YEP Letters: April 8

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HYDE PARK has suffered a major loss with the demolition of the Royal Park School Building, a major part of our community’s landscape and history and also part of local peoples’ lives and memories.

The building could have provided so many sports and recreation facilities all year round.

A council paper written a year ago says that Hyde Park and Woodhouse has 0.352 hectares of outdoor sports provision per thousand people, when the standard is 1.2 hectares per thousand. Maybe this doesn’t matter.

It says Hyde Park and Woodhouse fractionally exceeds the standard of 1 hectare per thousand people of parks and gardens (having 1.105 hectares per thousand). Lucky us.

But the council’s Parks and Greenspace Strategy says Woodhouse Moor is the most intensively used park in Leeds with nearly three million visitors a year, which makes sense given that Hyde Park and Woodhouse has the lowest vehicle access in Leeds and small or non-existent gardens.

Given that the council accepts that there’s a shortage of playing fields in Hyde Park, why did it disregard the needs of local residents by approving a planning application for houses and a large ‘convenience store’ on the Victoria Road sports pitch? And given that it accepts that Woodhouse Moor is the busiest park in Leeds, why is it willing to sacrifice a section of it for the sake of an unwanted transport system? What is the point of the council producing reports that its Development Department ignores?

It feels like Hyde Park residents are constantly fighting off one attack after another and despite lots of talk of community consultation, nobody actually listens to what we want.

M Szymanska, Ash Grove

Kids in early 20s was best for me

JAYNE Dawson’s article “Wise up – more women over fifty will have babies” got me thinking! In 1966, when I was 14, my parents’ had their fourth child. They were in their late 30s and when I thought about what this entailed, I was disgusted! I did however, love my baby brother and still do.

I had my two children between the ages of 21 and 24 years old.

It was absolutely the right thing for me. If I had waited until my 50s or even my 40s, I would not have had children because I wouldn’t have had the energy.

I believe I have reaped the benefits of being a young parent. For example, I was 40 when my first of four grandchildren was born. In 2012, when I was 60, this gorgeous 19-year-old granddaughter and I went to Amsterdam and had a brilliant time. I doubt if I had been her 85-year-old grandma, she would have wanted to accompany me on this special birthday trip?

Cherril Cliff, Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds.

Still not going for trolley folly

LOCAL volunteers have spent many hours preparing their cases for submission to the inquiry due to be held into the trolleybus scheme. On April 1, we received NGT’s proof of evidence. A large boxful of expensively prepared documents – we had two in our Residents’ Association. Goodness knows how many they have prepared and how much it has cost us. These documents appear to purport to demonstrate the need for the scheme. I have still not ploughed my way through all of it but had to stop myself falling off my chair laughing when they cite in paragraph 6.1 that 3,687 jobs will be created. No more, no less presumably!

They also mention, para 6.3, the Tour de France. Surely that will have been and gone before we get the scheme?

Whilst agreeing that Leeds needs better public transport the inflexible trolley folly is not the answer. Back to the reading!

Margaret Thompson, Drummond Road, Leeds

The Alf Garnett of the north

WHAT a find in Malcolm Nicholson, your regular letter writer. You have struck gold. He is the Alf Garnett of the north. He is a caricature who many must find offensive.

I find his views laughable and I look forward to the next instalment. He demonstrates a profound lack of knowledge on the subjects he chooses to write. For example, on March 20 2013, he wrote a vitriolic attack on “...the NHS residential and nursing homes for the elderly...” The NHS does not run residential or nursing homes. It never has. They are all run by the private companies today.

Can we have some more please Mr Nicholson?

Dave Macfadyen, Roseville Terrace, Leeds

Prof’s a breath of fresh air

THANK YOU! Your article about Prof Woodcock’s opinion regarding “global warming” read like a breath of fresh air compared with the customary uncritical media posturing on this pseudoscientific nonsense.

As Woodcock rightly says, it is up to those who believe in a theory to come up with actual, observational evidence supporting their belief, yet all we ever hear from the alarmist side of this “debate” is “97pc of scientists agree!” (which they don’t) and “You’re a Denier!” (yep!), as if this childish name-calling proves anything beyond the lack of evidence for their pet theory. More power to Prof Woodcock’s elbow – he counts as a fine example of “Yorkshire plain speaking”. You should ask him to write a feature article, to show how a real scientist deals with unprovable tosh!

Steve Cook, by email

Give reputable scientist 2 pages

WHEN 96pc of scientists are convinced that climate change is a real and serious problem how do you justify giving a two page spread to a climate change denial? I look forward to the two-page article on the UN report explained by a reputable scientist.

D A Pentelow, Otley

Burden of proof ... and Mankind

PROFESSOR WOODCOCK suggests it is not up to him to prove other scientists to be wrong, but for them to provide proof that they are right. If the future of Mankind is at risk would it not be wise to assume that they may be right?

Walt Emsley, Leeds 8

Street cleaner doing great job

I AM writing to give a brief mention to the street cleaning team employed by Leeds City Council, in particular Jimmy Aveyard. Mr Aveyard does a fantastic job of keeping the streets of West Park and Headingley free from litter, which must be a constant battle. He is out there in all weather conditions and is obviously a hardworking and dedicated individual who deserves a bit of recognition for doing a job which is perhaps easily overlooked but is essential.

Just imagine what state our streets would be in without it.

Mr A E Johnson, West Park

Hospital staff wonderful

I JUST want to say I too had wonderful treatment in St James’s Hospital.

I was admitted in an emergency for an operation. I was in for over a week and the staff were so kind and caring, as was the surgeon and he put me so at ease. The food was excellent too. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone, including the ladies who served food and the cleaners.

P Barraclough, Leeds 15

Fantastic cafe

WITH REFERENCE to your article about the Hub Cafe (YEP, April 4), this is a fantastic place. More of them should be around Leeds – if there were enough hands-on people. A brilliant way to use extra food. ‘Extra’ sounds better than waste!

Val Codling, by email