YEP Letters: August 1

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PM should think again on fox hunting

T Valentine, Leeds

HOW on earth can David Cameron even consider putting the barbaric activity of fox hunting on the agenda? What a way to try and claw a few more votes and try and impress his toffee-nosed friends.

Does Mr Cameron realise that 95 per cent of the British public are against this barbaric activity.

The excuse these people give is it’s pest control.

What absolute nonsense. These people are not happy unless they are killing our wildlife.

I can not for the life of me understand what kind of people would want to chase the fox with a pack of crazy hounds to absolute exhaustion then watch it being torn to pieces with these dogs that have probably not been fed for three or four days.

The sad part of it all is that these people brainwash their children into thinking this is the right thing to do.

Think again, Mr Cameron, public opinion could be your downfall.

Doubtful about revolution

Alan Freeman, Bramley

I appreciate and agree with Jack Banner’s comments (Your Feedback, 28 July) regarding NHS salary increases compared to the MPs increase recommended by an ‘independent body’ and also his more general points about how this government basically view us ordinary people with contempt.

However I am doubtful about his suggestion of non-violent revolution, they would simply laugh at that.

At the age of 67 (rapidly approaching 68) I am not the kind of guy who would advocate or condone the type of violence that would result from the alternative.

We do however need some other means of impressing on our lords and masters just how far they can go and ‘put them in their place’.

I wonder if Jack has any other ideas, I’m not sure that I have.

Not invincible any more

S Wright, Leeds

Although I am not a fan of David Cameron, I honestly cannot see what was so offensive about using the word ‘ swarm’ in regard to the migrants trying to enter Britain.

Don’t these politically correct idiots realise this is a great opportunity for anyone from ISIS to also sneak in.

There have been many warnings to us, and still the idiots who are more worried about offending those trying to destroy us, than protecting us.

I also agree that the army should be placed there, but they will dither about making a decision about doing so until another London bombing incident occurs, they need to realise that we are no longer the ‘ invincible ‘ country we used to be.

Council needs a rethink

J Shedlow, Leeds 17

LEEDS is always being championed as a city of culture and known as exponents of music, yet Party in the Park and Opera in the Park have been abandoned.

Now it’s the turn of the Fantasia festival at Kirkstall. Leeds City Council needs a re-think.

By making these pay venues the council should make a profit if organised right.

Angry at needless killing

John Appleyard, Liversedge

Like many other people I am angry about the needless killing of Cecil the lion a national symbol of Zimbabwe who was stalked, skinned and beheaded by a dentist from the United States.

It reminds me of an old Beatles song ‘The continuing story of Bungalow Bill’ a man who went out tiger hunting with his elephant and gun, he was nicknamed Bungalow because he had nothing upstairs, same as the dentist!

Human life worth more

Craig Bryan, Yeadon

Mr Jack Banner’s letter is indicative of the hype and over-reaction to the death of ‘Cecil the Lion’.

I hope he is only being satirical and not malicious when he names the dentist responsible for this ‘crime’ and wonders ‘if anyone is considering a dentist hunting trip to Minnesota?’

Human life is worth more than ANY animal, indeed a human life is worth more than a 1,000 ‘Cecils’.

While I’m not advocating cruelty to any animal I would like to add that anyone who thinks differently to my premise doesn’t require a dentist they require a psychiatrist!

So much for entente cordiale

Martin J Phillips, Cookridge

So Barack Obama believes that Britain should remain in the E.U..

This is the man who, instead of imprisoning the U.S. bankers who caused the world economic crash of 2008, gave them top jobs in his treasury department.

You need look no further than our nearest neighbour, France, to understand why we need to leave the E.U.

Firstly, in the past few weeks, migrants in and around Calais have caused havoc to the Eurotunnel and ferry crossings to and from Britain. The French authorities are doing nothing to control the actions of these migrants.

According to EU guidelines, migrants should seek asylum at the first country they arrive at.

So if France is the first port of call for these migrants the French should give be considering their asylum status, otherwise they should be transported to the first country of contact or sent back to their country of origin.

If the French did this the migrants would seen stop coming and there would be no probelms in Calais.

Secondly, look how the French press and spectators have treated the Sky cycling team in the Tour de France.

Among other things, the sky cyclists have been spat on, abused, and had urine thrown at them.

As Chris Froome is better than any of the French cyclists, the French media have been making unfounded claims that Froome is taking drugs.

So much for entente cordiale!