YEP Letters: April 5

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Politicians seem to be missing the whole point

John Friskney, Holt Park

With the election nearly upon us, the main parties seem to have missed the point. The point is that this country is overpopulated and things are getting worse.

Miliband won’t even admit there is a limit to the population, Cameron has failed miserably on his promise to cut immigration and everyone is competing to see how many houses they can build with 200,000 a year or more the ‘popular figure’.

The point is, where are these going to be built and how can our roads cope with much more traffic?

Are we happy to cover yet more green fields with bricks and tarmac when we have to import half our food and even greater proportion of our energy? Just how much more development can this country stand?

Fine on having a good economy but if you live in a giant housing estate with gridlock roads all round, life quality is pretty miserable.

One man, like him or loathe him, has what seems a sensible solution.

This is to cut right back on immigration (the most significant aspect of population rise) with an Australian points-type system allowing only the needed skills and only build on brownfield sites.

Immigrants are not bad people, but for me it’s ‘numbers only’ and how we can stop the snowball of development. If we need skilled people then just improve our education system and get people to work by not making it easy to ‘opt out’. We don’t need to ‘import’ people.

Let’s look to the future and the quality of life in this country.

Make the right choice Thursday

Barry Norman, Drighlington

If there are any readers still undecided which way to vote after watching the Leaders Question Time from Leeds last week just ask yourselves a few questions. Do you value the NHS? The NHS was hardly debated and no one asked David Cameron what is the Conservatives’ hidden agenda for the NHS, because they clearly had one in 2010. Before the 2010 election the Conservatives said there would be no more top-down reform of the NHS.

What followed was the biggest reform and reorganisation the NHS has ever seen since its formation, leading to the crisis today.

So they clearly had an agenda but kept it hidden from the public. After the 2010 result I predicted that the weak and vulnerable should be very afraid.

I believe this has been the case with benefit sanctions which have led to people committing suicide and the ridiculous bedroom tax.

I now predict that if you vote for the Conservatives there will be no NHS in five years’ time. So please readers of the YEP make a better choice than in 2010.

Please don’t waste a vote

Nigel Bywater, Morley

Anyone who thinks that the only sensible choice for voters in England is the Conservatives is wasting their vote.

Even if the Conservatives are the biggest party in England, they will not get a majority in the UK, and Labour will form a Government along with the other smaller parties.

The SNP have been portrayed as the bogey man, and will not deal with the Conservatives.

The SNP will represent their electorate, just like the other elected MPs.

The Conservatives have done deals with Irish MPs in the past.

David Cameron is a very good orator, but an awful politician.

Red Ed doesn’t need Prezza

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

I WOULD most certainly be branded a hypocrite if I said I feel sorry for Ed Miliband, but I do feel some sympathy for the man.

For some time now he has been bouncing off the ropes like some punch-drunk boxer.

Every time the bell goes, he is sponged down by the corner men, his spin-doctors, then pushed back out to do another round. The last thing he would have wished for in the run-up to the election was for Len McCluskey and Nicola Sturgeon to re-write Labour’s manifesto. The icing on the cake being the reappearance of “Two Jags” Prescott – it’s been common knowledge for some time that the man is a prize buffoon, the working class hero who got the gaffer’s job.

If Prescott had any vestige of pride he would do a Profumo and disappear from public life.

Like watching kids playing

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall

I WATCHED the recent commemorations for Gallipoli and Anzac Day on BBC Breakfast. This was followed by the utterings of politicians on the campaign trail. Need I say more? Liz Truss criticised Miliband for “politicising” the immigrant situation.

Do these people actually know anything about politics? It’s a situation that’s already politicised, for goodness sake.

And they want us to vote for them? They’re more shallow then the sink in my bathroom.

It’s like watching kids in the playground.

It’s time for us all to move on

A Hague, Harehills

SO MEL Smart thinks I must be crackers for my anti-Royal views (Your Feedback, April 17).

In reply, no, I have not been to London to see the Royal Family or to Scotland to snoop on the Royals on holiday, as I don’t worship anyone.

They may be the reason for visitors spending billions in this country but they have more money than sense.

If most of the Royal Family have well-paid jobs then we should not pay for their keep.

As far as the alternative of a President Cameron is concerned, he is doing that already as Prime Minister, isn’t he? The past has gone and we have to move on.

Would Mel Smart have liked living when King Henry VIII ruled? I think not.

The reason Cameron rules is because he has more faithful followers who know they will keep getting richer under his wing and Labour made a right mess of it last time.