YEP Letters: August 14

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Happy Birthday YEP

John Appleyard,Liversedge

Congratulations to the Yorkshire Evening Post and its 125th birthday next month.

Over the years your newspaper has covered environmental issues, such as the campaign to clean up the River Aire and the late Robert Maxwell’s swindling of pension funds in Leeds.

I used to live in Armley and was very much aware of your investigative campaign on the tragedy of deadly asbestos at the J.W. Roberts factory in the area. Unfortunately, some people never learn. It’s been revealed that asbestos was recently dumped by contractors at Stonehenge, which has now been cleared up.


No freedom of speech

Mavis Harrison, Leeds

“Who will mourn the passing of the British way of life and freedom of speech?” - Linda Dove’s letter, August 5th, 2015

Many Britons already do, as we see it put in front of us on a daily basis. Political correctness is to the fore, and freedom of speech is not.

Praise for car once jibed

Mrs K Smith, Leeds

Volkswagen have just reported record annual global sales of their Škoda cars, over one million.

When Volkswagen took over Škoda in 1991, knowing the unfortunate reputation of the marque of the former Greek car maker (which started off making bicycles) I thought it was a mistake in keeping the name, when for years it had been the butt of motorcyclists jokes.

I can imagine that many potential buyers have held back from buying a Škoda on their former reputation for fear of jibes by colleagues, in spite of it being proved to be an excellent car, now backed by VW technology.

However the ‘proof of the pudding’ is in the driving, having been reflected in their amazing results.

What a shame this is not a British firm.

A final word on a recent topic regarding the word ‘swarm’. How many times have we heard of supporters ‘swarming’ on to the pitch? Where was the outcry on them?

It seems in a pervasive way, that some people enjoy vilifying others at the drop of a hat.

The kindness of strangers

Rosie Wilkinson, Leeds

I WOULD just like to say very many thanks to all the kind people at Horsforth Town Street yesterday morning, who helped me when I fell over a raised curb near the looking bay outside The Sandbar and Help the Aged.

The lady rang for the ambulance and the young man from the bar brought ice, towel, chair and numerous glasses of water.

Also, to Carolyn and Peter (I did not know then) who stayed with me until my friend, Linda arrived.

The three paramedics were great and very efficient.

How come Blair won three times?

L Schofield, Leeds

If things were as bad as B Duffy says when Labour were in power, why did Tony Blair win three elections?

Prudent Brown ran the economy well for ten years. Unemployment was low, inflation was low, mortgage rates low.

Gordon Brown was able to give pensioners free bus passes and pension credits.

Only the global banking crisis in 2008 forced him to borrow money and save some banks.

Would the Tories have borrowed money to save Northern Rock, Halifax, Bradford and Bingley and RBS?

Or would they have let these banks go bust, and millions of people lose their savings. Somebody should ask the Tories!

More equal 
than others

David R Galley, Leeds

In response to Councillor Gruen’s “powers of 
eviction on travellers” letter of August 11. What a load of codswallop.

The truth as to why, as Councillor Gruen puts it, “by Friday evening (the same 
day they had arrived) the 
travellers were moved on” is because Crossgates is looked upon by Councillor Greun and his associates as a ‘better’ area than some other areas, such as, those of the south of the city, like Hunslet, Holbeck or Beeston.

Indeed, complaints about the recent arrival of the 
travellers who set up camp on Holbeck Moor, were quoted as saying “we are told by the council that efforts to remove the caravans will take up to two weeks.”

Where I live is approximately 30 yards from Manston Park where the travellers moved on to last Friday and I was not in any way bothered about them being there.

I view them as no better nor worse than anybody else. There are good and bad in all walks of life.