of SSAFA.

I know how generous folk in Yorkshire can be, but should anyone call at your door, suggesting they are collecting on behalf of SSAFA, I can assure you they are not, please do not hand over any money and report it to the police on 101 and SSAFA on 0345 2 415 600 to advise of what has happened.

For over 133 years SSAFA has operated in West Yorkshire offering support to those who are serving, those who have served, and their families.

Should any of your readers need any assistance or support please call us on the number above or email

We need a people’s vote

Anthony Gledhill, Roundhay

IN response to recent coverage of Brexit, enough is enough. Where are the leaders of the Brexit campaign now? The leaders of the referendum, David Cameron and Nigel Farage, left the campaign as soon as votes were counted.

David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned when the going got tough. The Cabinet decided their views were not in the national interest.

The four key posts of the Government are all held by Ministers who voted Remain – Theresa May, Philip Hammond, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt – now leading the country into Brexit.

Parliament is unable to agree on Brexit. The British people need, and should demand, of their MPs, a “People’s Vote” so they can choose between the final Brexit deal or remaining in the EU.

Hoping for deal to benefit all

D Angood, by email

Re the missive from Paul Leonard (YEP Letters July 30) and his response to the Hoggers’ letter, which I must congratulate him on.

His arguments, though far from powerful, go a long way to explaining why the majority of the electorate voted to leave the EU.

As he says the EU morphed from a compatible trading bloc into a monolithic “political union” managed by a dynastic unelected few who react quite aggressively to those who deign to disagree with their edicts.

Whilst the Hoggers do raise some salient points regarding the EU and some of the “benefits” membership have brought to this country I believe that the majority of those would have found their way into UK law without the EU.

The arguments about “leave and remain” will, in all events, continue to rage in the extremities of both camps but the majority have now accepted the vote and are working to ensure the continued prosperity of this country. Hopefully we can rely on our negotiators to unravel the complex legal issues to produce a deal that benefits both sides to an equal measure. If they find that is impossible due to the obdurate nature of their adversarial negotiators then we should leave with no deal.

Most landlords provide good properties

Peter Winteringham, by email

As a landlord I read the article (‘Thousands of complaints about landlords’, YEP July 31) with interest and it has to be said some disappointment and annoyance.

Without doubt some landlords in the city do not meet the required standards, however, what you fail to mention are the vast majority of landlords who provide good quality rental properties.

You also conveniently omitted to report the other side of the landlord story, tenants who fail to pay their rent, tenants who not only do not honour their agreement but leave what was a lovely property when they took occupancy, in a disgusting condition. I could turn your stomach with what some tenants do.

Hunting for old colliery checks

WE Bennett, via email

I am a retired Yorkshire miner of more than 30 years and am an avid collector of colliery checks or tokens.

By way of a hobby I started collecting colliery checks, these are brass discs and have the name of the colliery embossed on them. Some were used as a safety measure, some were pay checks.

Are there any fellow ex-miners out there who could help me obtain any from the now-closed pits of your area?

RIP to Revie’s ‘Rolls-Royce’footballer

Tony Winstanley, Castleford

It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of former Leeds United great, Paul Madeley. The title of great footballer is often used but without doubt our very own “Eleven Pauls” was one of football’s greats. Don Revie named him Leeds United’s “Rolls-Royce”.

I have never seen a more graceful player in all the 57 years I have watched the game.

I have no doubt that our “Shergar” could have run the length of the Elland Road pitch, carrying a tray of champagne, headed the ball into the net, and not spilled a drop.

A uniquely talented footballer and I am forever grateful that I was there to see him grace the football pitches of Europe. RIP big man.

Forever in our hearts.