YEP Letters: April 9

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No escaping politicians on our screens

Jack Banner, Meanwood

I REFUSED to watch the gathered collection of duplicitous politicians on TV the other evening.

However, I was then assailed by various broadcasters who thought that I should know what I had missed.

I am not making a party political point, just stating that I do not trust any of them to represent my views.

By tradition I am a Labour voter, but find myself unconvinced by Ed Miliband, whom I regard as a political lightweight.

David Cameron only considers those of the upper class of whom he is a typical example, the poor can expect only more of the same.

The Lib Dems will sell their souls to any other party who gives them the merest hint of power!

UKIP would probably have me returned to France as my surname Banner is French in origin, derived from Banniere – the man who carried the banner of William The Conqueror!

Stop labels and get on with it

Patricia Bentley, Headingley

HOW REFRESHING it was to read Terry Maunder’s letter (Your Feedback, March 23) regarding psychiatric labels.

I’ve picked up a few here and there over the years; they are meaningless.

You’ve still got to get on with it, label or no label!

It angers me that women who had children outside of marriage were “certified” and sent to asylums. How terrible for them to get lost in such a system, be drugged up and then end up with the label “schizophrenia”.

Occasionally, I come across a lady behaving erratically and muttering about children she had taken from her years ago. She also mutters on about her injection being due.

It crosses my mind when I see her how much of her behaviour is down to the drugs she was given and how would she have been without psychiatric intervention?

I was prescribed Prozac nearly 20 years ago (it was the wonder drug at that time). The dose kept being increased until I was quiet, fat, “happy” and agreeable. Just a low monotonous Prozac level. It is time psychiatrists stopped analysing and labelling.

I applaud the last paragraph of Terry’s letter. How good it is that someone who has worked in this field would have the insight to see what’s probably true.

I think it’s all about power – including social workers. Controlling someone’s life, and taking it over destroys their soul.

Fine no-show time-wasters

J Shedlow, Moortown

I RECENTLY had to go to my doctors’ surgery to have a word with the nurse (by appointment).

The surgery was empty and there was no one waiting for the nurse.

When I asked why this was the case, the reply was that patients were not turning up for appointments.

This is unacceptable and there should be a fine imposed on people who can’t be bothered.

It doesn’t take much effort to phone in so others hoping for cancellations could be ­

Culture dreams well off course

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

How can Leeds ever hope to become a Capital of Culture, given the number of municipal golf courses it offers for visitors and people on lower incomes?

Cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool (a city of culture, along with Glasgow) Sheffield, Newcastle, Bradford and Nottingham all have four or five municipal courses. That compares now with only three in Leeds – and only thanks to the reprieve for Gotts Park.

A disgrace, as the ones that were earmarked for closure – Middleton Park and Gotts Park – were the preserve of working class players, supposedly encouraged to take part in sport.

Furthermore, if what we are told is correct, and that we do indeed have an abundance of wealthy men in the city, where among them are the benefactors of old, who willingly subsidised causes such as this?

And from another angle, even our famous Leeds United continue to struggle under a mass of uncertainty and confusion, mainly down to money.

Capital of Culture? Have another think!

61 years of not being neutral

R Chester, Rothwell

WITH REFERENCE to the letter from Martin McFadden (Your Feedback, April 2) and the parking of vehicles in gear, it is 61 years this month since I passed my driving test.

On taking driving lessons we were always told to never park a vehicle unless it was left in gear. This has always been my intention whenever I park my car.

Look beyond costs of HS2

Coun Andrew Carter, leader of Conservative Group, Leeds City Council

When the HS2 project was first mooted by the last Labour Government, and championed by one of their ministers, Lord Adonis, I was leader of Leeds City Council.

It became very obvious to me at that stage that Leeds was simply not on the Labour Government’s radar, nor was the rest of West Yorkshire, or the North East.

The then Labour Government had pretty much decided the route was going to Birmingham, and then to Manchester, with a later link across the Pennines to Leeds, making the Leeds City Region, the rest of Yorkshire, and the North

East very much the poor relations.

Anyone who studies 
Labour’s current stance and particularly that of Ed Balls has to reach the conclusion that they want to get back to what they planned all along, if they get the chance!

There is no doubt that the HS2 project is extremely costly, and has not particularly been marketed as well as it should have been.

Nevertheless, most economists and most business people in the North of England agree that it will bring massive long term benefits.

Combined with HS3, the Trans Pennine route, it will transform the economic prospects of the North of England.

Labour’s plans would sell Leeds short.

I would urge people to 
look beyond the cost of the project, and look to the undoubted economic 
benefits for the next and 
future generations.