YEP Letters: August 12

Homeless sleeping rough in the centre of Leeds. Picture Tony Johnson
Homeless sleeping rough in the centre of Leeds. Picture Tony Johnson
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Funding for workers to help city’s homeless

An increase of homeless people in Leeds has been met with a fund of up to £178k in government cash to employ three new workers aimed at getting rough sleepers off the streets. Leeds City Council’s Director of Resources and Housing Neil Evans has approved a recommendation for the money to be spent on employees offering “targeted support” from this September to March 2019. The Street Outreach and Forward Leeds teams will take on the staff to work directly with “longer-term” rough sleepers and beggars. As part of the Flexible Homeless Support Grant the Department for Communities and Local Government has allocated £3.4m to the city. We asked YEP readers for their views on the subject and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Fiona Robertshaw-Jowett

Same in Bradford. And I went to Manchester last weekend. They were everywhere.

The only reason I don’t like it is because I know there’s help out there. I know a few people just don’t want help but there’s people out there that literally have nowhere else to go. Yes a lot have drink and/or drug problems, but if I lived out there, I’d probably turn to drink too. Government should be helping these people first.

We can’t live in 2017 and leave people to freeze to death on the streets. There’s also people who have a roof over their head and choose to beg, we need better help in place. Not just by giving them benefits, but to help them help themselves. No-one is worthless, and they shouldn’t be made to feel that way.

Cherril Cliff

Every time I go to town, there are increasing numbers of homeless people. There are many more than 10 rough sleepers in Leeds city centre and Headingley also has people on the streets.

Dorcas Kirk

Heard a comment on Radio Leeds this morning from a lady. She was spot on with what she said. These poor folk need our help. She worked for an orgsnisation called Homeless Hampers.

Check them out. You help that way without giving money direct to the street people if that bothers you.

Sandra Miles

About time Leeds but it doesn’t seem enough some of the homeless can’t even get a night’s accommodation because they have their beloved pets. Let’s see what happens.

Kamran Kammy Iqbal

It’s true, the number of homeless people seems to be increasing all around the UK.

We are not a Third World country and the government should really step up and help out.

Mog Hoare

To be fair there are plenty of services around to help people get the support they need and settle people into tenancies, what is needed is investment in building social housing which is affordable and helps get people off the street.

It’s always very well taking on more staff but there aren’t any more properties to put people in. This looks a bit like putting a plaster in a gaping wound to me.

Jeff Blackburn

If the government stopped sanctioning people,I believe there would be far less people living on the street.

The sanctioning process costs a fortune to administer and is ineffective and has a negative affect on the benefit system and society in general. Abolishing sanctioning would be a financial saving and not a cost.

Throwing a relatively small amount of money at the problem will not solve the problem, changes are required.

Peter Furbank

It’s 2017 there should be no one living on the streets in Leeds.

Karen Grogan

Not enough. Has anyone seen the amount of homeless people in Leeds. Root of the problem needs sorting.

David Hedley

As if that would solve the problem in Leeds, doubt it very much.

We have a constant migration process people moving from town to town to city to city to make a better life but without local connections they are not entitled to any help by that council,leaving them sleeping in doorways.

Anyone laying in a doorway with a cover or a sleeping bag isn’t classed as homeless by Leeds City Council even though they clearly are homeless.

They only class people homeless if they are laying on a path with no blanket or sleeping bag. This is how they keep the homeless figures low for government statistics.

Geraldine Shepherd

Walked through Leeds 10.30pm midweek recently and was shocked at the number of people in the doorways of the fancy shops. From the railway station to the bus station I passed dozens... so this has to be good news.

The world’s largest passenger jets could one day land at Leeds Bradford Airport - its new chief executive has said. David Laws - who has moved to LBA from Newcastle Airport - thinks that the Yeadon runway could accommodate Boeing 777 or Airbus A380 planes. Here’s are some YEP readers’ views on the subject..

Paul Sleightholm

Well LBA will be shock to anyone landing from Dubai they would take one look at the pathetic facilities and get straight back on the plane. We should start a petition to have Church Fenton as the main Leeds Airport, it as a railway station and could be linked to the A64 and A1 quite easily.

Jon Kirkham

Utter rubbish. The place isn’t even on a main road. LBA is never going to be a major airport.

Bob Wilson

Short runway at LBA. It’s difficult for 737s, 757s.

Add to that crosswinds and it would make landings very difficult. 747s have landed there, but because of the short runway they can’t carry enough fuel for take off to America and need to re fuel and take off at other airports with longer runways.

Richard Hill

I think they also need to focus on the actual terminal building and layout.

I flew out a couple of weeks ago and had to walk down the corrugated tunnel to a portacabin before being herded across the tarmac. Not exactly international airport standards.

Approaching 4m passengers per year and essentially the same terminal footprint from the 80s.

Paul Goodman

Train to Parkway, bus to airport, walk down corrugated arcade, flight into Yeadon Tarn. Not without another extension and proper links m’thinks.

Mark Ingham

It’s one of the shortest runways in England isn’t it? Like it can accommodate some of the biggest planes... I’ll believe it when I see it.

Peter Mitchell

777 yes as it can land in withen 6500ft but an A380 needs 9,000ft to land and the runway at lba is 7,500 ft plus it wont be able to put up with the weight going across the bridge bit over the road.

Howard Thompson

Airbus 380 with 600 passengers onboard, all then having to wait to be transported by buses to the terminal and then go through the immigration via the long corridor and then congregate for their luggage.

Could the airport cope with these enormous planes?.