YEP Letters: April 8

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Road safety measures cause more accidents

Nigel Barker, Lofthouse

I AM absolutely sick of all the money that is wasted on our roads – speed bumps, speed tables, chicanes, pointless kerbs jutting out into the road which cause you to stop on the main road before you can turn into a side street.

Cars run into the back of you as they are not expecting you to stop on a clear carriageway. I know of two people that have been killed due directly to the installation of chicanes.

I would love to know where they get these nonsensical figures for reduction in accidents from when nobody drives at 20 mph.

People are all for safety until the police start fining and banning people should they start strictly applying the law.

It is nothing to do with safety but a way of raising funds and folk should be careful what they wish for.

I can’t believe that there are all these accidents with the hundreds of million pounds that they’ve spent on these so-called safety measures. Or are they caused by these so-called safety measures?

Guess who the rail winners are

Brian Perkins, Leeds

Your ‘COMMENT’ praising Ed Miliband for his endorsement of HS2 (YEP, April 6) has been made without consideration of who will benefit from such a connection.

I have read several opinions expressing doubts about the project and saying that London will be the main benefactor but not saying why.

All parties in government look after London as a priority and we in the north should be well aware of this.

HS3 would benefit only people of the North.

Politics of envy are pure myth

Dave MacFadyen, Cross Gates

I HAVE noticed an increase, with some of your more prolific letter writers, in their use of the term “the politics of envy”. They appear to think that this is a clever slur against the poor.

Anyone who doubts that there is an hereditary privileged group in Britain, and the rest of the globe, who will do whatever it takes to maintain their position, is being mercilessly conned.

Their greed is a reality we must always be aware of. Whatever they say is driven entirely by self-interest.

There is an election coming. We will be bombarded with lies from the hereditary privileged. A few weeks ago, we read a fiction written by Malcolm Nicholson, who repeated the myth that rich people get rich by hard work and poor people get poor by laziness. He said the poor should look up to the rich and follow their example.

The problem with that myth is that, when the poor attempt to follow their example, they are accused of having “the politics of envy”. When you go to the polling station on May 7, vote for the party which best looks after your interests. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the Ukip trap.

Good days in some good pubs

Colin Milner, Pudsey

The letter from Malcolm Nicholson (Your Feedback, April 3) brought back memories of Dewsbury Road pubs.

Oddly enough, only a few days ago I posted on social media to find out if anyone had photographs, particularly of the Parkfield.

My dad’s uncle, Albert Cowling, was landlord of the Parkfield in the 1940s, when I was but a nipper.

We often called there on Saturdays after we had paid a visit to my father’s auntie in Holbeck.

Later, in the early 60s, my wife and I lived further up Dewsbury Road (where the school is now).

And my dad’s cousin lived in the street behind the Silver Cross.

I remember the Cricketers, which was on the left of Dewsbury Road and the Junction, on the corner of Moor Road. The Junction is still there but is no longer a pub. Good days.

Leeds scared to tackle problems

James Bovington, Horsforth

How is it that I can go by train to shop at Meadowhall or the Gateshead Metro Centre but I can’t go to our own White Rose by train, despite the adjacent rail line?

The same is true for air – direct train services to Manchester and Newcastle, Southend or Southampton airports but a direct rail link to Leeds/Bradford was recently ruled out.

Which local politician will lead the campaign for a transport system fit for a city in the European top league membership which Leeds rightly covets?

Until a Metro system with central area tunnels in Leeds and Bradford is properly developed we have no hope of overcoming our traffic problems.

Yet at a time when central government is showing more willingness than ever before to fund viable schemes transport is the one area in which cowardly Leeds seems frightened to ‘think big’.

Family home on Civic Hall site

Margaret Thompson, Far Headingley

THE before and after pictures of the Civic Hall site (Times Past, April 4) reminded me that my great-grandparents lived at Portland Gate House, which was demolished for the new building.

Their name was McCandlish and they had a large family, some stayed in Leeds but one daughter Bessie, went with her husband to the South Sea Island of Niue as missionaries for the London Missionary Society.

One son, Jack – who was a dentist – went to Australia after the First World War and the eldest daughter, Annie, was married to James Boswell’s descendant – also called James.

Owen Bowen did a painting of the house for most of the second generation – I have mine still. My mother spoke of climbing the tree in the garden as a child.

Speak out about this terrible act

A Hague, Harehills

I AM glad that the cover-ups of child abuse that took place many years ago are at last being investigated, but I am dismayed that female genital mutilation is being swept under the carpet when it is just as serious.

It is the worst act you can enforce on a woman apart from killing her.

Nothing (religion included) gives any person the right to carry out such a crime.