YEP Letters: April 3

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I NOTE there is talk of a law preventing car parking on pavements. I thought it was already illegal? Be that as it may, it’s a welcome thought/proposal.

I live on the Hawksworth Estate, Leeds and there are many very narrow roads, yet I spend my time stepping into them because people have parked cars the size of tanks on pavements which are themselves also narrow.

Presumably these large vehicles are some kind of status symbol or compensation for a physical deficit (if you’re a man). Cars are also parked on the pavements on Broadway where some of the main shops are. I’ve had to jump out of the way of several where the driver reverses without even bothering to look back before doing so. I suppose they know that if they hit and killed someone, they’d probably only get a bit of community service anyway? Like mobile ‘phone legislation, just who is going to enforce this law?

It would essentially be another pointless piece of legislation that drivers know cannot be enforced because there aren’t the Police numbers to do so. What’s the gain apart from the Government looking like it’s doing something? Like many aspects of behaviour (such as travelling on public transport which you’ve had many letters about), people just don’t care anymore, it’s too much trouble, thinking of others.

R Kimble, by email

Thanks for tour of the Civic Hall

MAY WE say a huge thank you through the YEP to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Leeds for a wonderful tour of the Civic Hall on Saturday March 29. They were so kind, welcoming and informative and Edna, as she asked us to call her, made us all a very welcome cup of tea.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the Sergeant-at-Mace for his time and all the information he gave us. We wish Tom and Edna well and hope the rest of their year is as happy and their Charity LOFFTY (Leeds Offers Fun For The Young) continues to make a lot of money.

Marlene and Peter Dale, by email

Sentences don’t match crime

I WAS appalled by your front page headline about the driver given a pathetic sentence for driving under the influence of drugs (YEP, March 27). You rightly said drink drivers are treated somewhat more seriously these days but it does not alter the fact that people who kill by drink driving do not usually get sentences that match the crime. I live on an estate in Leeds where everyday I see young people driving with spliffs in their mouths, usually not wearing seat belts and at speed along narrow roads.

Of course you hear them before you see them. A real noise nuisance, constantly. If you walk past their houses you can smell the stuff coming out of open windows. I once contacted the “housing provider” (as they’re called these days) about tenants openly using drugs and what was their attitude to this law-breaking?

It’s their business and choice was the answer I got (from what used to be WNW Homes). Thanks for that. The disparities between crimes against people and those against property continue in many respects. Some people in those recent riots were imprisoned for minor offences of stealing one item and this scumbag goes free?

R Kimble, by email

Crucial time for rail transport

IT IS clear from your reports that Leeds is at a crucial point in its development with respect to rail transport.

It would appear that if the high speed links start in London, Leeds will suffer and it is highly unlikely the link will reach us.

However, there is an alternative scenario in which the link starts in Leeds and links with Hull and Liverpool. If this was combined with a major development of Leeds station on the lines of Kyoto this would make a massive economic boost to our region. It should be possible to develop the station along with a couple of underground lines for around £2bn. This is only two years of revenue due to Leeds from uncollected tax avoidance.

Garth Frankland, Roundhay Crescent, Leeds

‘Interesting’ ex-MP debate

THE DEBATE between former Members of Parliament Michael Portillo and John Prescott at this year’s Yorkshire International Business Convention in Rotherham should be interesting (YEP, March 27).

I remember John Prescott coming to Leeds in 1985 when he was in charge of Labour’s ‘Jobs and Industry’ campaign.

He visited Kirkstall Sports Centre, Kirkstall Forge, a housing complex and Bramley Bus Depot. He also found time for a pint at the Cardigan Arms pub on Kirkstall Road.

Michael Portillo served in Margaret Thatcher’s government, but his childhood hero was Yorkshire’s former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Politics aside, Portillo’s ‘Great British Railway Journeys’ on TV is excellent.

He also deserves some credit for helping to save the Settle-Carlisle railway from closure 30 years ago.

John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge

Signal box memories

I WAS pleased to see the picture of Marsh Lane signal box (YEP, March 27).

My grandfather worked from being a lad of 14 years till retirement at 65 in 1918 in that cabin. As a fireman at Neville Hill depot I passed that box many times over the years and was always reminded of my grandfather’s long service there. As an ex-footplate railman I have often wondered if I would be allowed to look round Neville Hill sheds and see how it has changed since I left many years ago.

Mr Ivor Hawkins, Hansby Place, Leeds

‘My treatment was excellent’

I HAVE just had an operation at St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

It meant I had to stay in the hospital overnight.

I would just like to say how much I appreciate the excellent treatment I received. I want to thank all the staff for their kindness and most of all their patience in dealing with me. The food was also excellent.

I admit I went there in apprehension but the staff soon put me at ease.

One reads letters that are the exact opposite of this one, but I will speak as I find!

Once again, many thanks to all concerned.

Mr A J Blake, Cliff Road Gardens, Leeds

A ‘pleasure’ to work for Eric

I AM writing with regard to the article about Eric Simpson (YEP, March 28).

I am one of the vendors who has worked for Eric over ten years on and off. I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work for Eric. He has been a fair and great person to work for and will be missed by all who know him.

May I wish Eric all the best for the future in whatever he does.

I will continue to read the YEP, especially for the Rugby League reports during the season.

Once again, all the best Eric.

Howard Newton, by email

Nick not only one getting old

NICK KEER is not the only one who is getting old and repeating himself (YEP, March 28).

Indeed, it seems that the ageing process, mental stagnation and deterioration accelerate when one regularly attains a reasonably high success rate of guessing the names of the YEP’s regular correspondents by simply scanning the headings of their letters.

A I Stubbs, Melbourne Court, Bridlington

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