YEP Letters: April 9

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THIS WEEK the House of Commons debated a motion calling for energy bills to be frozen to save households an average of £120 on their gas and electricity costs.

This would have helped over 38,000 households in the Pudsey constituency, and over 275,000 across Leeds. I was disappointed but not surprised to see the proposal blocked by Coalition MPs, including Stuart Andrew, Alec Shelbrooke and Greg Mulholland.

It was an opportunity for MPs to put party politics to one side and put their constituents first – I’m certainly yet to meet anyone who wouldn’t welcome action from government to bring down our energy bills.

I fear that the Tory and Lib Dem MPs’ decision to vote this Labour proposal down is another clear sign that they are not on the side of hard-pressed families struggling with a cost-of-living crisis, but instead stand up for a privileged few at the top.

Jamie Hanley, Labour Party prospective Parliamentary candidate for Pudsey

It’s safer to ride on pavement

IN REPLY to the letter from AE Hague (YEP 4 April) I’d like to say I fully agree with him. If Mr Whiting was to physically push a cyclist off his/her bike whilst riding on the pavement he could be charged with assault. And I’d make damn sure he was charged if he attacked me! I only ride on the pavement where I need to and very slowly at that.

If I see any pedestrians I take care as I pass them; none of which have ever criticised me. One even surprised me by saying; “I don’t blame you. It’s dangerous on the road!” I wonder if Mr Whiting would expect kids to ride their bikes on the roads too. I can just see it; a seven-year-old struggling with traffic along the ring road! I certainly would not allow my son to ride his bike on the road!

As AE Hague also states some pavements are ridiculously wide when they simply don’t need to be, in these areas I’d probably ride on the pavement throughout

Nick Keer, Leeds.

Warming myth

I AGREE with Prof Woodcock. CAGW is a myth propounded by greedy entrepreneurs, some wearing white coats. Snake oil salesmen!

IPCC described climate a chaotic and reported that its behaviour could not be predicted. Then, pushed by politicians, proceeded to make forecasts. Settled scientific consensus is an oxymoron. Science is being demeaned and shortly will have lost credibility. When this happens we return to the pre-Enlightenment dark ages ignorance, superstitions and enthusiasms.

Unfortunately this scam has been going on for so long that it has become part of the taken-for-granted truths about the world by the up-coming generations. The alarmists got them young and to contradict them is now heresy.

The stuff about colloidal gas is interesting but my advice to Prof W is please keep well clear of your objections to CAGW - it is a distraction.

Fenton Robb (retired Professor), Eyemouth, Berwickshire

Blog praise

AS AN ex-pat living in Lancashire for many years it’s good to see that my home county media can provide an alternative and informed view on the subject of “climate change” which is so sadly lacking in the one-sided warmist propaganda emanating from the likes of the BBC. For your information I came across your article here: I highly recommend this blog for a meticulous and thorough analysis of real climate data.

Dr. Steve Davison, Ex-physicist and IT consultant

Prof Courage

PROF WOODCOCK is a great person in the scientific community. The IPCC is not a scientific body nor could it be. It is a political organisation.

I congratulate him for his courage and his truth.

Peter Brewster, by emai

Trolleybus woe

I LISTEN now to LBC London Radio station. Recently they interviewed Boris Johnson who confirmed there are 1,700 points in central London for battery cars and plans to treble this as more people are using electric cars. He is also planning to have a centre in London to hire battery cars.

Leeds city has one power point and now the wonderful council who have put us in debt of £1.433bn wish to increase bus fares to fill the £80m shortfall. It seem to be a malaise. Leeds United is in a mess and so is Leeds Council. They could purchase 600 battery buses and allocate them all over Leeds. No city in the world is installing trolley buses and to spend £28m on each mile of the road beggars belief.

G Geapin, by email

Laughing stock

AGAIN WE see this government allowing the taxpayers of this country to be trampled on.

Maria Miller gets away with thieving money from the taxpayers. All she has to do is apologise and pay the money back. If it was anyone else they would have been taken to court, prosecuted and probably lost their job in the process.

Get a grip on this Government Mr Cameron. We are the laughing stock of the world.

Roger Watkinson, Oak Road, Leeds

No jobs, George

GEORGE OSBORNE is living in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that he can bring full employment to this country.

The days of full employment are over. I have been out of work for two-and-a-half years. There are no jobs out there Mr Osborne.

PN Aston, Exeter Drive, Leeds

Fine dismay

THIS MORNING I received a notice from the “blood sucking” Leeds City Council demanding £60 within 28 days or they will demand £90 if not paid in time.

My crime? After being in a very long queue out of town towards Kirkstall in the middle lane and wanting to turn left to Armley I turned left as the left lane was empty and the left turn arrow was there anyway.

So, for this “crime” Leeds Council want £60 from a disabled OAP who receives approximately £110 per week. The more this shower get in parking fees, fines etc the more they want.

I suppose there’s no wonder when we see the amount of wages and expenses these so called councillors get handed to them.

No problems were caused by my driving so why the penalty? Yes, I know, a few idiots made it a “law”.

Name and Address Withheld

Pigs in trough

SO, AS if we didn’t know, the sticky web of private interest, the power of capital, and legal constraints expressly designed to protect wealth and privilege, entraps and chokes the aspirations of the community.

What does it matter if the kids at five inner city primaries have no proper facilities for sport? What does it matter if an inner city neighbourhood is lacking in recreational space? I am talking about the Victoria Road playing field.

Not the least: what matters is that the fattest pigs keep their snouts in the trough.

Tony Green, Grosvenor Mount, Leeds

‘Broken’ PM

I WATCHED Cameron give a speech at the Tory Party spring conference recently.

He was talking about the referendum over Scotland and how much he loved this country and the United Kingdom as a whole.

He loves and believes in it and us Everything he does, he does it for us. Strange that. it only seems months ago that he was lecturing us all about “broken Britain”

T Maunder, by email