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New proposed site for Go Ape adventure park

Leeds Council certainly isn’t monkeying around in its bid to bring a new adventure park to the city. The authority has launched new proposals for a ‘Go Ape’ aerial adventure course in Temple Newsam. The news comes just weeks after the authority was forced to abandon plans to put the park in Roundhay after a local outcry. The council has now identified a woodland site in Temple Newsam Park known locally as Menagerie Wood as a location for the high ropes attraction. We asked YEP readers for their views on the proposal and here’s what some of them said on Facebook and our website...

loinerbornandbred, via website

Here we go, north Leeds did not want this at Roundhay so let east Leeds have it. I believe Menagerie Wood is wrong for all the reasons that were identified at Roundhay. Whilst the special nature of Temple Newsam and its relation to Capability Brown are recognised by Historic England but apparently not by the council, would it not be better for Go Ape to be actually situated in woodland that is not in a historic setting? There are plenty of woods within the boundary of Leeds MDC which could be utilised including a number in east Leeds that would be more appropriate. It seems the council have spent time and money identifying sites for a private company whom I hope will be reimbursing the costs of officers’ time. I would not criticise the concept of this scheme just this site which has obviously been chosen due to the visitor numbers it already has. Would new car parks need to be constructed as the present ones are already full and overflowing at weekends and holidays?

Philip Wilson

With the new bike centre now being built on Middleton golf course, this would seem to be the ideal setting for Go Ape. Temple Newsam can be accessed from just off the M1 at Pontefract Lane, a park and ride is currently being constructed at the moment and so no real need to use Selby Road. Also due to limited places and having to prebook, Go Apes don’t usually generate any considerable traffic.

Andy Davenport

Whilst I agree there is good access from Temple Newsam via the M1 and Pontefract Lane, the area proposed is at the opposite side of the houses to Pontefract Lane. The chances of anyone following a sat nav to the area parking there are next to none as their nav system will bring them off at Colton, down Selby Road and into Temple Newsam at the Brown Cow to the nearest car park right at the side of Go Ape. I am not against the idea of it being at Temple Newsam but I think the location selected is wrong.

Rebecca Sofia Kellett

What’s everyone’s deal with not being able to leave woodland alone?

Why can’t anybody appreciate a nice wood anymore? Not only that but people want to build on every available bit of land. Nobody likes to see an open space these days.

Richard Smith

I like a wooded area as much as the next man but things like this are good at getting kids away from the TV and Xbox. It’s not going to decimate large areas of woodland across Leeds, it’s incorporated in to the trees.

Jon Hannah

Let us hope the council does their job properly this time and works with the local community to make it a success.

This means understanding the implications to parking and traffic and making sure Go Ape have plans to mitigate this. This has huge potential and could be a valuable part of the East Leeds community, supporting local commerce and entertainment.

That is of course if the council can do its job properly.

Corinne Dinning

Yey! Hope this works. Just been to the one at Dalby Forest and what they’ve done there is amazing. It doesn’t ruin the trees, you can still walk around and use the forest and as for parking, surely by providing more parking it will help the surrounding areas too?

Kelly Mosley

Well done nimbys! Temple Newsam is a good spot for it - I hope it brings prosperity to the area.

Damian Gale

Won’t be long before people object to it here either. Why not spend the money on more playgrounds for babies and toddlers and skateparks for the teens?

Anna McIntosh

Let’s see something more beneficial to the younger end of society rather than retail parks and supermarkets spring up everywhere.

Maria Parkins

It can’t be at Roundhay Park but Temple Newsam is ok - even though traffic congestion on Selby Road (A63) is far worse than anywhere around Roundhay, car parking is not up to standard (gravel ‘car parks’ that don’t do much for your car’s suspension) - but it doesn’t matter as the ridiculous ‘we’ve bought a house in Roundhay so think we own the whole are area’ brigade have got their way, away from them and closer to the ‘commoners’ of East Leeds.

Michael Vaughan

I don’t live in Roundhay but having seen some of the objections, some that people raised were legitimate. If Temple Newsam has similar issues then feel free to raise these too. Let’s remember, fundamentally the attraction needs to work for the benefit of residents of Leeds, not just benefit Go Ape.

Amanda Kay

What a fantastic opportunity for people in east Leeds to experience something outside their comfort zone. Children need to access something liked this to encourage them to explore and push their emotional boundaries, let’s hope it’s subsided for local residents then the extra traffic will be worth it.

Maria Michelle Varley

I hope this doesn’t come in, don’t want it at Temple Newsam, there’s a farm there plus lots of wide open fields to walk the dogs. If this happens it’s going to be a nightmare.

Katherine Best

Pretty sure the ‘Friends of Temple Newsam’ will have something to say. The Leeds Festival was moved and Sainsbury’s don’t have their second exit in use due to complaints from them.

Andrea Latham

We’ve just had our second visit of the week to Temple Newsam and it’s got a perfect variety of areas to suit all tastes...mostly natural (ie the trees). Leave them unroped please! Leave our urban areas free to use because Go Ape won’t be. Another money making gimmick.

Chris Rhodes

Temple Newsam just doesn’t have the roads or parking to cope with the increased traffic.It’s all single tight lanes. Leave that area for walkers and runners.

Kelly Betteridge

I think it’s a fantastic idea brings more jobs and more character to the community and more for the kids to be active. Hopefully Leeds City Council and the planners of Go Ape will take into account traffic and parking, with this in hand it could be really good.

Jane Coates

Would love to have this on our doorstep - hope it gets approved.