YEP Letters: April 30

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They’ve failed Yorkshire on the economy

Robert Holland, Keighley

What is the record of the Government coalition on managing the economy?

1) They failed to get rid of the deficit in five years, as promised, only reaching half this target. They failed to “re-balance” the economy between consumption and manufacturing.

2) Investment is down; employers still complain of skill shortages. What happened to all those apprentices? Did they learn retail or serving in cafes?

3) We are not competitive internationally. Productivity per head has collapsed.

4) Our trade deficit was worse last year than ever since 1946 (this would have appalled Mrs Thatcher, but it is now ignored).

5) GDP growth seems to have slowed in January to March 2015, despite cheaper oil.

The situation in Yorkshire cities is grim. Your readers can just look round; things may have improved in the Home Counties, but not in most of Yorkshire, except for pensioners.

Despite all the suffering for young disabled and hard-working families, whose children are in poverty, the coalition has harmed the economy and should be rejected in the polling stations.

Priced out of the airport

A Stephenson, Ossett

IN REPLY to Mr Nicholson about flights leaving the country on May 7 I would like to be first in the queue to give him a lift to the airport, but I think he will find all flights are full with Tory bureaucrats.

Air travel under the last government was way beyond most incomes.

NHS will be run for private profit

Alan Freeman, Bramley

IN reply to Fred Ward’s letter (Your Feedback, April 28) Ed Miliband has never said that he would seek a coalition with the Scottish Nationalists.

This is to a large extent an invention of the national Tory supporting press whose owners have made it clear to their journalists that they should contribute everything within their power to ensure the re-election of this appalling government.

Obviously this has been seized upon by Cameron and his henchmen in their last couple of desperate weeks of negative campaigning.

The last five years have clearly shown how much credence we can give to their word and the electorate should not be fooled by it.

Removing the Tories from government is important to many of us, i.e. those of us who are actually ‘all in this together’.

If the Tories are returned then we can say bye-bye to the NHS as we have always understood it.

The process of splitting it into chunks working primarily for private profit will be completed.

A Tory vote isn’t rocket science

Ken Fleming, Gildersome

AFTER READING newspapers and listening to comments from various parties on TV, I have reached the conclusion that the only sensible vote, particularly for English people, is for the Conservatives.

If you think of the two Scots, Sturgeon and Salmond, dictating what they will do in Westminster and then McCluskey saying he owns the Labour Party, this can only lead to catastrophic consequences.

I just hope English people can see this – after all it’s not rocket science.

There but for the grace of chance

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall

I HAVE listened to Nigel Farage’s comments about overseas aid (i.e. cut it significantly). I have read letters saying that charity begins at home and we should not help people like those in Nepal.

I would like to refer these people to the saying: there but for the grace of God (or, in my belief system, coincidence and chance).

Those victims in Nepal are there by coincidence and chance and I wonder how these people would feel if something similar happened here and other countries adopted such a dismissive attitude.

I used to teach ethics and one exercise I used to do was ask students what characteristics made us human and to draw them up in a list of priority factors.

One such factor was always compassion and I wonder where it’s gone when I hear such comments.

I know where and when it started – May 1979 when Thatcher came to power and dismissed the existence of society and stated only the individual exists (and matters).

It is not too far down the road of such beliefs to the “animal instinct” theories of Nazism when the weak in society (as Hitler perceived them) should be annihilated.

Think carefully about what, exactly, you are voting for.

Remember the heroic Gurkhas

Jack Banner, Meanwood

I SINCERELY hope that our government is ahead of the queue when it comes to sending aid to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

The stories and pictures we are seeing are horrendous.

So many innocents have been lost!

The Nepalese Gurkhas have served with great distinction in many theatres of war on behalf of Britain.

We should now regard them as our own and respond accordingly .

Speed and generosity are of the essence, so dig deep and donate!

Tax situation is grossly unfair

Alex Gillies, Killingbeck

THE Con-Lib coalition have repeatedly stated that they have taken nearly two million people out of paying income tax.

Thirty years before I retired, I took out my own private pension, as I was employed on a weekly wage basis and no works pension, paying my premiums after tax had been deducted from my PAYE.

When I retired seven years ago Labour were in power, I paid £240 income tax a year.Last year I paid £321.

Under my new tax code for 2015/16, I will be paying £346.

I must emphasise that my private pension stays the same every year.

Many a self-employed person faced with such a tax bill would be looking for a new accountant.

Us seniors don’t mind paying if everyone else pays their fair share.

Which certainly is not the case at the minute.