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May urges local voters to ditch Labour loyalties

Theresa May has appealed to traditional Labour voters in Yorkshire to “lend” her their vote in next month’s General Election as the party targets a swathe of gains across the region. Mrs May looked to capitalise on many Labour supporters’ uncertainty over leader Jeremy Corbyn by presenting the June 8 poll as a vote on who will be Prime Minister rather than which party will be in government. Mrs May delivered her message on the fringes of Leeds North East a constituency held by Labour since 1997 where sitting MP Fabian Hamilton is defending a majority of more than 7000. Here’s what YEP readers thought about what she had to say..

Mr CW Allman, Farsley

WE are having an election so now is the big chance to get rid of a Government that is ruining everything we have.

They promised everything when they got in and never kept their promises, only to the rich. Now again we have Margaret Thatcher Mark II, Theresa May. This is not a vote about Brexit, this is a vote about her job. She has got to a stage where she is changing her tune every week. I am a staunch Labour man and I am not keen on Corbyn but I’d rather vote for him than Ukip or the Liberals. You have May, Hammond, Hunt and Boris, they had seven years to destroy Britain.

It took the Germans as long as that and we beat them, so let’s get rid of the Conservatives and get Britain back together, not the rich and the poor.

I’ve seen the latter before and I don’t want the next generation to see that. I want my grandsons, like everyone else’s grandchildren, to have a decent life.

Mark Allan

Anyone who votes for her votes to lose the NHS, social care, police, mental health care, social housing, more national debt, food banks, fracking and much much more. The Selfservatives are in it for the wealthy and no-one else matters!

Richard Smith

Never mind how much they’ve borrowed, the budget deficit is 2.6 per cent down from 10 per cent when they took over Labour’s mess.

Ann Dauny

We all know the health service needs a massive injection of funds but it’s just running out of control it needs a massive overhaul and rethink. We just can’t continue on the same path and there is no point just throwing more and more money at it, that doesn’t solve the problem. It’s just unsustainable in its present form.

Ian Morgan

Never, she is the two faced leader of the nasty party. Look at what’s happened since they took power. Deficit increased, homelessness increased, schools underfunded, libraries closing, swimming pools closing, food banks booming, NHS and social care in crisis and yet tax cuts for the rich. People of Yorkshire if this is your vision of a fair society vote Tory!

Ian Bennett

At least she’s getting out and about to get votes, even though it’ll be an easy romp.

What’s Corbyn doing in terms of trying to convert people where he needs to gain seats?

Phil Hanson

Imagine Corbyn negotiating Brexit, he would be like Neville Chamberlain – they would send him packing, he isn’t up to the job.

Phil Lee

Anyone who votes Tory please do not complain when the NHS hospital that you want to use is 50 miles away and want payment.

Just Google the privatised former NHS hospitals they’ve sold off. What they are doing with schools is insane and needs stopping.Privatised schools ignoring local authority needs.

The list of outrageous decisions is lengthy. You may not like Corbyn but to vote more austerity and outsourcing is insane. Wake up, PFI contracts will cost us billions.

Daniel Ogden

What I love about the die hard Labour fans is they always forget who shut down the most mines, Labour (Harold Wilson). Who has sold off the most of the NHS? Labour.

When will people wake up and smell the coffee about the “party of the working people” it’s a laughing stock and has been for years.

Will the Tories have an effect on me and my family? No. I don’t claim benefits and we all work hard. I don’t own a business and therefore as a working man who has risen to the top I won’t feel any affect. So why would I vote for them?

Because in years to come my tax won’t have to be driven up because of ridiculous spending and lack of knowledge.

Rachel Newburn

Don’t let her fool you, she is in it for herself and the rich Tory supporters.

If you want the poor to get poorer, the rich to get richer and say goodbye to the NHS and cuts to health and social care then by all means vote for her.

Anne Harriman

I think I’d give Harehills a miss if I were Theresa May, waste of time and effort.

I see things for what they are. All Labour people need to look at the big picture, truly terrible times if they get in.

You all harp on about save the NHS, school spending is not enough, not enough houses etc, but Jeremy Corbyn with his policies would make it thousand times worse.

Complaining now about pension age, retirement age going up, there’d be no money left for pensions if he gets in with his mad ideas.

My vote is going to Theresa May.

Pat Shaw

It may be over 30 years ago but it’s still raw what the Tories did to our mines, their workers and our towns and villages.

They haven’t changed, they are still destroying our towns and villages. The strike made us stronger, they didn’t grind us down then, they will not now. Ditch the Tories.

May is just like Thatcher.

Amear Ali

Well I’m voting for Mrs May to stand up to the EU and tell them no more money from UK because the EU wants €60bn. So I want Mrs May to win.

Crescenzo Luciano Feliciello

Labour gave us the NHS, Theresa May’s legacy will be that she perfected child poverty in Britain.

I love Britain so Corbyn and co have definitely got my vote . Leeds is Labour and always will be and she has the audacity to ask to loan our vote. She needs to get real.

Scott Lee

At least May will get the best deal for the country. Imagine Corbyn getting in,? Scary thought.

Paul Rooney, via website

I THINK that all working class Tory voters should explain themselves.

I haven’t yet found anything the Tories have done to help the masses or to alleviate the suffering of our own 
people. We have a good man trying against all opposition to put our best interests into focus to save our NHS and to fight for our rights and our jobs.

The Tories fight on behalf of the well paid, the wealthy and corporate powers.

Even down to their support for fox hunting. I regard a working Tory voter as a traitor who is stabbing their own people in the back.

More proof telling for you, via website

Britain needs strength while bargaining with the EU in Brexit talks, it is imperative any patriotic person votes Tory at the next election even if that means holding your nose while you do it.

Brexit is what this election is about, the government strengthening its hand for the battle with the corrupt EU. Any division will weaken our position and have a detrimental effect on our future.

We can sort domestic issues out the next time around.

Vote Tory for a strong Britain after Brexit, vote anyone else for division and aid the enemy because believe me, the corrupt EU is the enemy.