YEP Letters: August 11

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Powers of eviction used on travellers

Peter Gruen, Chair of Adult Social Care, Public Health, Leeds City Council

Travellers arrived on Friday morning and illegally set up camp on Manston Park in Cross Gates.

Within minutes constituents started to contact me and I investigated on site.

I also contacted the Council’s Gypsies and Travellers service, who promptly carried out a needs assessment.

As a result of this it was determined that on this occasion we would ask the WYP to enforce their Section 61 powers of eviction and they agreed.

By Friday evening the travellers were moved on.

The Gypsies and Travellers team carry out a very sensitive role quietly and without fuss; but with great dedication and judgement.

And they deserve great credit for the speed of response to my and residents requests.

I am also grateful for the swift action taken by the WYP.

They exercised their role with discretion, firmness and timeliness. This place of pride within Cross Gates is so clearly unsuitable for such an incursion.

So, a job well done by all concerned. Thank you!

The burden is too much

B Duffy, by email

You have printed three bizarre letters recently, with so much spin Alistair Campbell would have been proud of them.

First we had that old favourite, J Appleyard, then another arch denier, R Kimble and finally, P Hill.

All are conveniently forgetting the root cause of 
our present day problems, namely Labour’s squandering of our cash before the banking crisis of 2008 on massive welfare increases, for an 
illegal war in Iraq for Tony Blair to play at being a world statesman and finally, but most damaging, Labour’s deliberate changing of our country’s profile forever with their open door policy of immigration leading to four million migrants and counting. All without asking the people if they were in agreement.

Spreading the so-called cuts across the board is the policy of a responsible Government setting about clearing up, yet again, the result of a shambolic Labour government.

Agreed, people are misplaced and will seek refuge away from war zones,but why are they travelling all the way across at least one continent to get to the UK ? Labour’s benefits!

As a country, I believe we will never recover from the insurmountable burden Labour has bestowed on 
our country in the name of social engineering, because we cannot export 
our way out of the massive debts our grandchildren will inherit.

When will Chilcott publish the report, which hopefully will see Blair appear at the Hague?

You were so kind to trust

Sarah Hey, Supporter Relations Officer, Dogs Trust Leeds

On behalf of Dogs Trust Leeds I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Summer Fun Day on Sunday (August 2) at the centre.

More than 5,000 people came along and a record-breaking £30,060 was raised, which is amazing!

We were overwhelmed with kind donations of gifts for our auction, raffle and tombola too and the dogs and staff alike are very grateful for everyone’s support and generosity.

We rely on the dog-loving public to raise the funds we need to give our dogs the best possible care whilst they are with us, so everyone’s support means the world to us.

If you think you can give a dog a loving home, or would like to visit the rehoming centre, please pop in to the centre on York Road, LS15 4NL.

It is open 12pm-4pm Friday-Monday, 12pm-7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday, closed Wednesday.

For more information please visit

RSPCA stamp of approval

Brian Clark, Stalybridge

THANK you very much for kindly putting my letter in the YEP on behalf of the RSPCA. Could I please thank your kind readers for their nice response. Thank you.

I wish to thank most sincerely the kind readers of the Yorkshire Evening Post that sent me their used stamps and old picture postcards and similar, to assist the RSPCA. More are always welcome.

We are most grateful.

Optimism gave me a wry smile

Bill Birch, Beeston

On Thursday August 6 Sam Casey published an article on the news that Leeds City Council had decided that the planning application for the former IcePak site would not after all be heard.

I must admit that I had a smile at the statement by Naz Maroof of Aspiring Communities: “We were optimistic that we would be able to persuade the [planning] panel”.

Such a statement is almost the definition of optimism given that:

The planning officers report was unequivocally for refusal on the grounds that the transport issues could not be resolved.

The local MP, Hilary Benn, had put in an objection and had outlined a series of question that Aspiring Communities 
had not even attempted to address.

The three local Leeds City ward councillors (Couns Ogilvie, Gabriel and Congreve) had also each put in an objection and had also outlined a series of questions that Aspiring Communities had not even attempted to address.

Beeston Community Forum had also outlined a series of concerns that neither 
Aspiring Communities nor Leeds City Council Planning Department had sought to address.

Save Our Beeston had been in the vanguard of alerting local residents to the planning and environmental problems associated with the proposed development and some 2,800 local residents had submitted objections to the proposed development.

Also, if Mr Maroof was so in favour of the panel meeting going ahead, why did his planning consultant, vis a vis the applicant’s agent, make representation that resulted in Leeds City Council deciding not to make a decision.

If he was so confident, then surely he would have told his planning consultant to leave well enough alone and let 
the proceedings take their course.