YEP Letters: August 2

Have your say

Further to Paul Kilroy’s letter (YEP, July 30), it is almost forgotten now, but in the early 1970s Leeds did bid to stage the Commonwealth Games – and nearly succeeded.

The bid was for the 1978 Games, which were eventually held in Edmonton, Canada.

The actual bid was submitted in the early Seventies – my memory says 1971, but I think 1973 was more likely.

Leeds did the groundwork, and reached the final selection vote stage.

The story in the YEP at the time was that Leeds were the favourites ahead of Edmonton, and had enough votes promised to ensure they would be awarded the Games.

However, at the meeting of the delegates of the Commonwealth Games’ member countries where the final decision would be made, one of the England delegates, a Marquess or a Viscount from memory, made a speech which was taken as being supportive of apartheid in Rhodesia and South Africa.

This, of course, prompted the African nations and others to switch their votes from Leeds to Edmonton, and Leeds lost the Commonwealth Games.

John Hemsworth, Leeds

Worst policed roads by far

It was interesting to read the front page story (YEP, July 24) that the M1 at Junction 47 is the worst in the country for tailgating.

It was also interesting to note the comments of West Yorkshire Police and that of Sgt Adrian Newman, who said that ‘any motorist breaking the law can expect to be prosecuted’.

I find these comments laughable when one considers the current situation with respect to West Yorkshire Police’s roads policing.

Months ago they abandoned the motorway network to travelling criminals and bad driving by disbanding their specialist motorway unit.

Every day I drive through five police force areas, on motorways and trunk roads, and West Yorkshire is the worst policed by far.

In fact, I very rarely see a West Yorkshire Police vehicle on the motorways, yet in areas such as Durham and North Yorkshire see them regularly.

Bad driving is stopped by firm, positive policing and robust enforcement of the traffic laws.

But never mind, one can always rely on the Highways Agency Traffic Officers to stop the bad driving and make our motorways safer places – I don’t think!

Mark Hall, Pudsey

Get your own Tartan Arrows

So it’s well done to the Red Arrows for refusing to cut red out of their smoke at the Commonwealth Games.

It was a good put-down for Alex Salmond, the so-pleased-with-himself Scottish First Minister, who wanted just the blue and white of the Saltire.

Get your own Tartan Arrows, matey. Ours are all British.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

No difference between work

I read Malcolm Nicholson’s letter (YEP, July 23) with bemusement. Why does he believe that public sector workers should be more grateful for their jobs than private sector workers?

He also expresses a view that public sector workers should have fewer rights than others. He would deprive them of the right to resist attacks on their standard of living, which makes no sense whatsoever.

He stops short of overtly suggesting that public sector workers are inferior to other workers but he certainly implies this.

Having worked in both the private and public sectors, I can tell you that the distinction he makes is an imaginary one.

Dave MacFadyen, Crossgates

Water poor way to dig up a road

The council have just finished resurfacing the bottom of Harrogate Road between the Three Hulats pub and Harehills Lane.

Guess what? Less than 12 hours later, Yorkshire Water are busy digging it up again.

Booze-ups and breweries spring to mind.

David Packham, 
Chapel Allerton

Have your say on library times

FURTHER to your story on the proposed changes to library opening hours (YEP, August 1), I am writing to urge readers to take part in the consultation process. The administration is looking to amend the opening hours of libraries across the city.

To give credit to Coun Lucinda Yeadon, the administration’s Executive Member with responsibility for libraries, local ward councillors have already had a chance to make their views known, following which some small changes have been made.

But it is now the opportunity for the wider public to have their say on the proposals.

Libraries all across the city are affected, so if people wish to know more I suggest they visit where full details of the proposals are outlined.

Submit your comments before August 29.

Councillor Dan Cohen, Shadow Spokesman for Digital and Creative Technologies, Culture and Skills

Biggest open prison in world

The Gaza conflict turns the strongest of stomachs with the pictures on television each night.

As a contributor to a few charities I long to give some of my pension to the relief of the genuine needs of children and the elderly in particular. But I fear that anything I give would not reach those who needed it.

In conflicts there always comes a moment when the weaker force, in this case Hamas, admits they won’t win and sees what they can get from a ceasefire.

Instead, they keep up the rockets against Israel, bringing, in response, a huge and disproportionate amount of firepower, deaths and wounding.

Hamas cares nothing about the Palestinians in Gaza. They are content to milk the publicity and mayhem each Israeli strike brings and use the human suffering as a shameless propaganda opportunity.

Israel, for its part, must stop building on stolen land and allow freer access to and from the ‘biggest open prison in the world’.

Rev John Theobald, Garforth

Stop this traffic calming lunacy

Is it the intention of Leeds City Council to blight every square foot of tarmac in the city with traffic calming madness?

The latest victims of this lunacy are the commuters who use Greenhill Road in Bramley.

Perhaps the council is privy to some accident statistics that could go some way to justifying this obscene waste of council tax payers’ money.

If so, perhaps they’d like to share them with us.

Malcolm Bastow, Farnley

Not what fans want to hear

I had hopes that Dave Hockaday might surprise us all and prove to be a good coach and leader.

His remarks after both the Mansfield and Chesterfield games suggest not.

Saying ‘we are getting there’ after poor displays against lower league teams is not something Leeds United supporters want to hear.

Walt Emsley, Gipton

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